Baseball History for May 5th

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1852 Henry Kohler
1857 Lee Richmond

Among the first left handed pitchers, certainly the first successful one – and author of the first perfect game in baseball history.

1858 Bill Watkins
1863 Paul Cook
1867 Tom Vickery
1871 Jimmy Bannon
1880 Andy Oyler
1882 Lee Quillin
1882 Pat Paige
1883 Gene Curtis
1884 Charles Albert (Chief) Bender

Teammate of Rube Waddell (and others) with Philadelphia – a smart pitcher who regularly won with the Athletics. He was also an early John Tudor – occasionally frail, but if he could pitch he was going to win.  Bender never racked up the inning counts of his contemporaries.

1887 Henri Rondeau
1889 Dick Wright
1891 Jack McCandless
1891 Bruno Haas
1905 Jack Ryan
1908 Tony Freitas
1917 Lennie Merullo
1917 George Dockins
1918 John Leovich
1923 Jim Kirby
1925 Bob Cerv
1925 Johnny Rutherford
1930 Harley Grossman
1932 Chuck Locke
1933 Joe McClain
1934 Don Buddin
1935 Jose Pagan
1941 Tommy Helms

Rookie of the Year, right? And then he was traded for Joe Morgan and the Reds, already pretty good, completed the construction of the Big Red Machine.

1943 John Donaldson
1945 Jimmy Rosario
1947 Larry Hisle

A forgotten AL RBI Champ (1977).

1953 Gary Christenson
1956 Ron Oester
1958 Dave Gumpert
1962 Ramon Pena
1966 Reggie Williams
1967 Charles Nagy
1969 Hideki Irabu
1970 Juan Acevedo
1971 Mike Redmond
1976 Keith Ginter
1977 Tom Gregorio
1980 Chad Bentz
1981 Chris Duncan
1991 James Pazos
1991 Austin Adams
1997 Logan Gilbert


1889 Felix Moses
1892 Peter Connell
1900 Denny McKnight
1907 Sam Moffet
1931 John Riddle
1933 Steve Dunn
1936 Lou Sylvester
1936 Bill Anderson
1940 Bill Wise
1947 Ty LaForest
1956 John Godwin
1959 Verne Clemons
1969 Eddie Cicotte
1973 Bert Griffith
1974 Vito Tamulis
1974 Tom McNamara
1977 Bill Marshall
1979 Virgil Cheeves
1989 Joe Batchelder
1994 Tony DePhillips
2008 Cal Howe
2012 Don Leshnock
2018 Roy Wright
2021 Del Crandall


1904 Cy Young fires the first perfect game in American League history – he tops Rube Waddell and the Philadelphia Athletics, 3 – 0.

1917 Browns pitcher Ernie Koob tosses a no hitter to beat Eddie Cicotte and the White Sox, 1 – 0. Koob may have gotten some help from a scorer who changed a Buck Weaver hit in the first inning into an error by second baseman Ernie Johnson. In the first, it was a single. As Koob approached the end of the game, it was changed.

“Some Doubt About Two No-Hit Games”, Washington Herald, 27 May 1917, Page 12.

1933 Pepper Martin goes 4 – 5 and completes the cycle.

1939 With his four hits, Sam Chapman hits for the cycle.

1962 Bo Belinsky, in his fourth career start, throws the first Angels no hitter, beating the Orioles, 2 – 0.

1978 Pete Rose slashes hit #3000 off Steve Rogers.


1975 Oakland releases Herb Washington.

1982 Toronto sends John Mayberry to the Yankees for Dave Revering, Tom Dodd, and Jeff Reynolds.

2000 The Yankees sign free agent pitcher Chien-Ming Wang.

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