Baseball History for August 4th

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1845 Phonney Martin
1867 Jake Beckley
1869 Mike Gaule
1875 Henry Clarke
1875 Ray Nelson
1878 Harry Hinchman
1879 Paddy O’Connor
1883 Lew Moren
1885 Tex Jones
1890 Dolf Luque
1891 Jim Haislip
1894 Sid Benton
1894 Jim Grant
1896 Chick Galloway
1896 Cliff Lee
1899 Ski Melillo
1902 Bill Hallahan
1902 Homer Blankenship
1902 Al Moore
1907 George Caster
1911 Tuck Stainback
1912 Bill Schuster
1912 Henry Coppola
1915 Luke Easter
1918 Frank McElyea
1918 Don Kolloway
1920 Bob Keegan
1929 Joe Pignatano
1930 Gabe Gabler
1932 Jim Coates
1934 Dallas Green
1937 Frank Kostro
1938 Ray Oyler
1939 Bob Meyer
1939 Dennis Higgins
1942 Angel Bravo
1942 Cleon Jones
1944 Rich Nye
1945 Mike Davison
1946 Kevin Collins
1947 Ken Poulsen
1948 Johnny Grubb
1949 Terry Humphrey
1951 Joe McIntosh
1957 Ben Hayes
1960 Steve Davis
1961 Mark Wasinger
1962 Roger Clemens
1962 John Farrell
1964 Ruben Rodriguez
1964 B. J. Surhoff
1965 Matt Merullo
1966 Jeff Johnson
1967 Domingo Martinez
1967 Steve Bieser
1968 Chris Hook
1969 Troy O’Leary
1970 Dax Jones
1972 Steve Bourgeois
1973 Eric Weaver
1973 Bob Howry
1975 Eric Milton
1976 Kazuo Fukumori
1976 Scott Linebrink
1977 Paxton Crawford
1978 Jon Knott
1978 Luke Allen
1982 Josh Roenicke
1986 Alex Castellanos
1987 Hiram Burgos
1987 David Martinez
1987 Mike Freeman
1990 Brian Ellington
1991 Jason Adam
1992 Domingo German
1993 Kevin Newman
1994 Brett Kennedy
1994 Orlando Arcia
1996 Brock Burke
1996 Brady Singer
1997 Mike Soroka


1879 Charles Bierman
1897 John Gilroy
1920 Frank Fennelly
1924 George Nicol
1930 Sam Jackson
1944 Camp Skinner
1950 John Burke
1950 Harry Coveleski
1951 Tony Tonneman
1955 Mike Balenti
1958 Bob Gamble
1959 Chappy Charles
1959 Pop Williams
1961 Chuck Rose
1963 Bob Fisher
1964 Jerry Standaert
1966 Pug Cavet
1971 Frank Lamanske
1972 George Batten
1979 Hal Wagner
1980 Lefty Jamerson
1983 Ed Wheeler
1989 Wayne LaMaster
1991 Sammy White
1993 Bob Maier
1995 Dick Bartell
1996 Willard Brown
2002 Mike Payne
2006 Elden Auker
2007 Frank Mancuso
2016 Robert Ramsay
2018 Myron White
2019 Ernie Bowman


1884 Pud Galvin throws his second no hitter.

1910 Jack Coombs and Ed Walsh throw 16 innings of shutout ball – darkness ends the game in a tie between Philadelphia and Chicago.

1933 Flint Rhem goes eight innings, giving up 21 hits (!) and 16 runs in an 18 – 1 loss to the Giants. Why bother to bring in a pitcher to take the ninth??? Where was the manager???

1934 Mel Ott is the first player to score six runs in a game, having gone 4 – 4 with a walk and a hit batsman. The Giants scored 21 runs in the second game of a doubleheader to beat Philadelphia, 21 – 4.

1937 Joe Medwick lashes out four doubles to tie an MLB record

1945 Billy Salkeld goes 5 – 5 with 5 RBIs and completes the cycle for Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, St. Louis won, 6 – 5.

More importantly – Bert Shepard goes 5.1 innings in relief in his only game for the Washington Senators. Shepard, as you may remember, had an amputated leg… He allowed just a run on three hits.

1979 Phil Niekro ties J.R. Richard’s mark by being called for six wild pitches in an eight inning, complete game loss to Houston. Bruce Benedict was struggling – he gave up four of them and was replaced by Joe Nolan. In fairness, Richard had to be wilder – but he went all nine for a win the day he first had six wild pitches…

1983 Speaking of wild pitches – a warmup throw by Dave Winfield kills a seagull in Toronto. He’s arrested after the game for animal cruelty.

1985 White Sox pitcher Tom Seaver wins his 300th game, tossing a complete game win over New York in Yankee Stadium. That same day, Rod Carew slapped a single of Frank Viola for his 3000th career hit.


1899 Cincinnati purchases Socks Seybold from Richmond. Seybold would go on to be a HR leader before it was over. Just not for Cincy – in Philadelphia.

1902 Baltimore signs Ike Butler out of Shreveport. They were desperate for anyone who could throw then – having been ravaged by the evil John McGraw.

1915 Boston signs Art Nehf, who had been pitching in Terre Haute.

1931 Chicago signs Louisville’s Billy Herman.

1958 Cleveland purchases Randy Jackson from the Dodgers.

1962 New York releases Vinegar Bend Mizell.

1964 San Francisco signs amateur free agent Bobby Bonds. That worked out okay…

1967 Chicago picks up Pete Mikkelsen when he was waived by Pittsburgh. Ike Futch played with Mikkelsen in Augusta, I believe.

1972 Kansas City signs amateur free agent U. L. Washington. The toothpick was signed later.

1982 New York trades Joel Youngblood to Montreal for a player to be named later (Tom Gorman).

Youngblood, who had started a day game for the Mets, singled home two runs in the third inning off of Fergie Jenkins and then had to be pulled from the game in the fourth inning. He hopped on a plane to Philadelphia in time to enter that game in the sixth inning for Jerry White in right field. In the next inning, he singled off of Steve Carlton. Now THAT’S a big day.

1989 The White Sox send Mark Davis to California for Mark Doran and Roberto Hernandez. Hernandez would last, what, 20 years?


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