Baseball History for May 10th

<— MAY 09     MAY 11 —>


1847 Josh Bunce
1852 Hugh Reid
1857 Henry Jones
1862 Frank Wyman
1863 John Cattanach
1863 Chippy McGarr
1863 John Meister
1868 Ed Barrow
1872 Harry Berte
1872 Klondike Douglass
1875 Charlie Ferguson
1881 Forrest Crawford
1884 Roy Beecher
1887 Bill Davidson
1891 Bob Geary
1895 Pat Hardgrove
1899 Freddie Maguire
1901 Ted Blankenship
1906 Gene Connell
1910 Joe Chamberlain
1911 Roland Gladu
1913 Al Rubeling
1914 Russ Bauers
1917 Chet Clemens
1920 Mickey Grasso
1931 Bob Bowman
1937 Jim Hickman

As I kid, I remember being upset that the Cubs traded him away.  He wound up in St. Louis.  We went to a Cubs-Cards game and got there early enough to watch batting practice.  Hickman nearly hit the scoreboard in Wrigley Field in BP that day – still one of the longest balls I have ever seen hit there.

1938 Merritt Ranew
1941 Ken Berry
1946 Miguel Fuentes
1946 Ray Jarvis
1947 Tim Hosley
1947 John Cumberland
1962 Joey Meyer
1962 Robby Thompson
1965 Mike Butcher
1969 John Cummings
1969 Pete Schourek
1971 Glen Barker
1972 Marino Santana
1974 Bob Smith
1979 Tony Alvarez
1980 Craig Brazell

I’m pretty sure he’s on the Topps David Wright rookie card…

1983 George Kottaras
1984 Edward Mujica
1984 Kam Mickolio
1985 Luis Atilano
1986 Matt Tuiasosopo
1986 Luke Putkonen
1987 Brayan Villarreal
1988 Ryan Jackson
1990 Salvador Perez

My favorite AL catcher – seems to be cut out of the same mold as Fisk or Munson without being as grumpy.


1881 Fraley Rogers
1925 Harry Ely
1925 Tod Brynan
1928 Ed Stein
1934 Ed Willett
1941 Jim Pastorius
1943 Joe Werrick
1943 Ginger Clark
1946 Harry Swan
1954 Eddie Files
1956 Jimmy Slagle
1962 Lefty Willis
1964 Charlie Butler
1964 George McConnell
1970 Rufus Meadows
1971 Eddie Edmonson
1976 Ken Trinkle
1992 Tom Seats
1996 Joe Holden
1999 Carl Powis
2000 Carden Gillenwater
2005 Vic Johnson
2005 Hal Griggs


1981 Expo Charlie Lea no hits the Giants, 4 – 0. Lea fanned eight and walked four.

1999 Nomar Garciaparra drives in 10 runs on a pair of grand slams and a two run shot to help the Red Sox sink the Mariners, 12 – 4.


1898 Roger Bresnahan, then a pitcher, was released by the Senators because he asked for more money. They should have paid him.

1951 Philadelphia sends Sam Chapman to the Indians for Allie Clark and Lou Klein.

1967 The Mets send Larry Elliot and cash to the Athletics for Ed Charles.

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