Baseball History for September 12th

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1840 Nick Young

A cricket player who learned to play baseball and was pretty good at both.  He was NOT good enough to play when the National Association was founded and began play in 1871 – though Young was among the prominent leaders of that movement, perhaps the most prominent.  He managed a couple of Washington entries in the NA, also umpired for a couple of seasons.  When the National League was founded, Young was an executive and eventually promoted to president.  That job was never easy, and once the AL joined the ranks of the majors, the job was too much for him…

Young comes from one of the early New York founding families.  Just a simple walk through some documentation (thank you, shows that this Nicholas Ephraim Young, who fought in the Civil War, was the great-grandson of Manual Young, who fought in the American Revolution with the 14th Regiment of Albany’s militia.  He deserves a formal biography…

1851 Frederick Ehlen

He played one game as a right fielder for the Baltimore Marylands in 1873 – he went hitless in three trips and made an error in three chances…  Couldn’t find anything in the newspapers about his playing days except one article (below).  Fourth of five kids to John Frederick and Margaret Ehlen, for some reason Frederick wasn’t gifted either a middle name or children.  HIs wife, Mary, passed away in 1922. I know he worked in the family coal dealership (with his father and at least one brother), operated an apartment and a hotel for a few years, and then was a clerk in the city and county land offices.  He was a good Democrat for the 8th Ward in Baltimore, and, after he died on November 15, 1934, was buried in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, near family, and in the same cemetery as the remains of John Wilkes Booth.

“Mr. Ehlen is a former resident of Frostburg living on Broadway about sixty years ago and is a nephew of Nathan F. Frost, grandson of the founder of Frostburg. Mr. Ehlen has the distinction of bringing the first league baseball to Mountain City and in his early days was classed as one of the best catchers in the state of Maryland. No gloves, masks or protectors were used.”

“Entertain For Former Residents”, Cumberland Evening Times, 19 June 1930, Page 18.

Funeral Services for Fred Ehlen, 83 years old, 1908 North Chester street, are being held today from a funeral establishment at St. Paul and Preston streets. Mr. Ehlen, a native and lifelong resident of Baltimore, was for many years a clerk in the land record office at the Courthouse.

The Rev. Thomas E. Copes is conducting the funeral services. Burial is scheduled in {Green Mount} Cemetery.

Mr. Ehlen has no immediate survivors with the exception of a nephew, Frank S. Ehlen, of Towson.

“Ehlen Funeral Held”, Baltimore Evening Sun, 16 November 1934, Page 39.  I fixed the spelling of Green Mount, which was one word in the article… 

Other sources include:
1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1910, 1920 US Censuses
“Jackson Day Observed”, Baltimore Sun, 09 January 1910, Page 12.
Mary E. Ehlen – Obit, Baltimore Sun, 28 June 1922, Page 16.

1855 Jud Birchall
1858 Frank Bahret
1867 John Dolan
1875 Bill Cristall
1875 John Gochnaur
1880 Boss Schmidt
1884 Bob Groom
1885 Fred Luderus
1885 John Quinn
1888 Patsy McGaffigan
1891 Joseph “Pepper” Peploski
1894 Ole Olsen
1903 Len Dondero
1907 Spud Chandler
1907 Ollie Bejma
1908 Jim McLeod
1916 Ralph Hamner
1916 Charlie Keller
1917 Russ Christopher
1918 Al Libke
1920 Andy Seminick
1924 George Bradshaw
1924 Bubba Church
1925 Stan Lopata
1926 George Freese
1928 Len Matarazzo
1929 Tom Herrin
1933 Dave Stenhouse
1934 Albie Pearson
1940 Mickey Lolich
1940 Rich Barry
1943 Floyd Wicker
1947 John Montague
1953 Greg Keatley
1956 Mark Thurmond
1957 Mario Ramirez
1959 Scotti Madison
1960 Trench Davis
1963 Keith Hughes
1963 Mike Roesler
1967 Pat Listach
1968 Masao Kida
1969 Hilly Hathaway
1970 Tito Navarro
1975 Luis Castillo
1975 Mark Johnson
1980 Sean Burroughs
1980 Maicer Izturis
1980 Kevin Richardson
1981 Franquelis Osoria
1982 Carmen Pignatiello
1983 Clayton Richard
1986 Steve Garrison
1986 Kyle Weiland
1989 Freddie Freeman
1991 Jose Urena
1992 Andrew Faulkner
1992 Matt Wisler
1993 Kenyan Middleton
1994 Tyler Danish

I can’t prove that Tyler Danish is related to Sweetbreads Bailey, but I can’t NOT prove it either.


1881 Chub Sullivan
1905 Billy Taylor
1915 Ormond Butler
1931 Pop Dillon
1935 Ed Beecher
1945 Cy Pieh
1945 Dave Zearfoss
1949 Sherry Smith
1951 Lave Winham
1955 Dick Adkins
1956 Tod Sloan
1957 Homer Thompson
1966 Parson Perryman
1967 Rollie Zeider
1968 Don Rudolph
1968 Charles Conway
1969 Ed Schorr
1973 Bernie Boland
1975 Augie Johns
1980 Ole Olsen
1985 Steamboat Struss
1986 Jim Shilling
1990 Jim Romano
1993 Granny Hamner
1994 Hunter Lane
2007 Lou Kretlow
2015 Alex Monchak
2018 Hal Haydel
2018 Billy O’Dell


1962 Tom Cheney goes the distance, all 16 innings, to beat the Orioles, 2 – 1. The Senator pitcher strikes out a record 21 batters.

1976 The 53-year old Minnie Minoso clocks a hit off of Sid Monge – the oldest man to get a hit in MLB history.


1963 Washington purchases Ken Hunt from the Angels.

1967 Cincinnati signs amateur free agent infielder Dave Concepcion.

1974 Cleveland trades a player to be named later to the Angels for Frank Robinson, who
would become a player-manager.


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