Over the course of more than ten years of posts, I have written little blurbs about any number of players and the statistics, injuries, or trivial items that involved them.  Lately, I have had more fun trying to assemble biographies of the ballplayers who have wandered through the nearly 150 years of professional baseball.  The posts listed below tend to be biographical in nature – some are full length essays, while others might be short blurbs about an event (Johnny Vander Meer’s other no-hitter, for example).  In a couple of seasons, we will have passed 20,000 major leaguers – I have written fair sketches of about ninety of them.  So – there is plenty of work to be done!!!

Ody Abbott

Abraham Lincoln “Link” Bailey
Dan Bankhead
Belve Bean
Bananas Benes
Hugo Bezdek
Joseph Brown
Mack Burk
Ed Butka
Ike Butler

Red Causey
Alta Cohen
Orlin Collier
Snipe Conley
“Pop” Corkhill (Kind of incomplete, but sourced with fun quotes)
Ed Cushman

Jim Essian

James Lamar “Rags” Faircloth
Bob Feller (First Opening Day No-Hitter)
Chauncey Fisher
John Frill
Ike Futch

Grover Gilmore
Ed Glenn
Lefty George
Herb Gorman
Mase Graffen
Howdy Groskloss

George Halas
Bruce Hartford
Charlie Hautz
James Horsford
William “Dummy” Hoy

Larry Jansen

Hot Rod Kanehl
George Keerl (incomplete – needs some sourcing, too)
Sherman “Katsy” Keifer
Bill Kellogg
Henry Keupper
Rudy Kneisch (A few quotes and pictures – but they are sourced)

Frank (Terry) Larkin
Leonidas (Funkhouser) Lee
Emil “Dutch” Levsen
Memo Luna

Jim Mallory
Gordon Maltzberger
Allen Montreuil
Bob Moose
Walt (Moose) Moryn
Don Mueller

Ollie O’Mara
Roy Oyler – (How Little Can a Good Glove, No-Hit Guy Hit and Keep a Job?)

Louis Pelouze
Pol Perritt
Horace Phillips
Ollie Pickering
Elmo Plaskett
Oscar Purner

Wimpy Quinn

Bobby Reis
Dusty Rhodes
Dorsey Riddlemoser
Robin Roberts
Charley Robertson
John Rudderham

Slim Sallee
Ben Sanders
Dutch Schirick
Curtis Schmidt
Charlie Schmutz
Kal Segrist
Sonny Senerchia
Lou Skizas
Karl Spooner
Champ Summers

Arlie Tarbert
Nello “Fungo” Tedeschi
Arnold “Jug” Thesenga
Ben Tincup
Jim Tray
Ken Trinkle
Twink Twining

Johnny Vander Meer
Jim Viox
Jake Virtue
Jake Volz

Lincoln “Link” Wasem
Ed Winceniak
Abraham Lincoln Wolstenholme
Dooley Womack
Al Wright (somewhat incomplete)

Jack Zalusky

Random Essays:

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Sammy Sosa and Steroids (2009)
Is Todd Helton a Hall of Famer? (2009)
Should Joba Chamberlain Start?  (2009)
An Open Letter to Topps (2009)
Looking Backwards at Relief Pitching (2009)
Marlins Admit Low Salaries Helped Pay For Stadium (2010)
Minnie Minoso – My Pick for the Hall of Fame (2011)
A Recipe for Insulin Shock Brownies (I know – not baseball) (2011)
Top Rotations by Birthday (2012)
Chasing Pete Rose (2013)
How Little Can a Good-Glove, No-Hit Guy Hit? (2013)


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