Baseball History for July 14th

<— JULY 13     JULY 15 —>


1850 Jim Holdsworth
1851 Steve Brady
1854 Jack Gleason
1862 Law Daniels
1866 Alex Ferson
1871 Art Nichols
1871 Walter Edward (Jiggs) Parrott
1874 Jesse Tannehill
1879 Fred Burchell
1880 Seabron Jessse (Red) Booles
1880 Ed Hug
1881 George Charles (Rabbit) Nill
1883 Henry Joseph (Happy) Smith
1885 Warren Miller
1888 Ken Nash
1889 Joe Conzelman
1892 Floyd Haskell (Jack) Farmer
1893 John Peters
1898 Albert Benjamin (Happy) Chandler
1900 Dave Harris
1904 Max West
1908 Johnny Murphy
1911 Julio Bonetti
1912 Ed Lagger
1913 Don Hendrickson
1913 Gene Schott
1919 Lawrence Columbus (Crash) Davis
1920 Bryan Stephens
1929 Bob Purkey
1935 Earl Francis
1942 Juan Rios
1944 Billy McCool
1947 Danny Walton
1947 Steve Stone
1948 Jesus Maria (Pepe) Frias
1948 Earl Williams
1953 Billy Smith
1954 Chuck Rainey
1961 Vic Rodriguez
1963 John Dopson
1964 Darren Hall
1967 Robin Ventura
1968 Derrick May
1969 Jose Hernandez
1970 Mark Brandenburg
1970 Tim Davis
1975 Tim Hudson
1978 Mike Burns
1979 Bernie Castro
1982 Enrique Gonzalez
1983 J. C. Gutierrez
1989 Rob Brantly
1990 Jack Leathersich
1992 Tim Locastro
1994 Andrew Velazquez
1994 Carson Kelly
1994 Lucas Giolito
1994 Tyler Alexander


1891 Bill Crowley
1899 Frank Kreeger
1899 Lewis Smith
1910 Jack Horner
1931 Babe Danzig
1943 George Pechiney
1947 Orval Overall
1951 Dee Cousineau
1951 Vance Page
1960 Al Kellett
1960 Walter Thornton
1962 Howard Craghead
1963 Bill Lindsay
1965 Ike Eichrodt
1967 Bill Dalrymple
1971 Dee Walsh
1982 Jackie Jensen
1984 Al Schacht
1985 Larry Drake
1986 Wally Holborow
1988 Whitey Witt
1994 Cesar Tovar
1996 Hank Camelli
2000 Georges Maranda
2013 Matt Batts
2016 Mike Strahler


1916 (Or maybe you might have passed…) Ernie Koobs of the St. Louis Browns goes 17 innings in a game that ends in a scoreless tie. At least he gets credit for a complete game and a shutout if not the win… His mound opponent was Boston’s Carl Mays, but he bailed after 15 innings.

1946 This may be more to your liking. The Red Sox clipped the Indians 11 – 10 thanks to three homers and eight RBIs from Ted Williams. Lou Boudreau had four doubles and a homer for Cleveland.

That was game one of the double-header. In the second game, Boudreau pulls out the Williams shift – moving three infielders to the right. Ted’s first at bat? A double over everybody.

1956 Boston’s Mel Parnell no-hits the White Sox, 3 – 0.

If you are into milestones – in 1967, Eddie Matthews hits his 500th homer. A year later, his teammate Hank Aaron hits his 500th homer. Mathews was nearing the end, but Hank had a few good years left in him. Well, more than a few. He played until 1976.

1970 In the 12th inning, Jim Hickman’s single drives in the winning run in a play you probably have seen a few times… Pete Rose runs through catcher Ray Fosse – whose career was never the same.

1995 Ramon Martinez blanks the Marlins, 7 – 0, without allowing a hit.


1899 Washington sends Deacon McGuire to Brooklyn for Dan McGann and Aleck Smith.

1951 The St. Louis Browns sign free agent pitcher Satchel Paige.

1988 Chicago sends outfielder Dave Martinez to the Expos for Mitch Webster. I never understood that deal.  They were essentially the same players, but Martinez was, like, eight years younger.

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