Baseball History for February 19th

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1853 George Miller

Played with Cincinnati twice and in two different leagues (NL – 1877, AA – 1884), was a catcher who played in several local Cincinnati leagues, too.

Digging through the box scores and summaries, I find no reason to think that Miller was anything less than a competent catcher, but he wasn’t much of a hitter when he got his first chance.  The Reds of the American Association needed a temporary alternate catcher and called Miller off of a reserves squad to fill the bill seven years after his first shot in the big leagues.

Miller was the son of German Immigrants to arrived in the US around 1845.  His father, Frederick (Friedrich) was a tailor who did a tour as a Union soldier with the 53rd Kentucky Infantry.  He married Louisa Weaver and they had seven kids – George was #3 of the crowd.  In between MLB gigs, George married Emma Kate Vanosdel.  He worked as a blacksmith, then later as a laborer for electrical companies and they had three kids.  He died at his home on July 25, 1929.

1850, 1860, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 US Censuses
KY Birth Records, Campbell County 1853
US Civil War Pension Records

“Miller,” Cincinnati Enquirer, July 25, 1929: 24.

1855 John Morrill
1864 Henry Cote
1868 William Holton (Sal) Campfield
1876 Joe Marshall
1883 Harry Curtis
1889 Walt Herrell
1890 Larry Chappell
1891 Weldon Wyckoff
1894 Ernie Cox
1898 Eucal “Uke” Clanton
1900 John Kane
1900 Oscar Roettger
1912 Dick Siebert
1914 Stan Sperry
1917 Chuck Aleno
1917 Tom Earley
1923 Russ Sullivan
1932 Don Taussig
1935 Russ Nixon
1938 Bob Sadowski
1939 Jim Weaver
1939 Jackie Moore
1940 Bill Kelso
1943 Jim Cosman
1943 Gail Hopkins
1944 Chris Zachary
1952 Dave Cheadle
1957 Dave Stewart
1959 Tim Burke
1959 Keith Atherton
1962 Alvaro Espinoza
1965 Wayne Rosenthal
1967 Keith Kessinger
1971 Miguel Batista
1974 Juan Diaz
1982 Chris Stewart
1983 Brad Kilby
1985 Dan Otero
1986 Michael Schwimer
1987 Josh Reddick
1988 Kevin Chapman
1989 Fabio Castillo
1993 Josh Fuentes
1993 Daniel Mengden
1995 Joe Kuhnel


1888 Live Oak Taylor
1915 George Moolic
1927 Katsy Keifer
1947 Hooks Warner
1948 Bob Groom
1956 Ray Demmitt
1957 Red Munson
1961 Art Loudell
1961 Red Smith
1961 Epp Sell
1969 Doc White
1972 Fuller Thompson
1974 Frank Miller
1977 Mike Gonzalez
1978 Phil Paine
1978 Ben Mallonee
1981 Sam Barnes
1983 Frank Colman
1984 Bill Shores
2006 Bill Abernathie
2010 George Cisar
2012 Dick Smith
2015 Gary Woods
2017 Harry MacPherson
2019 Don Newcombe


1953 Ted Williams’ plane was hit by enemy fire, but he was able to execute a crash landing of his burning Panther jet – he suffered minor injuries.

1970 Bowie Kuhn suspends indefinitely pitcher Denny McLain for McLain’s involvement in bookmaking and connections to professional gamblers.


1919 The Giants acquire Hal Chase from the Reds for Walter Holke and Bill Rariden.

1949 Cleveland signs Negro League slugger Luke Easter.

1957 New York sends six players (including Irv Noren) to Kansas City for four players, including Bobby Shantz, and two players to be named later. One of those players named later was Clete Boyer.

2012 New York sends A.J. Burnett (and cash) to Pittsburgh for Diego Moreno and Exicardo Cayones.

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