Baseball History for March 24th

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1849  Sam Jackson

Hailing from Ripon (North Yorkshire) in England, Jackson played second base briefly for the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 and even more briefly with the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1872.

After his baseball days, Jackson worked as a miller until his retirement and passed away on 04 August 1930 in Gypsum, NY.  From what I can tell, Samuel immigrated to the United States in 1853 and had at least a brother and a sister (Thomas and Mary).  He married Mary Bell of New York (and, like Samuel, of British ancestry) and they had three children: Minnie (or Mary), Frank, and Laura.  The Jacksons lived in Canada at least temporarily as Mary was listed as having been born there in 1879.   Someone kindly posted a copy of his obituary to Jackson’s page.

Other sources include his page, the US Censuses of 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930.

1854  Pat Sullivan

Credited with managing Columbus for three games in 1891, winning two.  He was a temporary replacement, I guess…  His life was, like his MLB career, short.  Born in Lewisburg, VA (now West Virginia), his family moved to Columbus around the time of the Civil War.  Patrick married Augusta Weisz, had two daughters, and died in Columbus in 1896.

1863  Jim McCauley
1865  Billy Klusman
1869  Al Lawson
1872  Kip Selbach
1874  Roy Thomas
1882  Joe Bernard
1884  Mike Mowrey
1891  Ernie Shore
1892  Fred Trautman
1893  George Sisler
1906  Pat Veltman
1907  Gus Dugas
1911  Jim Bucher
1912  Jud McLaughlin
1917  Dave Bartosch
1922  Saul Rogovin
1925  Dick Kryhoski
1937  Dick Egan
1937  Bob Tillman
1942  Jesus Alou
1956  Garry Templeton
1958  Bruce Hurst
1959  Mike Brown
1960  Dwight Taylor
1961  Al Chambers
1962  Ron Robinson
1970  Wilson Alvarez
1972  Steve Karsay
1972  Jose Cabrera
1974  Jamie Arnold
1974  Jim Rushford
1976  Joe Davenport
1976  Scott Wiggins
1978  Jose Valverde
1979  Norris Hopper
1981  Dirk Hayhurst
1982  Corey Hart
1982  Heath Phillips
1982  Rob Tejeda
1982  Dustin McGowan
1983  Chad Gaudin
1983  Devon Lowery
1987  Josh Zeid
1987  Lucas Luetge
1990  Starlin Castro
1993 Christopher Bostick
1993 J. B. Wendelken
1994 Kevin Ginkel


1888  Bill Collver

His profile on says he died of a spinal illness; the Detroit Free Press says he died following a minor surgery.

1894  Mike Jones
1901  Mike Trost
1911  Stan Robison
1914  Jack Brennan
1918  Jack Farrell
1919  John Bates
1921  Larry McLean
1936  Charlie Parsons
1938  Joe Dolan
1944  Bob Glenalvin
1948  Jimmy Bannon
1950  Bert Lewis
1954  Chubby Snyder
1963  Daff Gammons
1966  George O’Brien
1968  Ovid Nicholson
1972  Dick Coffman
1983  George Darrow
1986  Hank Grampp
1996  Ray Pepper
1996  Jerry Robertson
1999  Birdie Tebbetts
2002  Mace Brown
2008  Tom Upton
2009  George Kell
2012  Dennis Bennett
2014  Sonny Ruberto
2018  Carl Scheib

The youngest AL player – a pitcher for Connie Mack at 16 – died at 91.


1952 – Maybe not…  Cardinals pitcher Bob Slaybaugh is hit by a line drive during batting practice that results in the removal of his left eye.  He tries a comeback the following season but is never quite the same pitcher.


1943  Brooklyn sells Schoolboy Rowe to the Phillies.

1967  Houston trades Sandy Alomar to the Mets for Derrell Griffith.

1973  Oakland trades Dave Duncan and George Hendrick to Cleveland for Ray Fosse and Jack Heidemann.

1984  Detroit trades John Wockenfuss and Glenn Wilson to Philadelphia for Willie Hernandez and Dave Bergman.

1985  San Francisco sends Dusty Baker to Oakland for Ed Puikunas and Dan Winters.

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