Baseball History for July 23rd

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1866 James Thomas (Tub) Welch
1874 Lewis William (Sport) McAllister
1876 Clarence Howeth (Ginger) Beaumont
1880 Lew Brockett
1881 Ed Cermak
1888 Jack Ridgway
1889 Lee Dressen
1890 Pete Schmidt
1891 Jack Theis
1895 Art Rico
1897 Arthur Edwin (Cy) Fried
1897 Horace Hills (Hod) Ford
1899 Ed Holley
1899 Chuck Rowland
1900 Jimmie Wilson
1901 Mack Hillis
1908 Ival Goodman
1910 Paul Chervinko
1914 Frank Croucher
1915 Hersh Lyons
1917 Ray Scarborough
1918 Harold Henry (Pee Wee) Reese
1918 Walter Sessi
1919 Strick Shofner
1926 Johnny Groth
1927 Virgil Jester
1931 Joe Stanka
1933 Johnny James
1936 Don Drysdale
1937 Dean Look
1940 Hank Allen
1950 Joe Goddard
1961 Chuck Crim
1963 Pat Pacillo
1968 Bubba Carpenter
1969 Henry Mercedes
1969 Francisco Matos
1973 Nomar Garciaparra
1974 Larry Barnes
1980 Dallas McPherson
1981 Hung-Chih Kuo
1982 Joe Mather
1986 Andrew Carignan
1989 Stephen Pryor
1991 Matt Carsiti
1993 Matt Hall


1896 Jack Beach
1920 Buttercup Dickerson
1933 Rip Williams
1937 Phil Saylor
1949 John Anderson
1950 Bill Lange
1962 Ralph Shinners
1969 Roy Mahaffey
1974 Walter Signer
1975 Art Mills
1979 Lefty West
1980 Wally Snell
1982 Roberto Pena
1988 Ken Polivka
1996 Ed Wineapple
1996 Red Munger
1997 Jeff Cross
2003 Juan Delis
2003 Grady Wilson
2005 Tony Daniels
2007 Otis Davis


1930 Pie Traynor homered in the bottom of the ninth to win the first game of a double header with Philadelphia. In the second game, a 13th inning homer (his fifth hit of the game) would win the nightcap over the Phillies.

“Yesterday’s Hero”, Pittston Gazette, 24 July 1930, Page 6.

1964 Welcome to the majors, Bert Campaneris. He hits the first pitch he sees (off Jim Kaat) for a homer in Minneapolis.

2009 Mark Buehrle beats Tampa Bay, 5 – 0, throwing a perfect game in the process. CF DeWayne Wise, who entered the game in the ninth as a defensive replacement, robs the Rays’ Gabe Kapler by taking away a homer to open the ninth inning.


1910 Philadelphia sent Morrie Rath and a player to be named later to Cleveland for Bris Lord. The player named later? Shoeless Joe Jackson (a week later).

1916 The Giants purchased Slim Sallee from the Cardinals for $10,000.

1947 Pittsburgh signs amateur free agent outfielder Frank Thomas.

1951 The White Sox purchases Jim Rivera from Seattle of the PCL.

1986 The White Sox send Bobby Bonilla to the Pirates for Jose DeLeon.

2003 Pittsburgh sends Kenny Lofton and Aramis Ramirez (and cash) to the Cubs for Jose Hernandez, Matt Bruback, and (later) Bobby Hill.

2012 Seattle sends Ichiro Suzuki to the Yankees for Danny Farquhar and D. J. Mitchell.

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