Baseball History for January 30th

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1859 Tony Mullane

Baseball player (pitcher) and sports writer…

1867 Harry Dooms
1868 James Joseph (General) Stafford
1872 Charlie Heard
1877 Wiley Dunham
1885 Charles John (Doc) Watson
1887 Ernie Herbert
1888 Vin Campbell
1889 Charles John (Doc) Shanley
1891 James Daniel (Red) Smyth
1911 Bob Katz
1911 Link Wasem
1917 Mickey Harris
1917 Al Veigel
1922 Mal Mallette
1923 Walt Dropo
1925 Brooks Lawrence
1929 Bill Abernathie
1930 Sandy Amoros
1931 Charlie Neal
1943 Davey Johnson
1947 Matt Alexander
1948 Dave Moates
1954 Joe Kerrigan
1954 Dave Stegman
1956 Bill Earley
1959 La Schelle Tarver
1964 Hipolito Pena
1965 Joel Davis
1973 Bob Henley
1977 John Lindsey
1978 John Patterson
1982 Jorge Cantu
1984 Jeremy Hermida

Hit a grand slam in his first major league at bat.  A patient hitter with a sweet stroke but he was so patient he killed his career leaving his bat on his shoulder and watching way too many strikes.

1986 Mark Rogers
1986 Nick Evans
1986 Jordan Pacheco
1987 Tyler Moore
1987 Luis Garcia
1989 Keith Butler
1990 C. J. Riefenhauser
1993 Ben Meyer
1993 Brett Graves
1996 Ariel Jurado
1999 Brailyn Marquez


1910 Pidgey Morgan
1917 Cyclone Ryan
1922 Billy Rhines
1928 Jim Foran
1929 John Wood
1930 Rip Hagerman
1934 Frank McGee
1944 Ed Clough
1948 Herb Pennock

NEW YORK, Jan. 30 (AP) – Herbert J. (Herb) Pennock, one of the greatest lefthanded pitchers of all time, died today after a cerebral hemorrhage.

The former New York Yankee, Philadelphia Athletic, and Boston Red Sox mound star, rounding out his fifth year as general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, collapsed as he entered the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to attend a National League meeting. He was rushed to the midtown hospital where he died an hour later.

Big League Pitcher at 18

The slender, gray-haired Pennock, who began his major league pitching career 36 years ago at the age of 18, would have celebrated his 54th birthday Feb. 10.

There had been no hint that Pennock was ailing. Only a few hours before he died he had invited friends to attend the fights at Madison Square Garden tonight.

Young Bob Carpenter, president of the Phillies, who accompanied Pennock to the hospital and remained at the bedside until he died, was broken up over the death of the man he had idolized since he was a child.

“This is the saddest day of my life,” Carpenter said. “It is too bad Herb couldn’t have lived to see the fruits of his efforts that were bound to come. He devoted the last years of his life to build up a strong organization in Philadelphia.”

Pennock’s death came as “one of the greatest shocks” ever experienced by Connie Mack, manager of the Philadelphia Athletics, the man who discovered and developed the great southpaw.

Mack, in St. Petersburg, Fla., where he is vacationing, said:

“He (Pennock) was not only a great pitcher but as a baseball man he was one of the best. Word of his death is one of the greatest shocks I’ve experienced in years. I really can’t say enough about him.”

Right up to the time of his sudden collapse Pennock was reported to have been negotiating a deal with the Cincinnati Reds for Eddie Miller, the Reds sure fielding but careless-talking shortstop.

“Herb Pennock Fatally Stricken at N. Y. Meeting”, Boston Globe, 31 January 1948, Page 4.

1959 Toots Shultz
1961 Aaron Ward
1962 Ray Roberts
1973 Scotty Alcock
1981 Marino Pieretti
1992 Eddie Taylor
1992 Coaker Triplett
1995 Buddy Gremp
1997 Duane Josephson
2007 Max Lanier
2013 Red Witt


1958 On the heels of a year where Cincinnati Reds fan stuffed the ballot box and got eight Reds elected to the All-Star Game, Commissioner Ford Frick announces that for future games, the players and managers would do the voting.


1891 Boston purchased Cupid Childs from Syracuse for $2,000.

1923 The Yankees send Camp Skinner, George Murray, Norm McMillan and $50,000 to Boston for Herb Pennock.

1959 Cincinnati sends Smoky Burgess, Harvey Haddix and Don Hoak to Pittsburgh for Frank Thomas, Whammy Douglas, John Powers, and Jim Pendleton.

1991 Atlanta signs free agent defensive back Deion Sanders.

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