Baseball History for April 19th

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1845 Nat Hicks
1857 Bill Greenwood
1861 Jim McKeever
1862 Fred Mauer
1885 Roy Mitchell
1886 Scotty Ingerton
1887 Jack Martin
1889 Otto Jacobs
1890 Ralph Mitterling
1892 Chick Shorten
1892 Bugs Bennett
1894 John Donahue
1901 Bernie DeViveiros
1907 Bill Ferrazzi
1909 Bucky Walters
1915 Glenn McQuillen
1915 Harry Craft
1918 Whitey Kurowski
1920 John O’Neil
1935 Don Gile
1935 John Wyatt
1935 Hector Maestri
1939 Gus Gil
1942 Aaron Pointer
1945 Tommy Gramly
1948 Rick Miller
1955 Mike Colbern
1958 Ed Hodge
1959 R. J. Reynolds
1960 Frank Viola

Great left-handed pitcher of the 1980s and 1990s.  Seemed like a cool guy, too.

1961 Spike Owen
1964 Scott Kamieniecki
1968 Brent Mayne
1971 Sean Whiteside
1973 Willis Otanez
1973 Heath Murray
1974 Jose Cruz
1975 Brent Billingsley
1975 John LeRoy
1977 George Sherrill
1977 Dennys Reyes
1977 Joe Beimel
1979 Nick Gorneault
1983 Zach Duke
1983 Curtis Thigpen
1983 Alberto Callaspo
1983 Joe Mauer

A marvelous catcher miscast as a first baseman who hasn’t been nearly as productive as a hitter since he stopped catching.

1984 Ambiorix Burgos

Lessee – he was convicted of beating his girlfriend and, not long after that incident, he ran over two women while driving his Hummer in the Dominican Republic.

He played baseball with the Mets and Royals, but that seems to be unimportant, no?

1984 Jesus Delgado
1990 Brian Flynn
1990 Jackie Bradley
1991 Bryan Mitchell
1995 Chas McCormick
1995 Brian Garcia
1996 Seth Romero


1922 Fred Mauer
1925 Suter Sullivan
1928 Harry McCaffery
1934 Charlie Hickman

Owner of one of my favorite nicknames: Piano Legs.

1935 Jim Donahue
1937 Sam Nicholl
1950 Dusty Miller
1954 Red Gunkel
1960 Bob Osborn
1960 Vallie Eaves
1963 Pryor McBee
1965 Bill Lauterborn
1966 Maury Kent
1968 Allan Travers
1968 Tommy Bridges
1969 Harry Cassady
1969 Bob Collins
1975 Wes Kingdon
1977 Fred Carisch
1980 Sid Gautreaux
1987 Frank McElyea
1989 Gale Staley
1995 Jack Wilson
2003 Chris Zachary
2004 Sam Nahem
2008 John Marzano
2016 Milt Pappas
2018 John Duffie
2020 Bob Oliver


1890 Brooklyn, having left the American Association, joins the National League – and loses its opener to Boston, 15 – 9.

1996 Texas puts up 16 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning, turning a close game into a 26 – 7 blowout win over the Orioles.  It’s the second highest scoring inning ever (Boston 1952, 17).


1937 Detroit purchases Babe Herman from the Cincinnati Reds.  Too bad the DH rule was still about 36 years away.

1969 Boston trades Hawk Harrelson, Juan Pizzaro and Dick Ellsworth to the Indians for Sonnie Siebert, Vincente Romo (I forgot he was pitching then) and Joe “The Immortal” Azcue.

1979 Pittsburgh gets Frank Taveras from the Mets for Tim Foli and minor leaguer Greg Field.  (The Mets should have just given the job to Taveras.)

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