Baseball History for August 2nd

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1874 Bill Hill
1876 William Gideon (Kid) Nance

Nance came from the Texas Leagues – he replaced Ollie Pickering, who was in a slump, in the Louisville outfield in 1897.

1877 War Sanders
1881 Frederick William (Bucky) Veil
1882 Jim Holmes
1882 Leon Kessling (Red) Ames
1886 Dwight Stone
1890 Angel Aragon
1898 Emmett Bowles
1899 Arthur Bernard (Tink) Riviere
1901 Charlie Caldwell
1902 Joe Klinger
1906 Bill Posedel
1909 Bill Phebus
1924 Lloyd Merriman
1932 John Pregenzer
1943 Tom Burgmeier
1944 Chris Coletta
1952 Jesus Manuel (Bombo) Rivera
1952 Art James
1955 Jim Dorsey
1956 Roger LaFrancois
1956 Derek Botelho
1961 Danny Sheaffer
1964 Cliff Young
1965 Paul Marak
1966 Tim Wakefield
1967 Scott Taylor
1968 Frank Cimorelli
1969 Dae-Sung Koo
1971 Steve Sinclair
1973 Mike Venafro
1974 Matt Miller
1975 Joe Dillon
1977 Julio Mateo
1978 Matt Guerrier
1979 Humberto Quintero
1979 Matt Riley
1979 Colby Lewis
1982 Grady Sizemore
1983 Huston Street
1984 Luke Hughes
1984 Konrad Schmidt
1987 Juan Jaime
1988 Brett Jackson
1989 Onelki Garcia
1991 Parker Bridwell
1992 Dylan Moore
1993 Paul Dejong
1993 Keury Melia
1996 Keston Hiura


1882 Gene Kimball
1898 Val Robinson
1899 John Ward
1903 Bill Sweeney
1905 George Snyder
1932 Dan Brouthers
1934 Reggie Richter
1938 Jim Curry
1944 Arthur Hauger
1946 Carl Lind
1951 Guy Cooper
1955 Peaches O’Neill
1961 Harry Gardner
1961 Walter Morris
1963 Pete Standridge
1970 Mike Cvengros
1974 Ty Pickup
1975 Jess Buckles
1979 Thurman Munson

His Cessna clips a tree and crashes just short of the runway at Akron-Canton regional airport.

1988 Bob Berman
1993 Joe Gantenbein
1994 Dick Jones
2004 Mike Schultz
2005 Milt Graff
2011 Al Federoff
2015 Jack Spring


1921 A jury acquits eight White Sox players accused of throwing the 1919 World Series.

1985 On a single by Rickey Henderson, White Sox center fielder Luis Salazar throws out Bobby Meacham at the plate – and Carlton Fisk remains standing long enough to tag Dale Berra, who also tried to score on the play.

I remember watching this game from a hotel room in Albany, NY a day before heading to Cooperstown to tour the Hall of Fame and Museum. I haven’t seen Ross Tarlow in years… Hey, Ross. Drop me a line.


1961 Kansas City sends Reno Bertoia and Gerry Staley to Detroit for Bill Fischer and Ozzie Virgil.

1968 Washington sent Ron Hansen to the Chicago White Sox for Tim Cullen.

1985 California sends Mike Brown, Pat Clements, and (later) Bob Kipper to the Pirates for John Candelaria, George Hendrick, and Al Holland.

2001 St. Louis sends Ray Lankford to San Diego for Woody Williams.

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