Baseball History for December 5th

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1860 Billy Shindle
1862 Harry Fuller
1864 Oliver Wendell (Patsy) Tebeau
1868 Frank Bowerman
1871 Tom Smith
1871 Lewis DeWitt (Snake) Wiltse
1871 Dick Cogan
1872 Pink Hawley
1873 George W. (Mike) Mahoney
1884 Ed Summers
1885 Larry Strands
1887 Raleigh Aitchison
1888 Ed Porray
1893 Joe Gedeon
1901 Ray Moss
1901 Carey Selph
1904 Ray Fitzgerald
1905 Gus Mancuso
1906 Lin Storti
1911 Don Padgett
1911 Stu Flythe
1911 Dick Stone
1915 Bobby Mattick
1916 Steve Rachunok
1916 Len Schulte
1919 Oliverio (Baby) Ortiz

No relation, that we know of, to Big Papi.

1921 Dave Ferriss
1922 Bill Rodgers
1928 Jack Urban
1938 Al Moran
1938 Giraldo (Chico) Ruiz
1940 John Papa
1941 Bob Sprout
1942 Steve Shea
1948 Walter Francis (Buddy) Harris
1954 Gary Roenicke
1956 Dave Hudgens
1956 Bill Swaggerty
1958 Scott Munninghoff
1962 Alan Cockrell
1962 German Jimenez
1963 Sam Khalifa
1964 Gene Harris
1965 Scott Lewis
1967 Matt Grott
1970 Andy Stewart
1972 Cliff Floyd
1972 Felix Rodriguez
1972 Mike Mahoney
1973 Hanley Frias
1974 Ken Vining
1978 Josh Stewart
1984 Josh Lueke
1986 Justin Smoak
1987 A. J. Pollock
1987 Chris Rearick
1989 Ryan Garton
1991 Christian Yelich
1993 Tejay Antone
1995 Nick Nelson


1916 John Cuff
1930 Ben Guiney
1937 John Lovett
1942 Ed Eiteljorge
1942 Val Picinich
1950 Bill Dahlen
1951 Jim Duggan
1951 Shoeless Joe Jackson
1954 Russ Christopher
1957 Alex Ferson
1959 Oscar Siemer
1961 Judge Fuchs
1961 Frank Mahar
1964 Ed Wingo
1967 Jack Lively
1969 Joe Rabbitt
1970 Joe Wyatt
1973 Spencer Pumpelly
1974 Jim Beckman
1986 George Abrams
1994 Woody Abernathy
1995 Bill Bruton
1996 Cliff Mapes
2003 Paul Busby
2005 Billy Reed
2011 Joe Lonnett
2014 Rod Graber
2018 Bobby Trevino


1950 Mel Ott takes a job managing the Oakland Oaks. He’d spent three decades with the Giants as a player and manager.

1973 Ron Santo is the first player to void a trade using his 10/5 rights – ten years in the majors, five years with the same team. He had been traded to the Angels for two pitchers and said no.


1914 Baltimore (Federal League) snaps up Chief Bender.

1936 Chicago sends Woody English and Roy Henshaw to Brooklyn for Lonny Frey.

1956 Detroit sends Virgil Trucks, Ned Garver, Wayne Belardi, and Gene Host (and cash) to the Athletics for Eddie Robinson, Jack Crimian, Jim Finnigan and Bill Harrington.

1957 St. Louis sends Marty Kutyna, Willard Schmidt, an Ted Weiand to the Reds for Curt Flood and Joe Taylor.

1973 Montreal sends Mike Marshall to the Dodgers for Willie Davis.

1977 The White Sox sends Brian Downing, Chris Knapp, and Dave Frost to the Angels for Bobby Bonds, Rich Dotson, and Thad Bosley.

Also, Toronto took Willie Upshaw from the Yankees in the Rule 5 Draft.

1984 Oakland sends Rickey Henderson, Bert Bradley and cash to the Yankees for Tim Birtsas, Jay Howell, Stan Javier, Eric Plunk, and Jose Rijo.

1988 Texas sends Paul Kilgus, Mitch Williams, Curt Wilkerson, Steve Wilson and two minor leaguers to the Cubs for Rafael Palmeiro, Drew Hall, and Jamie Moyer.

1990 San Diego sends Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar to the Blue Jays for Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez.

2018 Arizona sends Paul Goldschmidt to the Cardinals for Luke Weaver, Carson Kelly and Andy Young – and a competitive balance round B draft pick.


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