Baseball History for October 15th!

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1852 Thorny Hawkes

Played two seasons in the majors… In 1879, he batted .208 as a second baseman with Troy in the NL, then resurfaced in 1884 with Washington in the AA where he batted .278 with little power in 38 games.

Danvers, Mass., Feb. 2 – Thorndyke P Hawkes, 77, star shortstop of the Washington Nationals forty years ago, died here late today. Besides his reputation of being the best hitter of his time, Hawkes held a record of making 18 plays in one game without error. This record has never been bettered.

“Former Ball Star Dies”, Anniston Star, 03 March 1929, Page 12.

Thorndyke Proctor Hawkes was the fifth of seven children to Timothy and Mary Ann (Smith) Hawkes of Danvers.  Tim was a shoemaker, while Mary Ann was busy raising a large family…  Like his father, Thorndyke took up shoemaking.  In later years, he would serve as a druggist and later was selected as the Danvers postmaster.  He would marry Mary Twombly Perley and they would have two children, Perley and William.  Mary was a descendant of William Perley, who led a company of minute men at the battle of Bunker Hill.  Hawkes died in Danvers, MA on 02 February 1929.


1860 US Census
1870 US Census
1880 US Census
1900 US Census
1910 US Census
1920 US Census

Mass Birth Records
Mass Marriage Records
North America Family Histories

1860 Edgar Smith
1863 Con Murphy
1869 Jack McMahon
1874 Emil Frisk
1875 Charley O’Leary
1876 Percy Coleman
1887 Bob Harmon
1889 Bert Hall
1889 Charles Franklin (Chick) Evans
1893 John Karst
1893 Gil Whitehouse
1896 John Reaves (Mule) Watson
1897 Dennis John (Dinty) Gearin
1897 Sam Gray
1899 John Chapman
1902 Evar Swanson
1903 George William (Mule) Haas
1904 Bill Lewis
1906 Samuel Byrd
1908 Hugo Klaerner
1909 Mel Harder
1912 Nick Tremark
1918 Austin Knickerbocker
1926 Don Carlsen
1927 Bill Henry
1928 Gail Henley
1928 Jim Command
1930 Don Robertson
1931 Gail Harris
1936 Arthur Leonard (Red) Swanson
1939 Lou Klimchock
1944 Dick Such
1945 Jim Palmer
1946 Scott Northey
1951 Tommy Toms
1951 Mitchell Page
1954 Glenn Gulliver
1964 John Barfield
1967 Carlos Garcia
1968 Matt Dunbar
1971 Chad Mottola
1973 David Cortes
1973 Mendy Lopez
1973 Tim Young
1977 Mitch Jones
1978 Josh Rabe
1978 Juan Cruz
1992 Teoscar Hernandez
1992 Cody Carroll
1995 Jack Flaherty


1928 Pony Sager
1931 Oscar Graham
1943 Joe Rickert
1947 Poll Perritt
1957 Neal Ball
1960 Jack Wallace
1962 Possum Whitted
1965 Fritz Brickell
1975 Mickey Grasso
1984 Red Cox
1986 Larry Kopf
1989 Lou Guisto
1992 Jackie Sullivan
1996 Mike Balas
1996 Tom Ferrick
2005 Al Widmar
2005 Don Rowe
2013 Rudy Minarcin
2015 Neill Sheridan
2018 Joe Stanka


1892 In his first start, Bumpus Jones fires a no hitter as the Reds beat the Pirates. His career went downhill from there – but really quickly, even though the fame of that game seemed to keep him around a long time.

1946 Enos Slaughter’s dash from first to home on a Harry Walker single helps the Cards beat the Red Sox, 4 – 3, in game seven of the World Series.

1986 Taking sixteen innings to do it, the Mets come back to beat Houston, 7 – 6, and earn a trip to the World Series.

1988 A wounded Kirk Gibson reaches out for a back door slider from Dennis Eckersley and hits a two-run homer to help the Dodgers beat the A’s.


1926 Philadelphia spends $65,000 to purchase Baltimore’s Joe Boley. Well spent, Mr. Mack.

1956 The Kansas City A’s purchased Bob Cerv from the Yankees.

1964 St. Louis signs amateur free agent pitcher Pedro Borbon (borbon, borbon…).

1968 Expansion Draft! The Royals take Roger Nelson from Baltimore, while Seattle takes Don Mincher from the Angels. A good baseball fan who is, say, 55 to 60 years old, would know pretty much every name on the draft list.

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