Baseball History for May 11th

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1863 Jim Connor
1871 Art Herman
1874 Roy Clark
1881 Al Cabrera
1881 Jesse Purnell
1886 Monty Pfyl
1890 Jimmy Whelan
1891 Roger Salmon
1903 Charlie Gehringer
1907 Rip Sewell
1914 Al Williams
1917 Dave Short
1917 Johnny Gerlach
1918 Dewey Adkins
1919 Porter Vaughan
1920 Gene Hermanski
1922 Monty Kennedy
1922 Nestor Chylak
1924 Frank Campos
1928 Vern Rapp
1928 Mel Wright
1939 Milt Pappas
1939 Frank Quilici
1939 Hector Martinez
1940 Harry Fanok
1949 Jerry Martin
1950 Dane Iorg
1958 Walt Terrell
1958 Mark Huismann
1964 Jeff Sellers
1964 Bobby Witt
1964 Bill Bean
1964 Trent Hubbard
1964 Floyd Youmans
1968 Mike Garcia
1971 Kerry Ligtenberg
1972 Cameron Cairncross
1975 Francisco Cordero
1980 Roy Corcoran
1981 Daniel Ortmeier
1987 Red Patterson
1989 David Buchanan
1992 Glenn Sparkman
1993 Miguel Sano
1994 Jackson Stephens
1996 Griffin Canning
1996 Jordan Yamamoto


1887 John Ake
1924 Fleet Walker
1924 John Stedronsky
1937 Nick Scharf
1938 Buzz Murphy
1953 Ed Hug
1954 Dorsey Riddlemoser
1961 Lee Dunham
1971 Jeff McCleskey
1972 Lynn King
1972 Danny Schell
1972 Suds Sutherland
1977 Johnnie Chambers
1977 Oscar Horstmann
1981 Samuel Byrd
1984 Earl Reid
1985 Bud Teachout
1985 Johnny Bero
1994 Bennie Warren
1997 Vince Sherlock
1999 Ben Taylor
2002 Steve Rachunok
2009 Bill Kelso
2009 Johnny Schaive
2011 Mel Queen
2012 Frank Wills
2013 Mike Davison
2013 Len Yochim
2014 Moose Morton
2019 Larry Howard
2020 Larry Gowell


1911 Washington’s Bob Groom goes the distance (eight innings) but gives up 21 hits and 20 runs to the White Sox. 13 of the runs scored in the seventh and eighth innings. Only two pitchers ever allowed more runs… What the heck was Jimmy McAleer thinking???

1919 Reds ace Hod Eller fires a no hitter to top the Cards, 6 – 0.

1963 Sandy Koufax gets no hitter #2 topping Juan Marichal and the Giants, 8 – 0. A walk to Ed Bailey in the eighth was the only blemish.

1977 Ted Turner manages his only game for the Braves (a loss) – technically, newer rules say a manager can’t also own the team. (The Connie Mack rule?)

1996 Al Leiter is the first Marlin pitcher to throw a no hitter – the Rockies are victims, losing 11 – 0.

2003 Thanks to the amazing power of B-12 shots, Rafael Palmeiro hits his 500th homer in a Rangers win over the Indians.

2016 Max Scherzer ties the K mark with 20 strikeouts in a nine-inning game, a win over the Tigers. I remember watching this one – he had a shot for 21, but the last batter grounded out.


1928 Philadelphia sends Jimmie Wilson, Art Decatur and later Bill Kelley to the Cardinals for Spud Davis, Homer Peel, and Don Hurst.

1955 Kansas City gets the aging Enos Slaughter and Johnny Sain from the Yankees for Sonny Dixon.

1972 The Mets sent Charlie Williams and cash to the Giants for Willie Mays.

1977 California sends Bruce Bochte, Sid Monge, and cash to the Indians for Dave LaRoche and Dave Schuler.

1990 New York sends Dave Winfield to the Angels for Mike Witt.


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