Baseball History for October 16th

<— OCT 15     OCT 17 —>


1856 George Strief
1866 Fred Lake
1879 Art Devlin
1881 Will Harridge
1881 Mark Garfield (Moxie) Manuel
1883 Lew Groh
1885 Dan Howley
1886 Harry Fanwell
1888 Jake Kafora
1890 Milo Allison
1894 Mike Menosky
1895 Bill Skiff
1896 John Brock
1897 Garland Buckeye
1900 Nick Cullop
1900 Leon Allen (Goose) Goslin
1901 Al Yeargin
1904 Walter William (Boom-Boom) Beck
1907 Bill Breckinridge
1909 Oliver Hill
1915 Paul Masterson
1919 Ed Bahr
1921 Matt Batts
1924 Bob Cain
1928 Len Yochim
1931 Dave Sisler
1935 Manny Montejo
1936 Jack Baldschun
1940 Dave DeBusschere
1941 Tim McCarver
1942 Pete Lovrich
1949 Don Hood
1950 Jeff Terpko
1950 Hugh Yancy
1953 Rodney Scott
1954 Chris Bourjos
1954 Mike Dimmel
1955 Kurt Seibert
1956 Dan Firova
1959 Kevin McReynolds
1959 Brian Harper
1961 Billy Taylor
1961 Dave Stapleton
1965 Darren Reed
1967 Josias Manzanillo
1969 Matt Ruebel
1970 Scott Davison
1971 Larry Mitchell
1981 Anthony Reyes
1985 Enerio Del Rosario
1990 Kyle Lloyd
1991 Edgar Santana
1991 Jonathan Schoop
1992 Bryce Harper
1992 Rosell Herrera


1888 Ed Duffy
1894 Ed Conley
1895 Kid Summers
1901 Jim Duncan
1904 Mike Slattery
1916 Henry Killeen
1926 Charlie Levis
1932 Frank Eustace
1934 Highball Wilson
1936 Dennis Fitzgerald
1938 Joe Knight
1939 Nick Allen
1945 Hack Eibel
1949 Jack Ryan
1952 Vince Shields
1954 Dave Davenport
1959 Frank Okrie
1959 Sled Allen
1959 Herb Bradley
1962 Ray Powell
1968 Ellis Kinder
1969 Larry Boerner
1971 Dave Coble
1972 Johnny Rawlings
1993 Jimmie DeShong
1995 Joe Szekely
1998 Frank Carswell
2006 Tony Curry
2009 Jose Herrera
2010 Valmy Thomas
2011 Don Williams
2012 Eddie Yost
2018 Wayne Krenchicki
2018 Dave Hill
2020 Jack McMahan


1909 Babe Adams wins his third game, an 8 – 0 win over Detroit, to give the Pirates their first World Series championship.

1912 Fred Snodgrass drops a flyball in center field, which allows the tying run to score in game seven as the Red Sox took the Series. The Giants outfielder, right after the error, made a spectacular catch of a Tris Speaker smash, but the error is what people remember…

1962 Giants slugger Willie McCovey crushes a ball – but right at Bobby Richardson – whose catch ends Game 7 in favor of the Yankees.

1969 The Amazing Mets finish off the Orioles to win the World Series in five games.

1985 Cardinal Jack Clark crushes a Tom Niedenfuer pitch to beat the Dodgers and head to the World Series.

2003 Aaron Boone’s 11th inning homer puts the Yankees in the World Series, and crushes the Red Sox, who thought this might be the year they finally broke the Curse of the Bambino.

2014 Travis Ishikawa hits a three-run homer to win the NLCS for the Giants, and eliminating the Cardinals.


1888 Detroit has a fire sale! Boston picks up Dan Brouthers, Deacon White, Charlie Bennett, Charlie Ganzel, and Hardy Richardson for about $30K; Pittsburgh grabs Pete Conway and Jack Rowe; and Philadelphia snags Sam Thompson for about $5K.

1952 The Browns are busy – sending Duke Markell and $35K to Syracuse for Bobo Holloman, and sending Tommy Byrne and Joe DeMaestri to the White Sox for Hank Edwards and Willy Miranda.

1961 The Yankees purchased Robin Roberts from the Phillies.

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