Baseball History for January 3

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1845 Bill Lennon
1856 Barney Gilligan
1874 Lou Mahaffey
1874 Roy Brashear
1883 Buck Hopkins
1884 Kirby White
1891 Charlie Harding
1891 John Dowd
1892 Roland Howell
1894 Tom Whelan
1894 John Fluhrer
1897 Pete Turgeon
1898 Codie Spearman
1899 Buzz Arlett
1902 Jim McLaughlin
1903 Herb Bradley
1904 Bill Cissell
1906 Gus Suhr
1906 Clarence Simpson
1907 Charley Lewis
1908 Clarence Moore
1910 Frenchy Bordagaray
1912 Cliff Melton
1915 Sid Hudson
1916 Chico Hernandez
1919 Ed Sauer
1922 Virgil Stallcup
1923 John Andre
1926 Harry Fisher
1927 Chris Van Cuyk
1932 George Piktuzis
1941 John Sullivan
1943 Adrian Garrett
1943 Bob Gebhard
1944 Dick Colpaert
1946 Archie Reynolds
1949 Gary Lavelle
1949 Ike Brookens
1950 Bart Johnson
1958 Brian Allard
1960 Randy Hunt
1961 John Leister
1962 Darren Daulton
1964 Russ Swan
1964 Howard Hilton
1964 Luis Rivera
1965 Luis Sojo
1965 Mark Dewey
1967 Jimmy Rogers
1969 Cris Colon
1973 DaRond Stovall
1977 Zach Sorensen
1977 A. J. Burnett
1977 Mike Crudale
1978 Delvin James
1979 Carlos Maldonado
1979 Rosman Garcia
1979 Michael Restovich
1980 Brad Salmon
1990 Alex Meyer
1990 Mike Wright
1990 Hunter Cervenka
1992 Sam Moll
1998 Jose Suarez


1917 Rynie Wolters
1919 Art Rico

Died following an operation trying to resolve a serious case of peritonitis. – “Art Rico, Braves Catcher, Dies After Operation, Buffalo Courier, January 8, 1919: 10.

1919 Al Schellhase
1929 Charlie Smith
1940 Mike Mahoney
1940 Park Swartzel
1943 Bid McPhee
1945 George Stone
1953 Joe Houser
1953 Chuck Workman
1966 Luther Bonin
1968 Rich Gee
1973 Donald Reeves
1980 Bob Geary
1981 Lou Fette
1982 Hugo Klaerner
1986 Chico Hernandez
1991 Tom Baker
1991 Luke Appling
1992 George Meyer
1995 Jim Tyack
1995 Ollie Bejma
1995 Bob Darnell
1995 Mickey Haefner
1996 Connie Ryan
1998 Wayne Ambler
2001 Alex Sabo
2002 Al Smith
2003 Joe Ostrowski
2003 Jim Westlake
2004 Leon Wagner
2004 Taylor Duncan
2007 Bob Milliken

“Bo” lost some time to military service, spent a long time in the Cardinals organization as a player coach and scout.  His major league service included two seasons with Brooklyn, and even got into the 1953 World Series as a reliever.

2010 Bobby Wilkins

According to his obit in the Shreveport Times (January 6, 2010: 13A), the Philadelphia A’s shortstop had some solid years in the minors, especially in Shreveport which became his home.  Wilkins was schooled at Duke, trained by the FBI, and spent the bulk of his life managing identification processes for the Caddo County sheriff’s department.  When he was done with that, he taught and coached in local high schools.

2014 Larry Arndt

Died at 50 – a few weeks shy of 51.  Bowling Green grad, late round pick of the As who got in two games with Oakland in 1989.  Married to Julie Foos for about seven years (OH Marriage; Divorce Records); they had a son, Joshua. (MLB Questionnaire)

2018 Rob Picciolo

Heart attack at 64.  “Press Box,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, January 5, 2018: 2C.


1962 Construction begins on the Harris County Domed Stadium – later known as the Astrodome.

1973 George Steinbrenner, the Tampa Bay area ship builder, buys the New York Yankees from CBS.


1913 The Reds send Grover Lowdermilk to Louisville of the American Association in exchange for pitcher Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown.

1946 Detroit sends Rudy York to Boston for Eddie Lake.

1984 Oakland signs two amateur free agent outfielders: Felix Jose and Luis Polonia.

1985 California drafts Chuck Finley with the fourth pick of the first round in the 1985 Supplementary Draft.

2001 Boston signs amateur free agent pitcher Anibel Sanchez.

2006 New York signs free agent outfielder Johnny Damon, who is forced to shave his beard…

2008 Oakland trades Nick Swisher to the White Sox for Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Sweeney, and Fautino De Los Santos.


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