Baseball History for December 22nd

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1852 Bill Boyd
1860 Edward “Pop” Tate
1862 Connie Mack (Cornelius McGillicuddy)

Accomplished catcher who became manager of the Pirates, then worked his way through Milwaukee of the Western League and eventually became the manager and owner of the Philadelphia Athletics. Managed Waddell and Grove, Baker, Collins, Cochrane and Al Simmons (among hundreds of other players). Nobody will win as many games as a manager as this guy – who will be able to manage for nearly 50 years?  (80 wins per year for 47 years will get you there.)

1864 Charlie Cady
1866 Frank “Buster” Burrell
1879 Owen Shannon
1885 Ross Emil “Tex” Erwin
1886 Hughie Miller
1893 Jesse Winters
1893 Marty Becker
1894 Hervey McClellan
1897 Harvey Freeman
1908 Ed Fallenstein
1910 Stan Klopp
1918 Bill Kennedy
1922 Johnny Bero
1923 Bob Hall
1937 Tony Curry
1937 Charlie James
1938 Matty Alou
1939 Al Ferrara
1940 Elrod Hendricks
1942 Warren Washington “Jack” Jenkins
1944 Steve Carlton

Without fail, the best pitcher of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

1948 Steve Garvey
1950 Tommy Sandt
1950 Tom Makowski
1953 Tom Underwood
1954 Sheldon Burnside
1954 Ken Landreaux

My friend, Jeff Bernau, was a big fan of his. He had a long hitting streak – 30 games or so – and Jeff created a card for him in Superstar Baseball.  If you never heard of it, it was a dice based game featuring 96 of the greatest players in baseball history (except, oddly Joe DiMaggio).  Landreaux was good, but not that good…

1955 Lonnie Smith
1956 Dave Schmidt
1956 Gary Cooper
1958 George Wright
1958 Glenn Wilson
1959 Orlando Isales
1961 Andy Allanson
1962 John Hoover
1964 Michael Jackson
1968 David Nied
1971 Jon Ratliff
1974 Trevor Enders
1976 Jason Lane
1976 Wes Obermueller
1978 Chris Jakubauskas
1980 Reid Gorecki
1983 Blake Davis
1983 Greg Smith
1985 Daniel Stange
1987 Zach Britton
1987 Chad Jenkins
1989 Rey Navarro
1989 Noe Ramirez
1989 Jacob Stallings
1989 Patrick Kivlehan
1993 Gavin Cecchini
1994 Richie Martin


1887 Jud Birchall
1909 Jimmy Sebring
1912 Ed Kennedy
1914 Phil Powers
1922 Dad Meek
1926 Harry Weber
1928 Hugh Reid
1933 Joe Flynn
1933 Nin Alexander
1934 Kitty Brashear
1940 Patsy McGaffigan
1940 Bill Schwartz
1945 Bill Crouch
1950 Jack Egan
1950 Cal Vasbinder
1955 Queenie O’Rourke
1960 Jack Onslow
1964 Lou Fiene
1968 Benny Bengough
1968 Ike Powers
1974 Allyn Stout
1980 Earl Grace
1980 Joe Graves
1981 Ed Gallagher
1982 John Mercer
1982 Tony Faeth
1987 Bobby Hogue
1989 Archie Campbell
1996 Fred Green
1997 Flea Clifton
1997 Jose Oliva
1997 Hal Rice
2001 Bob Davis
2004 Doug Ault
2006 Sam Chapman
2012 Ryan Freel

Freel committed suicide – shot himself – and was later found, after several concussions, to have suffered from CTE.

2013 Bill Tremel
2013 Ed Herrmann


1995 Bill DeWitt, Jr. (and two partners) purchase the St. Louis Cardinals from Anheuser-Busch after agreeing to keep the team in St. Louis.


1975 St. Louis sends Mick Kelleher to the Cubs for Vic Harris.

1982 The Yankees send Lee Mazzilli to the Pirates for three minor leaguers and Tim Burke. (Mazzilli had been traded three times this calendar year.)

1988 The Hanshin Tigers purchased Cecil Fielder from the Toronto Blue Jays.

1994 San Francisco sends John Burkett to Texas for Rich Aurilia and Desi Wilson.

1999 San Diego sends Wally Joyner, Reggie Sanders and Quilvio Veras to Atlanta for Ryan Klesko, Bret Boone, and Jason Shiell.

2009 New York sends Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn, and Arodys Vizcaino (and some cash) to Atlanta for Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan.

Free Agent Signings:

1993 Chicago White Sox sign Tim Raines.

1994 Florida Marlins sign Kevin Brown.

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