Baseball History for January 16th

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1855 Jimmy Macullar

Just starting a biography – but the basics are there.  Macullar was a Bostson native but mostly a Baltimore guy.  His claim to fame?  He’s the left handed thrower who played the most games at shortstop (325).  The practice ended by the end of the 19th century, though for a decade you might see someone play there.  Lou Gehrig did it once in 1934.  Did you know that the last player to get credit for a third of an inning as a lefty shortstop was back in 1954 when Nino Escalara was forced to play there?  (A ball wasn’t put in play – Stan Musial fanned.)  Macullar played at least three years as a regular at short for Baltimore and is one of only two players to log 100 games in a season there.  He later played at Des Moines, where they won a minor league pennant, then managed them.  He returned home to Baltimore and after trying his hand in dry goods wound up working at the City Jail as an assistant warden…

1858 Art Whitney
1863 Lem Hunter
1870 Jimmy Collins
1877 Lou Bruce
1878 Jim Murray
1885 Joe Kutina
1886 Allie Moulton
1888 Brad Kocher
1889 Ray Jansen
1890 Erskine Mayer
1891 Ferdie Schupp
1891 Marv Goodwin
1892 Fred Bratschi
1894 Edward George “Moxie” Divis
1895 Lou Guisto
1899 George Aloys “Showboat” Fisher
1900 Joe Rabbitt
1902 Joe Connell
1902 Horace Levering “Pip” Koehler
1904 Jo-Jo Morrissey
1906 Jim Williams
1907 Baxter Byerly “Buck” Jordan
1908 Johnny Watson
1910 Jay Hanna “Dizzy” Dean
1911 Hank McDonald
1917 Bob Ramazzotti
1920 Ray Poole
1920 Roy Talcott
1923 Dick Sipek
1924 Earl Hazwell “Junior” Wooten
1924 Luther Clifford
1934 Jim Owens
1937 Moe Morhardt
1938 Ron Herbel
1940 Rod Miller
1940 Bob Baird
1941 Joe Bonikowski
1944 Gene Stone
1953 Dennis DeBarr
1954 Dave Stapleton
1957 Steve Balboni
1957 Marty Castillo
1959 Kevin Buckley
1966 Jack McDowell
1970 Ron Villone
1975 Lee Gardner
1977 Colter Bean
1978 Alfredo Amezaga
1979 Jack Cust
1980 Albert Pujols
1980 Brooks Conrad
1981 Mitch Stetter
1983 Eider Torres
1984 Matt Maloney
1985 Jeff Manship
1985 Junior Guerra
1986 Reid Brignac
1986 Mark Trumbo
1987 Zelous Wheeler
1990 Warwick Saupold
1992 Daniel Ponce de Leon
1994 Austin Allen
1996 Garrett Hill
1997 Brendon Donovan
1999 Andres Munoz


1907 Jake Evans
1913 Tom Dolan
1917 Charlie Geggus
1925 George Bignell
1928 Claude Rossman
1934 Wiley Dunham
1938 Earl Clark
1938 Joe Sommer
1950 Rudy Hulswitt
1951 Pid Purdy
1954 Clay Perry
1954 Fred Payne
1963 Tommy Thompson
1964 Howard Baker
1965 Jimmy Williams
1968 Liz Funk
1976 Chick Autry
1977 Jim Hamilton
1977 Baby Doll Jacobson
1985 Ken Chase
1988 Dutch Kemner
1989 Frank Trechock
1990 Earl Naylor
2003 Phil McCullough
2006 Willie Smith
2009 Craig Stimac
2019 Tom Hausman
2022 Ethan Blackaby
2022 Gale Wade


1886 The Washington Nationals are admitted into the National League. This version of Washington baseball lasted just four seasons.

1964 The American League votes to prevent Charlie Finley from moving the Kansas City Athletics to Louisville.


1986 New York sends Billy Beane, Bill Latham, and Joe Klink to the Twins for Tim Teufel and Pat Crosby.

2013 Three Team Deal! Oakland sends A. J. Cole, Blake Treinen and Ian Krol (in March) to Washington. Seattle sent John Jason to Oakland. Washington sent Mike Morse to Seattle.

Not a big day for blockbuster trades…


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