Baseball History for January 17th

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1853 John Samuel “Holly” Hollingshead

Member of the Olympic of Washington club prior to joining the three entries Washington made in the National Association between 1872 and 1875. A fair hitter, he played second base and centerfield. Hollingshead is also listed as the manager for Washington briefly in 1875 and with the Washington franchise in the American Association in 1884.

US Census and Washington DC data show he was born to John Samuel and Mary Margaret Hollingshead, and like his father he would be a clerk for most of his adult life. He married Mary Windsor, who passed away in 1879, and later married Katherine Lee in 1894, and she had a daugther by a previous marriage. Hollingshead died 06 October 1926 and is buried in a family plot near his first wife in DC.

1858 Jim Roxburgh
1861 Milt Scott
1867 Bob Glenalvin
1873 Frank Aloyvisious “Kohly” Miller
1878 Harry Bay
1882 John Jonas “Doc” Kerr
1882 Harry Pattee
1886 Cad Coles
1888 Pete Johns
1889 Louis Santop
1889 Ollie Welf
1889 Blainey Hall
1892 Roy Grover
1893 Luke Glavenich
1895 Joe Lewis
1896 Harry Hanson
1899 Tripp Sigman
1905 Ray Cunningham
1908 Les Willis
1911 Hank Leiber
1915 Lum Harris
1915 Mayo Smith
1917 John Samuel “Jocko” Thompson
1920 Jay Heard
1922 Jack Merson
1925 Hank Schmulbach
1931 Don Zimmer
1933 Jay Porter
1935 Dick Brown
1944 Denny Doyle
1952 Pete LaCock
1952 Darrell Porter
1953 Mark Littell
1954 Jerry Turner
1959 T. R. Bryden
1960 Chili Davis
1964 Jeff Tabaka
1971 Tyler Houston
1972 Walt McKeel
1975 Scott Mullen
1975 Brad Fullmer
1977 Rob Bell
1978 Mark Malaska
1980 T. J. Bohn
1980 Mike Rabelo
1985 Chad Beck
1985 Jai Miller
1985 Emmanuel Burriss
1987 Tanner Scheppers
1987 Jeff Beliveau
1987 Cody Decker
1989 Taylor Jordan
1989 Blake Beavan
1989 Dario Alvarez
1990 Frank Garces
1991 Trevor Bauer
1994 Colin Poche
1995 Yohander Mendez
1995 Joe Jimenez
1995 Dom Nunez
1995 Randy Dobnak
1995 Michael Hermosillo
1995 Jhon Romero
1997 Kyle Tucker


1917 Pat McCauley
1923 John Meister
1932 Mark Stewart
1945 Rube Ward
1945 Roy Radebaugh
1950 Roy Sanders
1950 Jewel Ens
1952 Solly Salisbury
1957 Tom Stanton
1957 Carl Sawyer
1961 Bud Tinning
1964 John Grimes
1965 Fred Bostick
1967 Charlie Maloney
1970 Alex Mustaikis
1974 Archie Hinton
1975 Jim Canada
1976 Ed Kinsella
1977 Ernie Wingard
1981 Owen Kahn
1987 Ed Busch
1991 Marv Breuer
1992 Red Durrett
1993 Nick Polly
1995 John Hall
2004 Hersh Freeman
2004 Harry Brecheen
2006 Seth Morehead
2006 Bob Repass
2008 John McHale
2011 Perry Currin
2022 Roger Samuels


1888 Kansas City joins the American Association, replacing the New York Metropolitans. What’s left of that New York team is purchased by Baltimore.


1895 Pittsburgh sends Red Ehret and $3,000 to St. Louis for pitcher Pink Hawley.

1970 January Secondary Draft Day!!! First round selections include: Chris Chambliss (New York), Chris Speier (San Francisco), Rick Burleson (Boston), Pete LaCock (Chicago Cubs), and later Doug DeCinces (Baltimore, 3rd), Bill Madlock (Washington, 5th).

1984 January Secondary Draft Day!!! First round selections include Tim Belcher (Yankees), Damon Berryhill (Chicago Cubs), and later Jay Buhner (Pirates, 2nd).

1992 Oakland signs free agent pitcher Ron Darling.


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