Baseball History for January 2

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1850 Frank Abercrombie
1853 Packy Dillon
1854 Sam Crane
1856 Jack Farrell
1857 Pat Murphy
1858 Jack Neagle
1863 Ed Keas
1871 Phil Saylor
1882 George Jackson
1885 Al Froehlich
1885 Jose Mendez
1885 William Askew (Chick) Autry
1886 Steve Melter
1888 Harry LaRoss
1891 Joe Lotz
1892 Merlin Kopp
1892 George Boehler
1892 Jack Kibble
1893 Jesse Altenburg
1894 Bill Wagner
1902 Nick Dumovich
1902 Ray Jacobs
1905 Arthur Carter (Pinky) Whitney
1905 Alonzo Mitchell
1905 Ralph (Red) Kress
1907 Ted Gullic
1909 Bobby Reis

Utility player of the 1930s – played the infield, outfield, and later was converted to a pitcher to take advantage of his throwing arm.  Brooklyn gave him his first chance; the Braves acquired him and it didn’t work out in Boston.

1917 Ted Strong
1919 Bill Harman
1920 Cliff Dapper
1926 Stan Hollmig
1928 Sammy Gee
1929 Ed Wolfe
1933 Bill Oster
1946 John Edward (Sonny) Ruberto
1951 Bill Madlock

I remember Mad Dog as the third baseman acquired by the Cubs for Fergie Jenkins – and a four-time NL Batting champ.  As soon as he asked for a big raise, the Cubs sent him to the Giants for Bobby Murcer (and others) and paid Murcer even more money than that which Madlock asked.

1951 Jim Essian

Catcher for the White Sox during the days of the South Side Hit Men – and probably spent the most time on a roster without actually playing in a game since the days of the Bonus Baby Rule in the 1950s.

1951 Royle Stillman
1952 Greg Heydeman
1963 Edgar Martinez
1963 David Cone
1964 Colby Ward
1965 Greg Swindell
1970 Royce Clayton
1971 Rick Greene
1972 Garrett Stephenson
1973 Mike Metcalfe
1975 Jeff Suppan
1977 Scott Proctor
1977 Hansel Izquierdo
1981 Ryan Garko
1983 J. D. Martin
1987 Dave Sappelt
1988 Aaron Barrett
1988 Eric Fornataro
1993 Reed Garrett
1993 Yoan Lopez
1993 Jose Marmolejos
1994 Felix Jorge
1998 Kyle Stowers
1999 Fernando Tatis, Jr.


1909 Paddy Quinn
1928 Henry Fred (Hunkey) Hines
1929 Denny Lyons
1933 William J. (Kid) Gleason
1947 Joe Koukalik
1948 Gordon Zeigler
1953 John (Harry) Atkinson
1956 Russ Dedeaux
1959 Bert James
1960 Ken Gables
1965 Jim Stephens
1968 Tommy Warren
1972 Glenn Crawford
1974 Gordon Slade
1975 Jim Poole
1976 Jack Kraus
1977 Max Wilson
1978 Oscar Estrada
1980 Kenny Hogan
1980 George Lees
1986 Bob Finley
1986 Bill Veeck
1987 Julio Moreno
1987 Bill Upton
1990 Bill Beckmann
1994 Eddie Smith
1995 Don Elston
2003 Arthur Beauregard (Bud) Metheny
2004 Paul Hopkins
2008 Gerry Staley
2012 Howie Koplitz
2017 Daryl Spencer
2019 Jerry Buchek
2022 Larry Biittner


1912 Charles Ebbets purchases 4.5 acres of land in Brooklyn that will eventually be used for the construction of a new baseball stadium named, of course, after himself.


1919 To acquire Earl Smith from Rochester of the International League, the Giants send to Rochester Waite Hoyt, Jack Odgen, Joe Wilhoit, Jose Rodriguez, and recently acquired minor leaguer Bill Kelly.

1935 Brooklyn picks up Babe Phelps, who had been waived by the Cubs.

1992 Boston signs free agent pitcher Frank Viola.


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