Baseball History for April 18th


1864 Fred Doe
1869 George Borchers
1872 Jack Rothfuss
1873 Hughie Hearne
1873 Danny Friend
1880 Sam Crawford
1887 Bill Rodgers
1888 Duffy Lewis
1888 Tommy McMillan
1892 Jack Scott
1895 Hans Rasmussen
1896 Rip Conway
1899 Bill Bayne
1899 Harry Hulihan
1902 Bob Linton
1905 Mal Moss
1908 Ed Boland
1917 Ty LaForest
1917 Vince Ventura
1917 Nick Polly
1919 Bob Ferguson
1922 Moe Burtschy
1929 Steve Kraly
1934 Deacon Jones
1936 Larry Foss
1938 Rogelio Alvarez
1939 Von McDaniel
1942 Steve Blass
1942 Chuck Taylor
1945 Mike Paul
1946 Gerry Janeski
1951 Doug Flynn
1955 Bobby Castillo
1959 Rich Bordi
1959 Jim Eisenreich
1959 Dennis Rasmussen
1963 Alex Madrid
1963 Pete Stanicek
1965 Brian Dubois
1969 Angelo Encarnacion
1970 Rico Brogna
1970 Steve Dunn
1973 Brady Clark
1981 Brian Buscher
1983 Miguel Cabrera
1983 Alberto Gonzalez
1983 Mike Parisi
1984 Marcos Mateo
1986 Billy Butler
1990 Anthony DeSclafani
1990 Evan Marshall
1990 Henderson Alvarez


1892 Ned Bligh
1893 Fred Siefke
1895 Henry Myers
1902 George Grossart
1904 Charlie Ziegler
1912 Hank Gehring
1913 Roscoe Miller
1920 George McMillan
1925 Charlie Ebbets

Heart attack at his apartment…

1926 George Haddock
1927 Pop Smith
1930 Jack Stivetts
1932 Ike Benners
1937 Hick Carpenter
1953 Harry Niles
1953 Cotton Tierney
1956 Claude Davidson
1956 Patsy O’Rourke
1957 Bill Sweeney
1957 Wally Reinecker
1970 Tony York
1972 Dutch Hinrichs
1975 Jack Burns
1979 Lindsay Deal
1983 Woody Rich
1986 George Durning
1990 John Antonelli
1991 Sheldon Jones
1998 Walter Sessi
2003 Lefty Sloat
2012 John O’Neil


1923 Babe Ruth homers in the first game at the House That Ruth Built…  (Howard Ehmke tossed that pitch.)

1950 Making his first start behind the mic, Vin Scully calls a Brooklyn Dodger loss to the Phillies.

1958 The Dodgers play their first game in LA, a 6 – 5 win over the Giants in the LA Coliseum.

1981 Rochester and Pawtucket’s game is suspended after 32 innings just after 4AM.  The game is finished later in the season, the PawSox 3 – 2 winner scored in the 33rd.

1981 Tom Seaver fans his 3000th batter – just the fifth pitcher to hit the mark – by putting away Keith Hernandez.

1987 Mike Schmidt connects for his 500th homer – I can picture his giddy run toward first base.

2007 Mark Buehrle tosses a no hitter – the lone base runner, Sammy Sosa, was picked off.


1946 Cincinnati sends Jim Konstanty and cash to the Braves for Max West.

Prior to World War II, West was a pretty good outfielder – some power, got on base, played all three fields.  He batted .213 for the Reds, though, and was through after that.  Konstanty was an unpolished prospect who eventually found his ways to the Phillies where he was a reliever for the Whiz Kids, winning 16 games and winning an MVP.  He had a nice career, but not a great one…


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