Baseball History for November 24th

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1855 George Knight
1857 Frank Smith
1858 William Henry (Nin) Alexander
1861 C. V. Matteson
1872 Sam McMackin
1873 Ed Doheny
1873 James Abner (Stub) Smith
1876 Harvey Bailey
1878 Fred Smith
1881 Pete Noonan
1888 Harry Wolfe
1888 Ed Miller
1889 George Burns
1890 Ralph Comstock
1902 Cloy Mattox
1904 Billy Rogell
1909 Tom Winsett
1911 Joe Medwick
1912 Tony Giuliani
1913 Walter Wilson
1915 Dick West
1919 Nap Reyes
1930 Bob Friend
1931 Dick Phillips
1939 Jim Northrup
1942 Fred Beene
1943 Billy Harris
1948 Steve Yeager
1950 George Throop
1950 John Balaz
1955 Rafael Santo Domingo
1959 Tom Dunbar
1962 Randy Velarde
1964 Bob Malloy
1965 Jeff Plympton
1967 Ben McDonald
1967 Cal Eldred
1967 Al Martin
1968 Steve Mintz
1968 Dave Hansen
1970 Jason Jacome
1976 Mike Edwards
1976 Damian Moss
1979 Horacio Ramirez
1980 Jeff Salazar
1983 Jose Lopez
1984 Joel Guzman
1986 Dean Anna
1987 Kelvin Marte
1987 Chris Herrmann
1988 Jarrod Parker
1991 Kendry Flores
1993 Jeimer Candelario
1995 Francis Martes


1931 Fred Lake

Lake was a player in the 1890s, then a manager and coach for the next three decades – major, minor, and even college (Tufts, Harvard) before a heart attack took him to the next league.

1932 Redleg Snyder
1941 John Henry

His record says he died of coronary thrombosis, which happens to match his Arizona death record.

1942 Frank Owen

While working for Ford Motor Company, the former White Sox pitcher (three straight 20 win seasons) died of a heart attack in Dearborn, MI.

“Services Saturday for Frank Owen,” Detroit Free Press, November 28, 1942: 15.

1958 Roy Corhan

The former San Francisco Seal, White Sox, and Cardinal shortstop died of a heart attack in his home.

“Roy Corhan, Ex-Seal, Dies,” San Francisco Examiner, November 25, 1958: Sports, Pg. 1.

1960 Al Braithwood
1960 Abbie Johnson
1961 John Mohardt
1965 Ralph Good
1966 Tom Gulley
1967 Joe Kelly
1967 Rusty Saunders
1969 Phil Gallivan
1970 Spencer Adams
1970 Ivy Andrews
1971 Ed Fallenstein
1974 John Weekly

Still the only baseball player to come from Waterproof, LA (football star John Henry Johnson was also born there)… The Houston Colt 45s outfielder died in an automobile accident.

1977 Mayo Smith
1983 Ed Leip
1987 Jim Russell
1991 Carl Sawatski
1996 Loren Bain
2003 Warren Spahn
2005 Buzz Dozier
2008 Tom Burgess
2012 Jimmy Stewart
2013 Charlie Bicknell
2015 Bobby Smith
2016 Dave Ferriss


1883 The American Association expands from eight to twelve teams but adding Brooklyn, Indianapolis, Toledo, and Washington to the existing roster of teams.

2015 President Barack Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Willie Mays and Yogi Berra.


1948 Brooklyn takes Tom Lasorda from Philadelphia in the Rule 5 draft.

1961 Philadelphia signs amateur free agent pitcher Grant Jackson.

1993 Minnesota sends pitcher Willie Banks to the Cubs for Matt Walbeck and Dave Stevens.

2005 In fire sale mode… The Marlins send Carlos Delgado to the Mets (with some cash) for Mike Jacobs, Yusmeiro Petit and Grant Psomas.

The Marlins also send Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, and Guillermo Mota to the Red Sox for Hanley Ramirez, Anibel Sanchez, Harvey Garcia, and Jesus Delgado.

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