Baseball History for March 2nd

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1851 Billy Arnold
1855 Jim Ward
1858 Charlie Bastian
1861 Horace Fogel

Fogel was a newspaper man who was believed to have a solid understanding of baseball and somehow was allowed to manage and run teams. By the 1910s, he borrowed money from the owner of the Cubs and a backer of the Reds and took over ownership of the Phillies. He helped build the team into a contender. Then, he started spouting off crazy things, many of them from the lips of Cubs owner Charles Murphy, and got on the wrong side of baseball. At one point, he accused the Cardinals, then managed by Roger Bresnahan, of throwing games to help the Giants win the pennant. He basically said Bresnahan did this as a favor to his old coach, John McGraw. I haven’t looked into the specifics of those games – maybe I should – but given that McGraw was a shady creep who has no business being in the Hall of Fame, it’s not an impossible theory.

I digress.

Fogel was called before the powers that be and was soundly kicked out of baseball, missing by a year that miracle Phillies season in 1915.

1865 Jake Virtue
1865 Jumbo Harting
1879 Chick Robitaille
1880 Danny Hoffman

Hoffman was an infielder for the As as the team got started in the AL. I remember him as the guy who got beaned in the head and while everyone was standing around, Rube Waddell picked him up, carried him out of the park, and hailed a cab – taking him to the hospital – and the stayed with him until Hoffman came around…

1891 William Fischer
1894 Elmer Myers
1898 Rip Wheeler
1899 George Stueland
1901 Butch Weis
1902 Moe Berg

The Catcher Was a Spy is an awesome book and a worthy read.

1903 Art Mills
1906 Mike Powers
1906 Woody English

Decent infielder, had a crazy good year batting in front of Hack Wilson in 1930 and scored more than 150 runs that year.

1907 Jack Knott
1908 Orville Armbrust
1909 Mel Ott

MVP of this birthday list…

1910 Ace Adams
1912 Bennie Warren
1913 Mort Cooper

20 game winner for the Cards during the war years…

1915 Babe Barna
1916 Mickey Rocco

No truth to the rumor that he was a figment of Mickey Spillane’s imagination…

1917 Jim Konstanty
1918 Frank Colman
1921 Dick Starr
1924 Cal Abrams
1926 Joe Taylor
1932 Chico Fernandez
1936 Jim Brady
1936 Don Schwall
1947 Jim Nettles
1950 Pete Broberg
1951 Mike Johnson
1953 Larry Wolfe
1953 Dave Tobik
1958 Jeff Stember
1960 Mike Woodard
1962 Terry Steinbach
1964 Tim Layana
1965 Ron Gant
1966 Leo Gomez
1974 Anthony Sanders
1977 Jay Gibbons
1978 Jared Sandberg

Nephew of Ryne. Didn’t get the complete gene package.

1983 Glen Perkins
1985 Brandon Wood
1985 Bud Norris
1990 Wilking Rodriguez
1991 Nick Franklin
1992 Ariel Hernandez
1993 Adolis Garcia
1993 Josh Taylor
1994 James Kaprielian
1995 Reese McGuire
1995 Miguel Andujar
1997 Junior Fernandez
1998 Johan Oviedo


1895 Kid Camp

Camp was named after General Winfield Scott…

1918 George Kaiserling
1929 Tom Smith
1938 Walter Prince
1939 Alex McFarlan
1940 Matt Kilroy
1943 Earle Gardner
1947 Dewey Metivier
1951 Adam Comorosky
1956 Fred Merkle

You know about his baserunning blunder, but was an excellent first baseman for several years in New York.

1957 Frank Hafner
1960 Howie Camnitz
1964 Fred Vaughn
1965 Fred Ostendorf
1968 Phil Slattery
1971 Johnny Podgajny
1975 Frank “Scat” Metha
1979 Dale Alexander
1994 Butch Sutcliffe
1995 Ray Moore
1998 Clydell “Slick” Castleman
2000 Danny Musser
2000 Jack Robinson
2003 Joe Decker
2005 Rick Mahler
2007 Clem Labine
2013 Tom Borland
2018 Sammy Stewart


1927 Babe Ruth signs a three year deal that pays him $70,000 per year. He is, by far, the highest paid player in the game.

1966 Tom Seaver’s contract with the Braves is voided because it was signed while Seaver was still in college. Seaver would be awarded to the Mets in a lottery…


1956 Kansas City purchases pitcher Tommy Lasorda from the Dodgers.

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