Baseball History for July 13th

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1850 Tom York
1852 George Bradley
1866 Taylor Shafer

The first three guys here were named after presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Zachary Taylor.

1866 John O’Brien
1874 Wiley Piatt
1879 John Augustus (Jiggs) Donahue
1880 Tom O’Hara
1887 Gene Packard
1889 Stan Coveleski
1892 Eusebio Gonzalez
1894 George Cunningham
1894 Ed Corey
1900 Clarence Vick (Footsie) Blair
1902 Bill Lasley
1905 James Bailey (Tiny) Chaplin
1913 Lee Handley
1920 Frank Hiller
1921 Harry (Fritz) Dorish
1927 Ruben Gomez
1928 Daryl Spencer
1934 Ken Hunt
1938 Don Pavletich
1940 Frank Bork
1940 Jack Aker
1941 Don Bryant
1944 Louis Roberts (Buzz) Stephen
1946 Jerry Terrell
1948 Rob Belloir
1953 Joe Cannon
1955 Kevin Bell
1956 Bill Caudill
1957 Chris Jones
1959 Mark Brown
1960 Mike Fitzgerald
1962 Robbie Wine
1964 Greg Litton
1967 Pat Rapp
1971 Rich Aude
1972 Clint Sodowsky
1978 Ryan Ludwick
1979 Kei Igawa
1982 Shin-Soo Choo
1982 Yadier Molina
1988 DJ LeMahieu
1989 Tyler Cravy
1990 Casey Sadler
1991 Tyler Skaggs
1992 Seth Brown
1992 Alfredo Gonzalez
1994 Ty France
1995 Cody Bellinger
1995 Kyle Lewis


1913 Dan Sweeney
1940 Ollie Tucker
1954 Ed Porray
1956 Glenn Liebhardt
1959 Nick Kahl
1959 Chick Keating
1960 Dan Kerwin
1966 Rip Vowinkel
1967 Art Shires
1969 Pat French
1972 Pepper Peploski
1989 Vern Olsen
1994 Jimmie Reese
1998 Red Badgro
2005 Mickey Owen
2008 Dave Ricketts
2009 Alec Distaso


1896 Phillies outfielder Ed Delahanty homers four times in a loss to the Chicago Colts.

1963 Early Winn, now 71 years old, throws five innings to earn his 300th win – this one over the Kansas City Athletics. (Not totally true. Wynn was only 51. Okay, 43.)

1977 A game I remember watching from my home in Buffalo Grove… The Cubs and Mets game is suspended as there is a massive blackout in New York City.

2013 Tim Lincecum blanks the Padres, 9 – 0, without allowing a hit. The Giant also throws more pitches in his no-hitter than any other to date – 148 pitches – to get the job done.


1894 Baltimore sends Tony Mullane to the Spiders for John Clarkson.

1964 Washigton sends Bill Skowron and Carl Bouldin to the White Sox for Joe Cunningham and (later) Frank Kreutzer.

1987 Chicago sends Steve Trout to the Yankees for Bob Tewksbury, Dean Wilkins, and Rich Scheid.

2017 The two Chicagos make a trade – the White Sox send Jose Quintana to the Cubs for Eloy Jimenez, Dylan Crease, and two minor leaguers.


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