Baseball History for July 12th

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1844 George Zettlein
1846 Doug Allison
1859 Frank McIntyre
1872 Joe Regan
1878 Bill Coughlin
1881 Jim Pastorius
1886 Hank Butcher
1888 Roy Golden
1888 Harry Krause
1888 Lester (Lep) Long
1889 Ray Mowe
1889 Harry Pearce
1891 Hank Schreiber
1894 Lee Meadows
1895 Artie Dede
1897 Hod Fenner
1899 Walt French
1900 Rudy Miller
1903 George Darrow
1907 Bob Cooney
1913 Tom Hafey
1914 Al Glossop
1919 Johnny Wyrostek
1927 Jack Harshman
1931 Paul Penson
1935 Dave Ricketts
1938 Ron Fairly
1940 Mike Page
1940 Jack Warner
1941 Dick Rusteck
1943 Ron Willis
1944 Tom Tischinski
1947 Scipio Spinks
1953 Roy Branch
1956 Mario Soto
1956 Bryan Clark
1964 Mike Schwabe
1965 Mike Munoz
1965 Wally Ritchie
1972 Kelly Wunsch
1976 Dan Reichert
1979 Adam Johnson
1980 Brad Eldred
1981 Phil Dumatrait
1981 Sam Narron
1982 Tom Gorzelanny
1983 Tony Sipp
1983 Howie Kendrick
1986 Nick Vincent
1990 Chasen Shreve
1992 Nicky Delmonico
1994 J. D. Hammer


1892 Alexander Cartwright

Cartwright left New York in hopes of striking gold in California but that wasn’t far enough west, so he wound up in Hawaii.  That was in the 1850s; he never actually played major league baseball.  He’s in the Hall of Fame, though, as a pioneer (he played on teams in NYC during the 1840s).  His plaque tells you that he practically invented the game, but research suggests otherwise and Doc Adams would have been a better selection for the Hall.

1929 Jack Cronin
1933 Joseph Herr
1955 Dan McGeehan
1955 Harry Taylor
1955 Jesse Stovall
1963 Jack Cameron
1968 Kettle Wirts
1971 Ed Weiland
1973 Billy Urbanski
1979 Tom Lovelace
1987 Joseph Burns
2008 Bobby Murcer
2008 Harry Schaeffer
2011 Howard Hilton
2015 Buddy Lively
2019 Joe Grzenda


1901 Cy Young, pitching for the Boston Americans, wins his 300th game over the Philadelphia Athletics. He’s still got a couple hundred to go…

1910 You know it as “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon”, but it was originally published with the title “That Double Play Again” in the New York Daily Mail. It’s the tale of Tinker, Evers and Chance, as told by Franklin P. Adams.

The Chicago Tribune reprinted it on July 15th, entitled “Gotham’s Woe.” Soon after, it made the rounds.

I can’t prove it, but there was a wire service article authored by Hugh S. Fullerton and John J. Evers that discussed “combination plays” that made the rounds about six weeks earlier (and for weeks afterward) that talked about Cubs plays and harkened back some to Cap Anson’s days before that and it included the phrase “Tinker to Evers to Chance” a few times. I wonder if Adams read it and it kind of jostled his creative juices.

1951 Allie Reynolds and the Yankees top Cleveland, 1 – 0, with Reynolds not allowing a hit.

1955 Stan Musial leads off the bottom of the 12th inning of the All Star Game with a homer – the NL wins, 6 – 5.

1979 Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park!!!


1906 The Giants purchased pitcher/outfielder Cy Seymour from the Reds for $12,000.

1928 The Giants purchased screwball thrower Carl Hubbell from Beaumont of the Texas League for $25,000.

1966 The Mets signed amateur free agent pitcher Ed Figueroa.

1997 The Cubs signed amateur free agent pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

2006 Tampa Bay sent Aubrey Huff and cash to the Astros for Ben Zobrist and Mitch Talbot.

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