Baseball History for January 28th

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1847 George Wright
1854 Dick Lowe
1866 Charlie Petty
1868 Dan Sweeney
1869 James William (Ducky) Holmes
1874 Al Burris
1882 Frank Arellanes
1884 Tom Hughes
1887 Jack Coffey
1891 Bill Doak
1893 Guy Cooper
1898 Bill Snyder
1898 Jim Bishop
1900 Emil Yde
1901 Ray Knode
1902 Clifford Rankin (Pat) Crawford
1902 Jackie Gallagher
1904 Clarence Casper (Dutch) Hoffman
1906 Lyn Lary
1913 Joe Kohlman
1914 Alf Anderson
1916 (Marion Brooks (Pat) Tobin
1916 Bob Muncrief
1921 Julio Moreno
1922 Hank Arft
1927 Carlos Bernier
1928 Pete Runnels
1934 Bill White
1950 Larvell Blanks
1955 Joe Beckwith
1960 Stu Pederson
1963 Gary Mielke
1964 Fredi Gonzalez
1971 Kevin Tolar
1972 Tsuyoshi Shinjo
1972 Bryan Ward
1972 Steve Falteisek
1972 Chris Peters
1973 Jacob Cruz
1974 Magglio Ordonez
1974 Jermaine Dye
1974 Oscar Henriquez
1975 Junior Spivey
1976 Rod Lindsey
1977 Lyle Overbay
1977 Bob File
1978 Tomas de la Rosa
1979 Phil Seibel
1981 Doug Waechter
1983 Elizardo Ramirez
1985 Wesley Wright
1986 Brandon Guyer
1986 Nate Jones
1987 Jose Ceda
1988 A. J. Griffin
1992 Hunter Renfroe
1993 Zac Reininger
1996 Jorge Guzman
1997 Ke’Bryan Hayes


1898 Ned Connor
1905 Len Stockwell
1928 Jake Thielman
1929 Al Strueve
1934 John Kane
1938 Bill Hill
1938 Pop Rising
1939 Bill Cristall
1941 Lou Johnson
1946 Pat Flaherty
1949 Frank Naleway
1953 Howie Haworth
1955 Bill Calhoun
1956 Barry McCormick
1959 Walter Beall
1960 Bill Warren
1961 Red Kelly
1961 Red Oldham
1962 Steve Melter
1965 Billy Sullivan
1970 Orie Arntzen
1974 Paul Fittery
1978 Larry Raines
1982 Henry Peploski
1982 Hub Pruett
1982 Paul Schreiber
1983 Joe Chamberlain
1984 Ray Harrell
1985 Bobby Young
1986 Tom Grubbs
1988 Al Rubeling
1989 Stan Partenheimer
1993 Vern Kennedy
2000 Ted Gullic
2001 Curt Blefary
2006 Stan Galle
2006 Frank Campos
2009 Gene Corbett
2010 Frank Baker
2013 Lon Goldstein
2013 Earl Williams
2015 Rocky Bridges
2020 Narciso Elvira

Elvira was a lefty starter from Mexico who was signed after the Brewers had success with fellow Mexican lefty, Ted Higuera.  Elvira appreciated having Higuera on the staff, especially in spring training.  Anyway…  Elvira was plucked out of the Mexican League as a teen and worked his way through the Milwaukee farm system, including a season in A ball where he allowed only 87 hits in 135.1 innings.  He made it to the bigs briefly in 1990, getting four relief appearances.  He went back the minors, eventually pitched in Japanese, Korean, and Mexican Leagues before finally calling it a career in the late 1990s.  When he retired, he owned a farm in Veracruz that employed a number of people – but his local wealth made him a target for drug cartels.  He spent 23 days in the captivity of Mexican gangs in 2015, until he was found chained to a tree.  In 2020, gangs shot Narciso and his son, Gustavo, in Medellin de Bravo.


1958 Roy Campanella was heading home from his liquor store when he hit a telephone pole. The injuries sustained leave Campanella paralyzed for the rest of his life.


1967 January Draft Day!!! First rounders included Ken Singleton (Mets), Carlton Fisk (Boston), and Johnny Oates (Baltimore).

1982 Baltimore sends Doug DeCinces and Jeff Schneider to the Angles for Dan Ford.

1987 Milwaukee signs Aussie amateur free agent Dave Nilsson.

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