Baseball History for August 3rd

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1849 Charlie Snow
1855 Frank Sylvester (Silver) Flint
1870 Richard P. (Stub) Brown
1873 Ed McFarland
1884 Tom Reilly
1885 Samuel Beryl (Doc) Ralston
1886 Al Kaiser
1888 Jay Rogers
1889 Gus Getz
1894 Harry Heilmann
1894 George Hale
1902 Joe Sprinz
1902 Doug Taitt
1909 George Meyer
1911 Art Evans
1912 Vernon Sprague (Whitey) Wilshere
1917 Milo Candini
1920 Vic Johnson
1920 Jim Hegan
1921 Joe Lafata
1925 Dave Hoskins
1927 Dick Welteroth
1928 Cliff Ross
1928 Dick Hyde
1940 Roger Repoz
1952 Dan Meyer
1959 Mike Jeffcoat
1959 Jim Gott
1960 Sid Bream
1962 Mackey Sasser
1964 Kevin Elster
1968 Kevin Morton
1968 Rod Beck
1969 Steve Dixon
1971 Chris Sexton
1972 Wendell Magee
1973 Blake Stein
1975 Roosevelt Brown
1976 Troy Glaus
1977 Justin Lehr
1981 Travis Bowyer
1981 Felix Sanchez
1983 Mark Reynolds
1984 Sergio Escalona
1984 German Duran
1984 Matthew Joyce
1988 Pat McCoy
1989 Roberto Gomez
1992 Bubba Starling
1995 Zac Gallen
1997 Luis Robert
1998 Jonathan Arauz


1918 Mike Lawlor
1934 Charlie Hastings
1940 Willard Hershberger

Suicide. Just 29, Hershberger slit his throat with a razor blade. The Reds had lost both games of a doubleheader on August 2nd and Hershberger was distraught, taking the losses very personally. Manager Bill McKechnie spent hours talking to him, and by the evening he seemed okay – even ate a big meal.

The next day, he didn’t appear at the ballpark – but he answered the phone and told the team he’d eventually get to the ballpark. Gabe Paul, then the traveling secretary for the Reds, asked Sam Cohen, a friend of Hershberger’s to pick him up and when Cohen got there he got a hotel maid to unlock the door. That’s when they found Hersheberger’s lifeless body.

“Cincinnati Catcher Commits Suicide”, The Morning Call, 04 August 1940, Page 11.

1942 Jack Sutthoff
1942 Jack Hayden
1942 Lyle Bigbee
1947 Al Tesch
1947 Vic Willis
1954 Art Hoelskoetter
1955 Mule Shirley
1961 Tom Downey
1962 War Sanders
1966 Earl Blackburn
1968 John Jenkins
1976 Homer Ezzell
1980 Bill Hubbell
1981 Jim McLeod
1984 Elmer Smith
1985 Cloy Mattox
1990 Bob Brown
1995 Harry Craft
2007 Lee Griffeth


1914 Les Nunamaker, Yankees catcher, gets three assists in an inning by throwing out Sam Crawford and Bobby Veach trying to steal, and picking off Hugh High, who was leading too far off first base – all in the seventh inning. (It didn’t matter – Detroit won 4 – 1 anyway.)

Now THAT’S helping your pitcher.

Batchelor, E. A. “New York Cannot Hit Coveleskie,” Detroit Free Press, 04 August 1914, Page 12.

2015 Mike Hessman hits his 433rd minor league homer, passing a mark set 79 years earlier by Buzz Arlett.

2015 Adrian Beltre hits for the cycle – again! Only four players have done this trivial quirk three times – the other three did so more than 80 years earlier.


1899 Baltmore sent Gene Demontreville and Jerry Nops to Brooklyn for Hughie Jennings. That trade lasted all of five days, when all three players were returned to their prior teams. (When is a trade not a trade?)

1960 Detroit sent manager Jimmy Dykes to the Indians for their manager, Joe Gordon.

1967 The Yankees sent Elston Howard to Boston for Pete Magrini and (later) Ron Klimkowski. Howard helped get the Red Sox to the World Series – something Howard had done nine times with New York.

1990 Atlanta sent Dale Murphy to the Phillies for Jeff Parrett (and there were three players named later, including Tommy Greene).

2002 Arizona signed amateur free agent hitter Carlos Gonzalez.


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