Baseball History for January 27th

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1855 Gil Hatfield
1859 Bob Emslie
1865 Walter L. (Mother) Watson
1865 Bill George
1866 Charlie Duffee
1871 Bert Inks
1876 Otis Clymer

I learned of Otis Clymer when writing about Rube Waddell. He was an outfielder for the Millers – for some reason it didn’t work for him at the major league level in tryouts with Washington and one other team (name escapes me), but he was a gentleman leadoff hitter who hit a ton in the American Association in front of guys like Gavy Cravath and the like.

1877 John Burke
1880 Bill Burns
1882 Elijah Jones
1883 John McDonald
1888 Al Wickland
1891 Al Tesch
1893 Fred Daniels
1894 Joe Weiss
1896 Milt Gaston
1896 Ramiro Ramirez
1899 Bob Barrett
1899 Bibb Falk

Great White Sox player; even better University of Texas baseball coach.

1901 Fred Heimach
1902 Ollie Tucker
1903 Earl Williams
1903 Art Reinholz
1904 Willie Jefferson
1910 Harry Matuzak
1913 Stew Hofferth
1913 Floyd Speer
1915 Clarence Hampton (Buck) Etchison
1920 Eddie Shokes
1926 Bob Borkowski
1929 Bobby Kline
1935 Steve Demeter
1941 Nick Willhite
1943 Doug Adams
1947 John Lowenstein
1947 Tim Plodinec
1948 Tom Trebelhorn
1951 Mike Overy
1959 Greg Bargar
1965 Rusty Richards
1968 Eric Wedge
1968 Rusty Meacham

Like Rusty Richards above, both have a first name of Russell.

1969 Phil Plantier
1970 Jessie Hollins
1971 Ken Huckaby
1972 Greg Martinez
1974 Bry Nelson
1975 Jason Conti
1978 Angel Berroa
1978 Pete LaForest
1983 Gavin Floyd
1983 Mike Zagurski

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

1986 Yohan Flande
1990 Tim Beckham

Andy Finch and I saw him playing for Bowling Green a long time ago when he was a first pick of the draft guy making his way up the ladder. He was the one guy on the field you couldn’t help but notice. It was Little League Day at the park and the one kid having the most fun was Beckham. After playing with the most kids, he stood near us and signed stuff for all these kids. Andy has a scorebook he takes everywhere we go – and we’ve gone all over – and it includes stuff he did in college and professionally. The ONLY autograph he has ever gotten on a scorebook is that of Tim Beckham – I made him go get it.

Anyway – in that game, he got the game winning hit, made two crazy good plays in the field and threw out some guy at the plate from left field (he played shortstop). Balls launched off his bat with a different sound; his throws were rockets. And he played with passion.

I will always be a fan of Tim Beckham.

1991 Julio Teheran
1995 Brian Reynolds
1995 Matt Foster
1997 David Villar
1997 Jonathan Heasley
1999 Luis Ortiz


1915 John Coleman
1922 Emil Frisk
1926 Bill McCauley
1927 Drummond Brown
1932 Ed Appleton
1933 Art Madison
1938 Larry Battam
1953 Merv Shea
1962 Joe Vosmik
1962 Bob Steele
1962 Jim Shaw
1969 Al Schweitzer
1971 Bruce Connatser
1978 Sarge Connally
1978 Monte Pearson
1981 Huck Geary
1981 Spencer Davis
1982 Bill Haeffner
1983 Squire Potter
1991 Dale Long
2002 Reggie Sanders
2003 Bob Kammeyer
2008 Ken Hunt
2010 Sammy Drake
2011 Butch McCord
2013 Chuck Hinton
2013 Barney Mussill
2015 Charlie Williams
2015 Al Severinsen
2017 Bob Bowman
2019 Matt Turner
2020 Ramon Aviles
2022 Gene Clines


1937 Flooding of the Mill Creek affects Crosley Stadium, putting the grandstand under 21 feet of water. A famous picture, staged for the occasion, shows pitcher Lee Grissom and John McDonald (traveling secretary) on a canoe having rowed over the left field fence.

1944 Lou Perini, Guido Rudo, and Joe Maney take control of the Boston Braves – and immediately fire Casey Stengel.


1953 The Philadelphia Athletics send Ferris Fain and minor leaguer Bobby Wilson to the White Sox for Eddie Robinson, Joe DeMaestri, and Ed McGhee.

1968 First round picks of the January Secondary Draft include George Hendrick (Oakland), Eric Solderholm (Minnesota), and two who didn’t sign – Dave Kingman (Baltimore) and Mickey Rivers (White Sox). Davey Lopes and Garry Maddox were second round picks.

1982 Chicago sends Ivan DeJesus to the Phillies for Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg. Cubs GM Dallas Green, a former Phillie, knew the Philadelphia minor league system pretty well and got a steal with that throw in of Sandberg.

2006 Boston sended Andy Marte, Guillermo Mota, Kelly Shoppach, cash, and Randy Newsom (later) to the Indians for Coco Crisp, Josh Bard, and David Riske.


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