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Baseball History for December 1st


1843 Jimmy Wood
1863 Dave McKeough
1868 George Fox
1870 Tommy Raub
1877 Matt Broderick
1882 Ed Reulbach
1884 Charley Moore
1887 Jim Stanley
1889 Willie Mitchell
1891 Johnny O’Connor
1892 George Dickerson
1892 Dean Sturgis
1894 Ernie Alten
1895 Jake Miller
1898 Charlie High
1900 Eppie Barnes
1900 Mike Cvengros
1901 Ed Coleman
1902 Morris Hiram (Red) Badgro
1905 Paul Stanford (Buddy) Dear
1908 Les Munns
1911 Junie Barnes
1911 Walter Alston
1912 Harry Arthur (Cookie) Lavagetto
1916 Marty Marion
1918 Dwain Clifford (Lefty) Sloat
1919 Pete Wojey
1920 Charlie Ripple
1921 Bob Savage
1922 George Lerchen
1925 Niles Jordan
1925 Cal McLish
1929 Nino Escalera
1940 Cecil Perkins
1944 Jim Ray
1948 George Foster
1952 Dan Warthen
1954 Dan Schatzeder
1956 Tom Filer
1961 Herm Winningham
1962 Tim Jones
1963 Greg Harris
1965 Jeff Tackett
1965 Julio Machado
1966 Greg McMichael
1966 Larry Walker
1967 Reggie Sanders
1970 Kirk Rueter
1985 Eddy Rodriguez
1988 Dan Straily
1991 Yhonathan Barrios
1992 Javier (El Mago) Baez


1899 Ed Gastfield
1902 Fred Dunlap
1922 Jim Snyder
1924 Dummy Stephenson
1924 Dolly Stark
1927 Germany Smith
1927 Danny Shay
1942 Frank Connaughton
1949 Hanson Horsey

Hanson Horsey in 1948Horsey got into one game with the 1912 Cincinnati Reds, where he was shelled for 10 runs on 14 hits and three walks in four innings of work. Ouch.  He spent about 15 years, though, plying his trade in the minor leagues and semi-professional leagues before becoming a well respected minor league umpire and umpire instructor.

Millington, Md., Dec. 1 (AP) – Hanson Horsey, umpire-in-chief of the Class D Eastern Shore Baseball League, died unexpectedly at his home here today. He was 60.

Horsey, who took a lifelong interest in baseball, was a pitcher in the old Federal League. For many years, he had officiated at college games and took the Eastern Shore League assignment when the loop was reactivated after World War II.

He had operated a lunch room in this Kent County town until about a year ago.

Horsey is survived by his widow and a son, Hanson Horsey, Jr.

“Hanson Horsey Dies At Home”, Hagerstown Morning Herald, 02 December 1949, Page 27.

Horsey was a highly regarded an umpire, and known for his wit during rhubarbs with managers and players.  When one pitcher complained about balls and strikes, he remarked that it was easy to follow the junk thrown by the pitcher. “I shut one eye to rest it and work the other one…” When a fan asked who was umpiring the game, Hanson replied to his constantly complaining questioner, “You are – but I’m getting paid for it.”

Horsey’s lowest moment came early in his baseball umpiring career. He had been drinking when he lost control of the vehicle he was driving and crashed into a telephone pole. A passenger, Victor Stradley, Jr., died from a skull fracture sustained in the accident.

Horsey’s son died while living in Ireland in 1972, leaving behind his mother, Marion L. Horsey – her real middle name was Eugenia, and the L stood for Lockerman, which was her maiden name… Months later, her husband and son both gone, Marion also passed away in 1973.

“Rookie Umpires Need Break; Horsey Tells Shore Fandom”, Wilmington News Journal, 11 May 1946, Page B-25.

“Hanson Horsey, Jr. (OBIT)”, Wilmington New Journal, 30 January 1972, Page 50.

“Fine Driver Of Death Car $120”, Wilmington Evening Journal, 10 April 1925, Page 21.



1950 Bob Hall
1953 Klondike Douglass
1954 Kid O’Hara
1973 Skinny Graham
1975 Nellie Fox
1975 Dave Koslo
1976 George Earnshaw
1978 Nick Cullop
1981 Tony Piet
1991 Buster Mills
1992 Chile Gomez
1992 Sam Lowry
1999 Gene Baker
2000 Terry Wilshusen
2002 Dave McNally
2009 Tommy Henrich


1964 Houston changes their name from the Colt 45s to the Astros, taking advantage of their proximity to the nearby NASA plant. (And because, well, having a firearms name wasn’t good for business.)


1948 The Athletics sign free agent Wally Moses.

1952 Pittsburgh takes Roy Face from the Dodgers in the Rule 5 draft.

1954 New York and Baltimore complete the largest trade in terms of players, with the Yankees sending 10 players to the Orioles for seven returning players. Among those involved were Gus Triandos, Gene Woodling and Kal Segrist, who moved from the Yankees to the Orioles, and Don Larsen, Bob Turley, and Darrell Johnson who left Baltimore for the Yankees.

1965 Kansas City sends Jim Landis and Jim Rittwage to the Indians for Phil Roof and Joe Rudi.

Also that day, the Pirates got Matty Alou from the Giants for Ozzie Virgil and Joe Gibbon. Oddly, Alou would be traded from Oakland to the Yankees on this day in 1972…

1967 Los Angeles sent Maury Wills to the Pirates for Bob Bailey and Gene Michael.

1969 Oakland took Manny Trillo from the Phillies in the Rule 5 draft.

1970 The White Sox sent Luis Aparicio to the Red Sox for Luis Alvarado and Mike Andrews.

1987 San Francisco signs free agent outfielder Brett Butler.

1997 Arizona sends Travis Fryman and Tom Martin (and cash) to the Indians for Matt Williams.

1998 Los Angeles sends Roger Cedeno and Charles Johnson to the Mets for Todd Hundley and Arnie Gooch.

2003 Arizona sends six players (including Craig Counsell and Lyle Overbay) to the Brewers for Richie Sexton, Shane Nance, and (later) Noochie Varner.

Baseball History for November 13th


1860 George Myers
1862 John Garibaldi (Podge) Weihe
1862 Pete Meegan
1875 Johnny Kling
1881 Al Boucher
1882 Ezra Midkiff
1884 Tom Daley
1885 Ralph Kreitz
1887 Josh Devore
1888 Andy Harrington
1889 John Leonard (Buck) Stanley
1894 Ray Steineder
1894 Ernie Neitzke
1895 George Dumont
1901 John William (Moose) Clabaugh
1903 Sy Rosenthal
1905 Milt Shoffner
1908 John Kroner
1909 Bob Garbark
1911 John Mihalic
1912 Alex Kampouris
1912 Jackie Price
1914 Jack Hallett
1915 Ted Wilks
1916 Nick Goulish
1922 Andy Anderson
1925 Jim Delsing
1926 Steve Lembo
1928 Steve Bilko
1939 Wes Parker
1941 Mel Stottlemyre
1943 Bobby Pfeil
1946 George Theodore
1947 Gene Garber
1951 Larry Harlow
1952 John Sutton
1958 Dan Petry
1959 Dave Shipanoff
1965 Rob Natal
1968 Pat Hentgen
1968 Mark Kiefer
1969 Rigo Beltran
1970 Vic Darensbourg
1973 Jason Simontacchi
1979 Gerald Laird
1984 Tony Abreu
1985 Asdrubal Cabrera
1986 Juan Perez
1986 Wade Miley
1986 Josh Bell
1986 Bryan Price
1989 Lane Adams
1989 Carlos Frias
1990 Arodys Vizcaino
1990 Chris Devenski
1990 Luke Bard
1929 Daniel Gossett


1884 Bill Sullivan
1926 Frank Pearce
1932 Willie Clark
1942 Izzy Hoffman
1958 Heinie Elder
1963 Muddy Ruel
1964 Bris Lord
1978 Les Powers
1984 Aubrey Epps
1986 Les Webber
1986 Dixie Upright
1992 Johnny Ostrowski
1992 Wally Shaner
1992 Claude Wilborn
1996 Roger McCardell
1997 Moe Thacker
1997 Al Weston
1997 Bill Conroy
1998 Al Wright
1999 Ray Goolsby
2009 Ron Klimkowski
2010 George Binks
2014 Al Dark


1899 The National League says, “Let there be two umpires on the field for all games…”

1965 Branch Rickey suffers a massive heart attack while accepting induction to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. He would die about three weeks later.

2003 MLB announces at least five to seven percent of all samples provided by players for PED testing came back as positive…

2006 Groundbreaking begins on Citi Field…


1973 Montreal signs amateur free agent Tony Bernazard.

1978 The Yankees sign free agent pitcher Luis Tiant.

1985 The Mets send Calvin Schiraldi, Wes Gardner, John Christensen, and La Schelle Tarver to Boston for Bob Ojeda, John Mitchell, Tom McCarthy, and Chris Bayer.

1996 San Francisco sends Matt Williams and (later) Trent Hubbard to Cleveland for Jeff Kent, Julian Tavarez, Jose Vizcaino, and (later) Joe Roa.

2001 The Yankees sign amateur free agent outfielder Melky Cabrera.

2008 The Yankees sent Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez to the White Sox for Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Texeira.

2015 San Diego sends Craig Kimbrel to the Red Sox for Logan Allen, Javy Guerra, Manuel Margot, and Carlos Asuaje.

Baseball History for November 12th


1858 Bill Gleason
1861 Pat Dealy
1861 John Humphries
1867 Harry DeMiller
1868 Jack Ryan
1875 Fred Raymer
1876 William Ansil (Solly) Salisbury
1876 Ed Killian
1877 Archibald Wright (Moonlight) Graham
1886 Clyde Goodwin
1888 Elmer Leonard
1888 Frank A. (Red) McDermott
1891 Carl Mays
1900 Herm Merritt
1906 Russell Edison (Red) Evans
1913 Gene Lillard
1914 Emerson Dickman
1922 Billy Reed
1924 Andy Hansen
1926 Don Johnson
1927 Harry Hanebrink
1936 Joe Hoerner
1941 Damaso Blanco
1943 Al Schmelz
1947 Ron Bryant
1950 Bruce Bochte
1956 Jody Davis
1960 Donnie Hill
1961 Greg Gagne
1962 Wilfredo Tejada
1962 Jeff Reed
1964 Dave Otto
1964 Gary Thurman
1967 Donald Harris
1967 Mark Small
1968 Randy Knorr
1968 Sammy Sosa
1972 Homer Bush
1973 J. D. Smart
1978 Aaron Heilman
1983 Charlie Morton
1984 Cesar Jimenez
1987 Mike Leake
1989 Adrian Nieto
1990 Marcell Ozuna
1991 Matt Strahm
1992 Ben Taylor


1903 John Gilbert
1916 Will Foley
1916 Mike Roach
1923 Mark Polhemus
1937 Peek-A-Boo Veach
1938 Andy Harrington
1940 Joe Quinn
1941 Ernie Koob
1955 Sam Crane
1962 Harvey Smith
1963 Ed Connolly
1964 Fred Hutchinson
1965 Dave Gregg
1966 Mike Loan
1967 Cleo Carlyle
1968 Dutch Schirick
1972 Johnny Echols
1978 Buzz Boyle
1978 George Shears
1978 Roy Elsh
1982 Cass Michaels
1985 Augie Walsh
1986 Rocky Stone
1990 Junior Walsh
1993 LeGrant Scott
1993 Bill Dickey


1920 Kenesaw Mountain Landis, a US District Judge, is hired to become the first commissioner of baseball. His first job is to clean up after the 1919 World Series scandal.


1886 In what is considered the first “trade”, the Red Stockings sent Jack Boyle and cash to the Browns for Hugh Nicol.

1910 Philadelphia sends Johnny Bates, Eddie Grant, George McQuillan and Lew Moren to Cincinnati for Fred Beebe, Hans Lobert, Dode Paskert, and Jack Rowan.

1923 The Giants packaged Dave Bancroft, Casey Stengel, and Bill Cunningham to Boston for Joe Oeschger and Bolly Southworth.

1939 Boston purchases Dom DiMaggio from San Fransicso of the PCL.

1987 Chicago sends Richard Dotson and Scott Nielsen to the Yankees for Dan Pasqua, Mark Salas, and Steve Rosenberg.

2015 Atlanta sends Andrelton Simmons and Jose Briceno to the Angels for Erick Aybar, Sean Newcomb, Chris Ellis, and cash.

Baseball History for November 11th


1853 Joe Battin
1858 Bob Leadley
1858 Tony Suck
1859 Mert Hackett
1866 George Treadway
1869 Bert Abbey
1870 Charlie Hastings
1875 Freddy Parent
1878 Jimmy Mathison
1883 Harry Billiard
1884 Frank Jude
1885 Jack Ness
1887 Bill Steen
1891 Walter James Vincent (Rabbit) Maranville
1892 Al Schacht
1895 Cy Morgan
1898 Harold Joseph (Pie) Traynor
1899 Bill Vargus
1900 Joseph Chester (Boob) Fowler
1902 Ownie Carroll
1906 George Detore
1907 Hank Erickson
1912 Al Wright
1912 Hal Trosky
1915 Bill LeFebvre
1915 George Case
1917 Pat Scantlebury
1919 Glenn Elliott
1920 Joe Murray
1923 Lee Howard
1929 Ivan (Ike) Delock
1931 Henry John (Dutch) Dotterer
1933 Ken Walters
1937 Dave Hill
1954 Ron Musselman
1954 Bob Long
1955 John Hobbs
1956 Jeff Byrd
1956 Scott Loucks
1957 Wil Culmer
1960 Jeff Ransom
1961 Scott May
1961 Pete Coachman
1962 Cory Snyder
1963 Rey Quinones
1964 Roberto Hernandez
1966 Dave Telgheder
1967 Noe Munoz
1967 Jose Munoz
1969 Damion Easley
1970 Jeff Ware
1971 Roland de la Maza
1971 Ryan Hancock
1972 Danny Rios
1976 Juan Melo
1976 Jason Grilli
1977 Mike Bacsik
1979 J. R. House
1987 Kyle McPherson
1993 P.J. Conlon


1912 John Rainey
1922 Dave Pierson
1928 Oyster Burns
1929 Sam White
1938 Fred Hartman
1939 Frank Abercrombie
1946 Art Reinhart
1951 Jim Neher
1960 Red Causey
1964 Oscar Stanage
1969 Stump Edington
1976 Jimmy O’Connell
1976 Ken Crawford
1985 Frank Mulroney
1985 Roy Lee
1991 Heinz Becker
1994 Ed Madjeski
1996 Lum Harris
2008 Herb Score
2011 Charlie Lea
2011 Nick Strincevich


1990 In an exhibition game in Japan, Chuck Finley and Randy Johnson combine to throw a no-hitter against a Japanese All-Star team.


1896 Baltimore sends Steve Brodie and Jim Donnelly to the Pirates for Jake Stenzel, Elmer Horton, Tom O’Brien, and Harry Truby.

1928 St. Louis signs free agent Rick Ferrell.

1940 Brooklyn wants Phillies pitcher Kirbe Higby, so it sends Bill Crouch, Vito Tamulis, and Mickey Livingston (and $100K) to Philadelphia to acquire Higby.

1997 The Marlin send Moises Alou to Houston for Oscar Henriquez, Manual Barrios and (later) Mark Johnson. Let the fire sale begin!

1998 The White Sox send Mike Cameron to the Reds for Paul Konerko.

Baseball History for November 10th


1857 Jim Whitney
1866 Jack Carney
1867 Fred Roat
1867 Billy Earle
1873 Willie McGill
1873 Billy Lush
1878 Harry Richard (Cy) Morgan
1879 Charles Augustus (Whitey) Alpermann
1879 Jim Cook
1881 Jack Hoey
1881 George Wheeler
1886 Jim Riley
1886 Del Gainer
1888 Ben Hunt
1890 Eddie Eayrs
1892 Jim Park
1895 Vernon Henry (Slicker) Parks
1895 Wilson Lloyd (Chick) Fewster
1896 Jimmy Dykes
1912 George Robert (Birdie) Tebbetts
1914 Angel Fleitas
1919 Harry Feldman
1920 Russ Kerns
1922 Johnny Lipon
1923 Cal Ermer

Played in one MLB game – he went hitless in three trips with a DP for the Senators in 1947. He would stick around though… Ermer would manage the Twins from mid-1967 through 1968.

1925 Hank Ruszkowski
1926 Carmen Mauro
1930 Gene Conley
1930 Charles Gilbert (Chick) King
1934 Norm Cash
1945 Bill Southworth
1951 Mike Vail
1953 Larry Christenson
1953 Paul Thormodsgard
1953 Larry Parrish
1954 Bob Stanley
1955 Jack Clark
1957 Jeff Twitty
1961 Phil Ouellette
1963 Andres Thomas
1964 Keith Lockhart
1964 Kenny Rogers
1964 Milciades Arturo (Junior) Noboa
1964 Shawn Holman
1971 Robert Leon (Butch) Huskey
1971 Terry Pearson
1972 Shawn Green
1972 Greg LaRocca
1974 Micah Bowie
1977 Matthew Cepicky
1978 Jorge De Paula
1981 Tony Blanco
1982 Matt Pagnozzi
1983 Brian Dinkelman
1983 Ryan Mattheus
1984 Kazuhisa Makita
1986 Aaron Crow
1986 Eric Thames
1988 Rob Segedin
1989 Michael Choice
1989 Matt Magill


1888 John Glenn
1896 Jim Ritz
1914 Jack Heinzman
1926 George Pinkney
1926 John Cattanach
1926 Ed Flanagan
1929 Mark Baldwin
1937 Fred Andrus
1938 Chet Spencer
1943 Charlie Bastian
1969 Larry Duff
1969 Augie Swentor
1969 George Foss
1972 Frank Nicholson
1973 Denver Grigsby
1973 Bruce Hitt
1974 Ben Paschal
1974 Mel Simons
1981 Ed Lagger
1990 Aurelio Monteagudo
1992 Chuck Connors
1998 Hal Newhouser
2002 Ken Raffensberger
2010 Dave Niehaus – Mariner’s broadcaster (heart attack)


1961 Rheingold Brewery pays $6,000,000 for the broadcast rights to 126 Mets games per year for the next half decade.


1897 Pittsburgh sends Pink Hawley, Mike Smith and cash to the Reds for Ace Stewart, Pop Schriver, Billy Rhines, Jack McCarthy and Bill Gray.

Also, Philadelphia sends Lave Cross, Jack Clements, Tommy Dowd, Jack Taylor and cash to the Browns for Monte Cross, Red Donahue, and Klondike Douglass.

1948 Detroit sends Billy Pierce and cash to the White Sox for Aaron Robinson. The Sox made out on this deal…

1978 New York sends Sparky Lyle, Mike Heath, three other players and cash to the Rangers for Juan Beniquez, Mike Griffin, Dave Righetti, and Paul Mirabella. As Graig Nettles said – Lyle went from Cy Young to Sayonara…

1998 Cincinnati sends Bret Boone and Mike Reminlger to Atlanta for Denny Neagle, Michael Tucker and Rob Bell.

Baseball History for November 9th


1846 Andrew Thompson
1850 Harry Little
1857 Alonzo Breitenstein
1858 George Wood
1860 Tom Kearns
1865 Jack Crooks
1867 William Kinsler
1868 Bill Phillips
1869 Harry Morelock
1876 Walter Henry (Judge) McCredie
1885 Gene Moore
1886 Nick Maddox
1888 Jim McGarr
1897 Johnny Gooch
1897 Harvey Hendrick
1899 George Abrams
1902 Mike Kelly
1906 Fred Brickell
1908 Roy Schalk
1911 Ed Linke
1915 Benny McCoy
1916 Walt Lanfranconi
1917 Bob Neighbors
1919 Jerry Priddy
1920 Bill Mueller
1920 Dick Whitman
1920 Homer Spragins
1923 Ted Sepkowski
1925 Bill Bruton
1929 Don Plarski
1931 Red Witt
1931 Dorrell Norman Elbert (Whitey) Herzog
1932 Connie Grob
1935 Bob Gibson
1940 Don Loun
1944 Al Severinsen
1952 Jim Riggleman
1952 Rick Williams
1952 Dave Wehrmeister
1954 Al Greene
1955 Jeff Cox
1957 Teddy Higuera
1962 Dion James
1964 Kevin Mmahat
1968 Andy Carter
1969 Angel Miranda
1970 Chad Ogea
1971 Scott Sauerbeck
1971 Jon Nunnally
1974 Jeff D’Amico
1974 Jose Rosado
1974 Beiker Graterol
1977 Peter Bergeron
1978 Jason Standridge
1978 Todd Self
1979 Dave Bush
1979 Adam Dunn
1981 Chuck James
1984 Joel Zumaya
1988 Curt Casali
1988 Zach Neal
1991 Andrew Knapp
1992 Rowan Wick
1992 Greg Bird
1994 Erick Mejia
1995 Jose Quijada


1887 Billy Riley
1890 Jim Lillie
1895 George Joyce
1914 Heinie Reitz
1914 Danny Green
1915 Otis Johnson
1931 Chris Fulmer
1935 Rex DeVogt
1936 Carl Stimson
1936 Bill Stellberger
1940 George Bird
1941 Fred Worden
1956 Lem Hunter
1958 Walt Meinert
1960 Al Nixon
1970 Howard Maple
1971 Bill Dreesen
1976 Bud Culloton
1977 Fred Haney
1977 Jack Ogden
1987 Ed Cihocki
1988 Bob Weiland
2006 Garton Del Savio
2008 Preacher Roe
2011 Benny McCoy
2014 Kelvin Moore
2015 Tommy Hanson

Delayed complications of cocaine and alcohol toxicity (Stevens, Alexis. “Autopsy: Ex-Braves Pitcher Tommy Hanson Died From Cocaine, Alcohol”, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 11 December 2015.)


1953 Reaffirming Baseball’s status as a sport and not a business, baseball remains exempt from anti-trust laws. The Supreme Court was reviewing a case that stemmed from Yankee minor leaguer George Toolson, who didn’t want to accept a demotion from AAA to AA ball. The Yankees chose to place him on an ineligible list, so Toolson claimed he was being deprived of his rights to make a living. The Supreme Court sided with baseball, 7 – 2.

(Young, Dick. “Curt Flood, George Toolson: They’re From Different Baseball Eras, But Their Problem is the Same. Toolson Lost. Will Flood?”, Orlando Sentinel, 07 January 1970, Page 4C.)


1912 The Reds pick up Frank Chance after the Cubs waive their player-manager.

1925 Brooklyn signs Rabbit Maranville after he had been waived by the Cubs.

1973 San Diego sends Clay Kirby to the Reds for Bobby Tolan and Dave Tomlin.

1977 Texas signs free agent slugger Richie Zisk.

Baseball History for November 8th


1853 John Farrow
1869 Joe Peitz
1870 Bill Hoffer
1876 Danny Shay
1893 Dave Black
1895 Kenneth Thomson (Mike) Knode
1896 Stanley Raymond (Bucky) Harris
1901 Frank Bernard (Beauty) McGowan
1907 Tony Cuccinello
1908 John Stoneham
1915 Wayne Ambler
1920 Wally Westlake
1922 Bob Brady
1930 Mike Roarke
1937 Rex Johnston
1940 Joe Nossek
1944 Ed Kranepool
1952 Jerry Remy
1952 John Denny
1954 Gary Lucas
1958 Paul Wilmet
1958 Bobby Moore
1962 John Fishel
1962 Rey Palacios
1963 Dwight Smith
1965 Jeff Blauser
1967 Henry Rodriguez
1967 Eric Anthony
1968 Jose Offerman
1969 Shane Halter
1973 Edgardo Alfonzo
1976 Carlos Casimiro
1976 Victor Alvarez
1977 Nick Punto
1980 Victor Marte
1985 Darwin Barney
1987 Bryan Shaw
1988 Yasmani Grandal
1989 Giancarlo Stanton
1991 Nick Kingham


1894 King Kelly
1911 Oscar Bielaski
1911 Frank Gatins
1912 Cupid Childs
1918 Larry Chappell
1927 Phil Bedgood
1929 Red Bittmann
1931 Sam Brown
1931 Frank Meinke
1934 Reddy Grey
1937 Henry Mullin
1942 Jim Handiboe
1951 Claude Ritchey
1957 Fred Anderson
1957 Joe Connor
1970 Ed Murray
1972 Harry Child
1973 Bob Chipman
1975 Vern Morgan
1975 Ray Shepardson
1975 Les Backman
1977 Jim Gladd
1977 Bucky Harris (see birthday, above)
1978 Steve Gerkin
1980 Dale Jones
1989 Johnny Lanning
1990 Earl Torgeson
1993 Hank Leiber
2012 Lee MacPhail
2013 Rod Miller


1928 Massachusetts votes to allow professional sports to play games on Sundays.


1955 Washington sends Mickey Vernon, Bob Porterfield, Tom Umphlett, and Johnny Schmitz to the Red Sox for Tex Clevenger, Karl Olson, Dick Brodowski, Neil Chrisley, and Al Curtis.

1967 The Mets get Art Shamsky from the Reds for the low price of Bob Johnson…

1974 San Diego sends Cito Gaston to the Braves for Danny Frisella.

1979 The Yankees are signing free agents – this time it’s Bob Watson and Rudy May.

1990 Los Angeles signs free agent outfielder Darryl Strawberry.

1999 Toronto sends Shawn Green and Jorge Nunez to the Dodgers for Raul Mondesi and Pedro Borbon.