Baseball History for March 9th

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1857 Sam Moffet
1857 George Daisy
1861 Al Atkinson
1869 Frank Quinlan
1869 John McPherson
1872 Tom Delahanty
1875 Elmer Bliss
1882 Jack Compton
1890 Rolla Mapel
1890 Iron Davis
1893 Billy Southworth
1893 Lefty Williams
1895 Frank Kane
1896 Rube Yarrison
1897 Joe Dawson
1897 Charley Williams
1900 Bill Narleski
1906 Hughie Wise
1908 Myril Hoag
1912 Arky Vaughan
1916 Woody Rich
1918 Dale Alderson
1920 James Bizzle
1920 Bonnie Serrell
1922 Eugene Jones
1927 Jackie Jensen
1930 Larry Raines
1932 Ron Kline
1932 Paul Martin
1934 Jim Landis
1942 Bert Campaneris
1944 Ed Acosta
1948 Darrel Chaney
1948 Dan Neumeier
1948 John Curtis
1950 Doug Ault
1959 Shooty Babitt
1963 Terry Mulholland
1965 Benito Santiago
1967 Vince Horsman
1973 Aaron Boone
1973 C. J. Nitkowski
1974 Wayne Franklin
1974 Francisco Santos
1975 Rob Sasser
1977 Justin Leone
1978 Michael Neu
1979 Koyie Hill
1981 Clay Rapada
1983 Willy Aybar
1984 Elliot Johnson
1984 Craig Stammen
1985 Brian Bocock
1985 Jesse Litsch
1987 Daniel Hudson
1988 Kenny Roberts
1994 Yennier Cano
1995 Zach Burdi
1998 Anderson Espinoza


1890 Jake Goodman
1899 Bill McGunnigle
1912 Doc Amole
1934 Dan Dugdale
1946 Tom Nagle
1958 Skel Roach
1959 Fin Wilson
1966 Elmer Steele
1966 Aaron Robinson
1968 Jim Callahan
1974 Hal Quick
1977 Spike Merena
1978 Bill Doran

Bill Doran 1Doran was a California kid who went to St. Mary’s College in Oakland where he was a captain from his perch at third base from his sophomore year on.  Prior to that, he had served his time in the US Navy during World War I.  In the spring of 1922, he made a handshake deal with Charley Pick, manager of the Sacramento Solons, after an exhibition spring training game between the Solons and St. Mary’s.  However, a scout for Cleveland saw Doran playing for Lodi in a semi-pro game and convinced the Indians to sign Doran that May when college classes ended.  Spending most of the summer with Cleveland, it wasn’t until July before he got in the game as a pinch runner.  Naturally, the rookie got caught in a rundown near third base and he was retired.  Another month passed before he got to replace Larry Gardner at 3B late in the second game of a double header.  He walked in his only appearance.  Then, he appeared in a third game – got a single and grounded out – so a .667 OBP.  He hadn’t made it, really, but he played in three MLB games.

Right about this time, he was dispatched to Chattanooga for some seasoning, only Sacramento put in a claim for him based on that handshake deal.  Things never really worked out for Doran, though he had some decent seasons in the minors between 1923 and 1930, including a quick stint managing for Wichita at the end of one season.  In the end, he spent more time playing locally with semipro teams.

He moved to the LA area in his later years, working for the Los Angeles Angels at the ballpark and marrying Phyllida Sahm, a schoolteacher, in 1952. They had no children together.  His obituary noted that he wouldn’t have a ceremony; says his ashes were not buried.

There was a Bill Doran who was a really, really good handball player in Southern California.  Wonder if it was this Bill Doran.

1980 Tom Baker
1983 Carl Manda
1984 Charlie Blackburn
1984 Ping Gardner
1986 James Crump
1987 Zeke Bonura
1990 Lou Vedder
1991 Jim Hardin
1994 Elbie Fletcher
2010 Willie Davis
2011 Bob McNamara
2017 Bill Hands
2019 Kevin Ward
2021 Jim Snyder


1960 Kansas City As owner Arnold Johnson is found slumped over in his car at his home. Johnson was suffering a cerebral hemorrhage and would pass away the next morning.

1979 Female reporters are granted access to locker rooms at MLB games.

1995 All 28 teams approve expansion and admit Arizona and Tampa Bay to the major leagues – with teams to be assigned to specific leagues two years later.


1900 With a couple of teams still sorting out rosters due to shared ownership and eventual contraction (Brooklyn/Baltimore), Joe McGinnity was “assigned” to Brooklyn by the Baltimore ownership group, Bill Keister, John McGraw, and Wilbert Robinson were “assigned” to Baltimore, and Jack Chesbro and three others were “assigned” to Louisville by Pittsburgh. Eventually, Baltimore and Louisville would be contracted. (Washington and Cleveland were already contracted.)

1987 Filling out a blank contract (1 year – $500,000), the Cubs signed free agent outfielder Andre Dawson. They paid more for him the following seasons after Dawson was the NL MVP.


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