Baseball History for December 4th

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1859 Bill Higgins
1860 Anton Falch
1865 Jay Budd
1867 Ed Mars
1868 Jesse Burkett
1870 Geroge C. (Scoops) Carey
1875 Joe Corbett

His brother was more famous (Heavyweight champion Gentleman Jim Corbett), but Joe was a key pitcher on a very good Baltimore team in 1897 and had a fairly nice career.

1876 John Farrell
1876 Henry Krug
1878 William Denton (Dolly) Gray
1878 Sam Hope
1878 Frank Mahar
1883 Jim Moroney
1884 Victor Joseph (Biff) Schlitzer
1885 Jerry D’Arcy
1885 John Francis (Shano) Collins
1890 Bob Shawkey
1892 Johnny Meador
1893 Luke Nelson
1896 Allen Conkwright
1898 William Capers (Doc) Bass
1902 Chuck Corgan
1916 Ray Sanders
1918 William Metzig
1923 Dick Strahs
1930 Harvey Kuenn
1933 Dick Ricketts
1938 Billy Bryan
1942 Dick Billings
1944 Lee Bales
1953 Charlie Beamon
1954 Tucker Ashford
1956 Barbaro Garbey
1957 Lee Smith
1957 Pat Sheridan
1957 Mike Couchee
1960 David Green
1961 Alexis Infante
1962 Stan Jefferson
1963 Bernardo Brito
1966 Darrell Sherman
1974 Tadahito Iguchi
1975 Ed Yarnall
1980 Gustavo Chacin
1981 Jerome Williams
1982 Matt Fox
1985 Carlos Gomez
1985 Andrew Brackman
1990 Angel Nesbitt
1992 Joe Musgrave
1992 Jake Cave
1992 Scott Heineman
1992 Blake Snell
1992 Raul Alcantara
1993 Paul Blackburn


1902 Mike Mansell
1915 Oscar Purner
1919 Joe Peitz
1926 Abel Lizotte
1944 Roger Bresnahan
1954 Tony Madigan
1957 Jimmy Jordan
1958 Red Murray
1962 Ben Cantwell
1962 Jack Smith
1966 Joe Willis
1968 Emil Yde
1971 Walter Ockey
1974 Dick Luebke
1977 Johnny Rizzo
1979 Bert Delmas
1979 Pedro Dibut
1981 Stan Hollmig
1982 Duke Sedgwick
1989 Steve Lembo
1991 Dan McGee
1991 Herb Thomas
1994 Russ Scarritt
2001 Eddie Popowski
2010 Ken Lehman
2016 Stu Locklin


1943 MLB suspends Phillies owner William Cox for betting on his team’s games. Kennesaw Mountain Landis had a no-tolerance policy – Cox was out for life.

1957 The Bonus Baby rule is nixed. The rule forced players who got bonuses greater than $4000 to spend two seasons on the MLB roster. The problem, of course, is that most of the kids were resented by veterans and, being unprepared for the majors, lost two years that could have been better spent building a resume and getting experience in the minors…


1931 Washington sends Bump Hadley, Sad Sam Jones and Jackies Hayes to the White Sox for Carl Reynolds and John Kerr.

1940 Brooklyn sends Gus Mancuso, John Pintar and $65K to the Cardinals for Mickey Owen.

1950 Brooklyn drafted Roy Face from Philadelphia in the Minor League draft.

1952 Detroit sends Virgil Trucks, Hal White and Johnny Groth to the Browns for Owen Friend, Bob Nieman, and Jay Porter.

1957 Cleveland sends Early Wynn and Al Smith to the White Sox for Minnie Minoso and Fred Hatfield.

1964 Washington sends Claude Osteen, John Kennedy and $100K to the Dodgers for Frank Howard, Ken McMullen, Pete Reichart, Phil Ortega and (later) Dick Nen.

1968 Houston sends Mike Cuellar and Enzo Hernandez to the Orioles for Curt Blefary and John Mason.

1974 Montreal sends Ken Singleton and Mike Torrez to the Orioles for Dave McNally, Rich Coggins, and Bill Kirkpatrick.

1989 Minnesota drafts Shane Mack from the Padres in the Rule 5 Draft.

2002 Los Angeles sends Mark Grudzielanek and Erick Karros to the Cubs for Todd Hundley and Chad Hermansen.

2007 Florida sends Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to the Tigers for Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Burke Badehop, Frankie De La Cruz, Mike Rabelo, and Dallas Trahern.

Quick story about this. I told this to my son, Casey. In looking at the players it turns out that Burke Badenhop has the same birthday as my son. When I told him that, Casey declared that Badenhop was the best player on the Marlins. I have been a fan and rooted for Burke ever since.

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