Baseball History for January 18th

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1839 Al Barker
1854 Frank Heifer
1855 Charlie Eden
1874 Zeke Wrigley
1884 Ralph Caldwell
1894 Danny Clark
1895 George Hesselbacher

george hesselbacherPenn State grad – according to his school yearbook, both a baseball and soccer player – who was given a shot with Philadelphia, but failed miserably in six appearances (four starts) in 1916 and never played another game of professional baseball again. Hesselbacher was torched for 33 runs in 26 innings (though only 21 were earned) and lost all four of his decisions. Hesselbacher served as a Lieutenant in the National Army in World War I.

George Edward was one of two sons to Charles and Helen (Apker) Hesselbacher. He married Irene Miller not long after graduating college and had two sons – George, Jr. and Richard. In later years he served as a civil engineer for Cheltenham Township. He passed to the next world on 18 February 1980.

Sources: 1900, 1930, 1940 US Census, World War I Service Files, World War II Draft Card, 1916 Penn State Yearbook, PA Marriage Indexes. Also

1896 Babe Twombly
1896 Bill McGowan
1898 John Woods
1899 Eddie Moore
1903 Nolen Richardson
1904 Len Koenecke
1911 Pinky May
1926 Bob Scherbarth
1931 Laurin Pepper
1932 Mike Fornieles
1936 Chuck Cottier
1938 Curt Flood
1941 Mickey McGuire
1942 Dick Estelle
1944 Carl Morton
1945 Tom Harrison
1945 Rich Severson
1946 Billy Grabarkewitz
1950 Marv Lane
1950 Bill Sharp
1954 Scott McGregor
1955 Dave Geisel
1960 Gibson Alba
1961 John Bohnet
1963 Bill Sampen
1964 Brady Anderson
1969 Kevin McGehee
1970 Mike Bertotti
1972 Mike Lieberthal
1972 Keith Glauber
1977 Franklin Nunez
1978 Brian Falkenborg
1979 Wandy Rodriguez
1981 Brandon Fahey
1984 Justin Thomas
1988 Luis Jimenez
1989 Michael Pineda
1990 Brett Lawrie


1899 Billy Arnold
1905 Fergy Malone
1911 Dick Scott
1912 John Russ
1929 Mike Scanlon
1933 Dan Marion
1939 Cliff Heathcote
1945 Mike Fitzgerald
1945 Gene Lansing
1946 Reeve McKay
1946 Dave Wright
1955 Phil Morrison
1961 Gene Woodburn
1969 Ray Kennedy
1970 Jack Richardson
1974 Pete Appleton
1982 Jackie Tobin
1982 Bob Barrett
1984 Leo Kiely
1989 Buzz Clarkson
1991 Herb Harris
2008 Al Montreuil
2011 Al Grunwald
2011 George Crowe


1969 Ted Williams signs to manage the Washington Senators, taking them to an 86 – 76 record in his first season.


1901 New York sends Jack Doyle to the Chicago Orphans for John Ganzel, Ned Garvin, and Sammy Strang.

1947 Pittsburgh purchases Hank Greenberg from Detroit for $75,000.

1971 Pittsburgh signs amateur free agent outfielder Tony Armas.

1973 Boston signs free agent DH (to be) Orlando Cepeda.

2012 Texas signs Japanese free agent pitcher Yu Darvish.


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