Named after a president, meet Zachary Taylor!

Arriving in Baltimore on February 21, 1850, his parents, Robert and Isabella (Trayne or Train) named their last child after the sitting president, Zachary Taylor, while giving him the middle name of Hamner.  And, it’s a good thing he was born then, a few months later and he might have been named Millard Fillmore Taylor… Taylor’s parents came to the United States in late 1827 from Glasgow, Scotland on the Brig Czar, landing in Charleston, and spent some time in South Carolina where they had their first son.  Then they moved to Maryland and had eight other children.  The last child was Zachary.

Taylor played in thirteen games at first base for the Baltimore Canaries near the end of the 1874 season when Charlie Gould and Pop Snyder went down to injury.  In fact, his only foray into major league baseball was his four or five weeks in the National Association.  He batted .250 with three RBI and three runs scored.  The Baltimore papers of the day didn’t provide the kinds of baseball coverage found in many other cities, so it’s hard to say if Taylor played on specific amateur clubs of the city, though it’s obviously very likely he played semi-professional ball on some of the better clubs since he was signed by the Canaries, Taylor’s local team.

Taylor appears in three US Censuses after his baseball days, all showing him as a clerk or salesman at a different type of store.  He also was living with some combination of brothers and sisters.  When he passed on 21 November 1917, the short obituary in the Baltimore Sun noted his late parents but no spouse or children.  He is buried in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore near his parents.

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