Baseball History for November 15th

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1855 Will Foley

Played third base for a Chicago team in three different leagues (National Association, National League, and Union Association). In 1875, Dick Higham was suspected of throwing games and left the White Stockings (later, he was actually caught helping a gambler while an umpire – the only major league umpire banned for life for gambling). Anyway, Foley was hired to fill his spot. He made the tour of the National League for a few years, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Chicago, surfaced again in 1881 with Dayton, then played a number of games with the franchise that played in both Chicago and Pittsburgh in the Union Association. The Chicago native died three days shy of his 61st birthday.

1856 Tom Loftus
1862 Jim Long
1868 Al Lukens
1871 Pete Childs
1873 Bill Kemmer
1881 Jack Schulte
1883 George Craig
1883 Pat Ragan
1884 Albert Michael (Red) Kelly
1885 Joseph Nichols (Hap) Ward
1888 Rolla Daringer
1896 Herbert Spencer (Babe) Ellison
1898 Jesse Frank (Broadway) Jones
1901 John Dobb
1901 John William Joseph (Bunny) Roser
1902 Jay Partridge
1904 George Cox
1906 Gene Rye
1912 Walter Lloyd (Kit) Carson
1913 Lyle Judy
1913 Erling Adell (Swede) Larsen
1914 Maurice Van Robays
1914 Mickey Livingston
1916 Milt Byrnes
1916 Joe Ostrowski
1919 Bill Burgo
1928 Normie Roy
1928 Gus Bell
1930 Hal Bevan
1935 Jack Smith
1937 Bob Farley
1937 Ray Webster
1951 Orlando Gonzalez
1952 Tom Donohue
1955 Fred Breining
1955 Randy Niemann
1960 Rick Luecken
1961 Mike Payne
1964 Daryl Irvine
1967 Pedro Borbon
1971 Todd Steverson
1971 Ryan Jackson
1972 Darwin Cubillan
1973 Brian Dallimore
1973 Kevin Gryboski
1976 Greg Jones
1979 John Stephens
1982 Jerad Head
1983 Craig Hansen
1985 Duane Below
1988 Ben Rowen
1991 Trevor Brown
1992 Dylan Bundy
1992 Trevor Story
1996 Yennsy Diaz


1897 Charlie Smith
1912 Dennis O’Neill
1913 Monte McFarland
1916 Jack Farrell
1928 Horace Fogel
1928 Charlie Dorman
1929 Billy Nash
1934 Barney Reilly
1934 Frederick Ehlen
1939 Tom Richardson
1941 Bill Karns
1942 Joe Gunson
1948 Joe Wagner
1958 Harry Riconda
1959 Klondike Smith
1960 Ray Gordinier
1969 Billy Southworth
1973 Phil Todt
1979 Ken Ash
1979 Ed Klieman
1981 Steve Macko
1983 Charlie Grimm
1985 Riggs Stephenson
1991 Jack Franklin
2002 Ed Freed
2003 Earl Battey
2007 Joe Nuxhall
2010 Ed Kirkpatrick
2015 George Genovese
2015 Carmelo Castillo
2016 Bob Addis
2019 Irv Noren
2019 Jim Coates


2005 MLB players and owners agree to make steroid penalties tougher, going from 10 games for a first time offender to 50 for a first time offense, and a lifetime ban for a third offense. It also adds testing for amphetamines.


1886 Cincinnati acquires Hugh Nicol from the Browns for young catcher Jack Boyle. says it’s the first trade in MLB history. (There have been purchases a-plenty, but no trades.)

“The Cincinnati Ball Men,” Philadelphia Times, November 21, 1886: 11

MLB wrote an article about it, too. But at the end, it suggests that there was a trade on August 29, 1885 where Louisville sent John Connor to Chattanooga for Toad Ramsey – but that’s major to minor.

1933 St. Louis sends Jimmie Wilson to the Phillies for Spud Davis and Eddie Delker. Wilson not only catches, but manages the Phillies.

1980 Atlanta signs free agent outfielder Claudell Washington.

1991 Cincinnati sends Jack Armstrong, Scott Studder and minor leaguer Joe Turek to Cleveland for Greg Swindell.

2006 San Diego sends Ben Johnson and Jon Adkins to the Mets for Heath Bell and Royce Ring.

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