Baseball History for November 11th

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1853 Joe Battin
1858 Bob Leadley
1858 Tony Suck
1859 Mert Hackett

Cambridge, MA native who had a brother who played, and a bunch of cousins who played major league baseball.  Hackett was a catcher on the Boston team that won the National League championship in 1883, then spent two years with the franchise that started in Kansas City before moving to Indianapolis (1886-87).  Hackett was a popular guy in his home town – when his baseball career was over he became a police officer and did that for 42 years.

1866 George Treadway
1869 Bert Abbey
1870 Charlie Hastings
1875 Freddy Parent
1878 Jimmy Mathison
1883 Harry Billiard
1884 Frank Jude
1885 Jack Ness
1887 Bill Steen
1891 Walter James Vincent (Rabbit) Maranville
1892 Al Schacht
1895 Cy Morgan
1898 Harold Joseph (Pie) Traynor
1899 Bill Vargus
1900 Joseph Chester (Boob) Fowler
1902 Ownie Carroll
1906 George Detore
1907 Hank Erickson
1912 Al Wright
1912 Hal Trosky
1915 Bill LeFebvre
1915 George Case
1917 Pat Scantlebury
1919 Glenn Elliott
1920 Joe Murray
1923 Lee Howard
1929 Ivan (Ike) Delock
1931 Henry John (Dutch) Dotterer
1933 Ken Walters
1937 Dave Hill
1954 Ron Musselman
1954 Bob Long
1955 John Hobbs
1956 Jeff Byrd
1956 Scott Loucks
1957 Wil Culmer
1960 Jeff Ransom
1961 Scott May
1961 Pete Coachman
1962 Cory Snyder
1963 Rey Quinones
1964 Roberto Hernandez
1966 Dave Telgheder
1967 Noe Munoz
1967 Jose Munoz
1969 Damion Easley
1970 Jeff Ware
1971 Roland de la Maza
1971 Ryan Hancock
1972 Danny Rios
1976 Juan Melo
1976 Jason Grilli
1977 Mike Bacsik
1979 J. R. House
1987 Kyle McPherson
1993 P.J. Conlon


1912 John Rainey
1922 Dave Pierson
1928 Oyster Burns
1929 Sam White
1938 Fred Hartman
1939 Frank Abercrombie
1946 Art Reinhart
1951 Jim Neher
1960 Red Causey
1964 Oscar Stanage
1969 Stump Edington
1976 Jimmy O’Connell
1976 Ken Crawford
1985 Frank Mulroney
1985 Roy Lee
1991 Heinz Becker
1994 Ed Madjeski
1996 Lum Harris
2008 Herb Score
2011 Charlie Lea
2011 Nick Strincevich
2017 Rance Pless


1990 In an exhibition game in Japan, Chuck Finley and Randy Johnson combine to throw a no-hitter against a Japanese All-Star team.


1896 Baltimore sends Steve Brodie and Jim Donnelly to the Pirates for Jake Stenzel, Elmer Horton, Tom O’Brien, and Harry Truby.

1928 St. Louis signs free agent Rick Ferrell.

1940 Brooklyn wants Phillies pitcher Kirbe Higby, so it sends Bill Crouch, Vito Tamulis, and Mickey Livingston (and $100K) to Philadelphia to acquire Higby.

1997 The Marlin send Moises Alou to Houston for Oscar Henriquez, Manual Barrios and (later) Mark Johnson. Let the fire sale begin!

1998 The White Sox send Mike Cameron to the Reds for Paul Konerko.

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