Baseball History for November 10th

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1857 Jim Whitney
1866 Jack Carney
1867 Fred Roat
1867 Billy Earle
1873 Willie McGill
1873 Billy Lush
1878 Harry Richard (Cy) Morgan
1879 Charles Augustus (Whitey) Alpermann
1879 Jim Cook
1881 Jack Hoey
1881 George Wheeler
1886 Jim Riley
1886 Del Gainer
1888 Ben Hunt
1890 Eddie Eayrs
1892 Jim Park
1895 Vernon Henry (Slicker) Parks
1895 Wilson Lloyd (Chick) Fewster
1896 Jimmy Dykes
1912 George Robert (Birdie) Tebbetts
1914 Angel Fleitas
1919 Harry Feldman
1920 Russ Kerns
1922 Johnny Lipon
1923 Cal Ermer

Played in one MLB game – he went hitless in three trips with a DP for the Senators in 1947. He would stick around though… Ermer would manage the Twins from mid-1967 through 1968.

1925 Hank Ruszkowski
1926 Carmen Mauro
1930 Gene Conley
1930 Charles Gilbert (Chick) King
1934 Norm Cash
1945 Bill Southworth
1951 Mike Vail
1953 Larry Christenson
1953 Paul Thormodsgard
1953 Larry Parrish
1954 Bob Stanley
1955 Jack Clark
1957 Jeff Twitty
1961 Phil Ouellette
1963 Andres Thomas
1964 Keith Lockhart
1964 Kenny Rogers
1964 Milciades Arturo (Junior) Noboa
1964 Shawn Holman
1971 Robert Leon (Butch) Huskey
1971 Terry Pearson
1972 Shawn Green
1972 Greg LaRocca
1974 Micah Bowie
1977 Matthew Cepicky
1978 Jorge De Paula
1981 Tony Blanco
1982 Matt Pagnozzi
1983 Brian Dinkelman
1983 Ryan Mattheus
1984 Kazuhisa Makita
1986 Aaron Crow
1986 Eric Thames
1988 Rob Segedin
1989 Michael Choice
1989 Matt Magill


1888 John Glenn
1896 Jim Ritz
1914 Jack Heinzman
1926 George Pinkney
1926 John Cattanach
1926 Ed Flanagan
1929 Mark Baldwin
1937 Fred Andrus
1938 Chet Spencer
1943 Charlie Bastian
1969 Larry Duff
1969 Augie Swentor
1969 George Foss
1972 Frank Nicholson
1973 Denver Grigsby
1973 Bruce Hitt
1974 Ben Paschal
1974 Mel Simons
1981 Ed Lagger
1990 Aurelio Monteagudo
1992 Chuck Connors
1998 Hal Newhouser
2002 Ken Raffensberger
2010 Dave Niehaus – Mariner’s broadcaster (heart attack)


1961 Rheingold Brewery pays $6,000,000 for the broadcast rights to 126 Mets games per year for the next half decade.


1897 Pittsburgh sends Pink Hawley, Mike Smith and cash to the Reds for Ace Stewart, Pop Schriver, Billy Rhines, Jack McCarthy and Bill Gray.

Also, Philadelphia sends Lave Cross, Jack Clements, Tommy Dowd, Jack Taylor and cash to the Browns for Monte Cross, Red Donahue, and Klondike Douglass.

1948 Detroit sends Billy Pierce and cash to the White Sox for Aaron Robinson. The Sox made out on this deal…

1978 New York sends Sparky Lyle, Mike Heath, three other players and cash to the Rangers for Juan Beniquez, Mike Griffin, Dave Righetti, and Paul Mirabella. As Graig Nettles said – Lyle went from Cy Young to Sayonara…

1998 Cincinnati sends Bret Boone and Mike Reminlger to Atlanta for Denny Neagle, Michael Tucker and Rob Bell.

2010 Colorado sends Matt Holiday to the Athletics for Carlos Gonzalez, Greg Smith and Huston Street.

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