Baseball History for April 22nd

<— APRIL 21     APRIL 23 —>


1865 Bill Stellberger
1873 Frank Figgemeier
1881 Neal Ball
1883 Carl Vandagrift
1884 Bill Schwartz
1887 Sandy Burk
1891 Billy Orr
1892 Ferd Eunick
1894 Jake Pitler
1895 Bob Smith
1898 Tom Long
1900 Paul Florence
1901 Taylor Douthit
1901 Jim Mahady
1902 Ray Benge
1907 Tom Lanning
1908 Fabian Kowalik
1910 Lew Riggs
1911 Jake Daniel
1912 Pete Center
1918 Mickey Vernon
1933 Bob Schmidt
1938 John Orsino
1941 Steve Jones
1954 Bill Paschall
1954 Dan O’Brien
1955 David Clyde
1956 Moose Haas
1957 Dave Schmidt
1958 Stefan Wever
1959 Terry Francona
1961 Jimmy Key
1964 Jack Savage
1966 Mickey Morandini
1968 Mike Bell
1969 George Williams
1980 Carlos Hernandez
1982 David Purcey
1987 Tyson Ross
1988 Dee Gordon
1990 Kevin Kiermaier
1990 Colton Murray
1992 Edwin Escobar
1993 Andres Machado
1994 Aristides Aquino
1997 Bryan Abreu


1907 Jeremiah Reardon
1931 Bill Otey
1934 Gus Creely
1935 George Ross
1940 Alex Hardy
1943 Kirby White
1950 Dave Pickett
1951 Ox Eckhardt
1957 Joe Benz
1964 Herb Herring
1966 Lou Finney
1967 Fritz Maisel
1967 Bill Salkeld
1972 Frank Drews
1974 Steve Swetonic
1976 Ernie Krueger
1977 Rube Yarrison
1983 Mike Schemer
1988 Len Church
1993 Mark Koenig
1996 Bob Brady
2009 Ron Cash
2010 Pete Castiglione
2010 Dick Kenworthy
2020 Rich Hacker
2020 Bart Johnson
2021 Adrian Garrett


1876 The Boston Red Caps top the Philadelphia Athletics, 6 – 5, in the first ever National League game.  All other games scheduled that day were rained out.

1898 Ted Breitenstein (CIN) and Jim Hughes (BAL) both throw no-hitters.  For Breitenstein, it was his second career no-hitter…

1922 Ken Williams becomes the first American League player to hit three homers in a game, helping the Browns beat the White Sox.

1970 Tom Seaver ties the 9-inning record set a year earlier by Steve Carlton by striking out 19 San Diego Padres.  Al Ferrera’s leadoff homer in the second inning was the lone run allowed by Tom Terrific.  However, Ferrera was also the last hitter to fan when Seaver struck out the last ten hitters he faced…

1976 Cleveland’s Andre Thornton hits for the cycle.

1980 Cubs shortstop Ivan DeJesus hits for the cycle – and adds a fifth hit for good measure.

1991 Robby Thompson adds his name to the list of players who hit for the cycle…

1993 Seattle’s Chris Bosio no-hits Boston, walking just two batters – but they were the first two batters…


1973 Altanta sends Cecil Upshaw to Houston for Norm Miller.

1988 St. Louis trades Tommy Herr to Minnesota for Tom Brunansky.

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