Baseball History for March 8th

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1869 Jim Hughey
1875 Bob Brush
1879 Josh Clarke
1882 Harry Lord
1890 Charles Corbett
1891 Ollie O’Mara
1893 Ray Francis
1895 Jack Bentley
1896 Lefty Clarke
1898 Phil Bedgood
1909 Pete Fox
1911 Bob Madison
1912 Ray Mueller
1917 Bill Salkeld
1922 Al Gionfriddo
1922 Carl Furillo
1924 Toby Atwell
1926 Dick Teed
1930 Bob Grim
1934 Willard Hunter
1934 Marv Breeding
1937 Jim Small
1939 Jim Bouton
1942 Dick Allen
1942 George Gerberman
1948 Joe Staton
1949 Juan Jimenez
1953 Don Werner
1953 Jim Rice
1954 Win Remmerswaal
1955 Phil Nastu
1957 John Butcher
1957 Bob Stoddard
1958 Nick Capra
1960 Kevin Hagen
1961 Mark Salas
1964 Lance McCullers
1967 Joel Johnston
1968 Jim Dougherty
1973 Mark Lukasiewicz
1973 Justin Thompson
1974 Mike Moriarty
1975 Jesus Pena
1976 Juan Encarnacion
1976 Ryan Freel
1982 Craig Stansberry
1983 Chris Lambert
1983 Mark Worrell
1984 Yoshihisa Hirano
1988 Tommy Pham
1993 Rafael Bautista
1993 Josh James
1994 Jake Noll
1999 Calvin Mitchell


1924 Myron Allen
1925 Garnett Norman

Trying to find a cause of death here…  Garnett Wesley Norman was born in Chattanooga, TN on January 12, 1900 to John and Salona (Hill) Norman.  As a teen, he was brought into the US Army as a cook, but returned to Chattanooga to work as a laborer there.  He found baseball – maybe baseball found Norman – and he was good enough to get a look with the Memphis Red Sox in 1924.  Norman proved to be an excellent fly chaser and was given the nickname of “Bug House” – I hope to one day learn why.  He died at his home at just 25 – the local papers didn’t carry anything about it, thankfully I found a brief obit in the Pittsburgh Courier a week later.  In it, we learn he had two sisters – one he lived with in Chattanooga for a little while.  He was buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Chattanooga.

1926 Howard Armstrong
1934 Bill Rotes
1939 Scott Stratton
1943 Bill Riggins
1959 Ormsby Roy
1959 Don Flinn
1971 Tripp Sigman
1974 Frank Pratt
1977 Sid Benton
1978 Wade Johnston
1981 Gowell Claset
1984 Bruce Cunningham
1985 Al Todd
1989 Dale Coogan
1992 Sherman Edwards
1996 Bill Nicholson
1999 Joe DiMaggio
2002 Ted Sepkowski
2003 Mickey McGowan
2007 John Vukovich
2007 Marty Martinez
2008 Ossie Alvarez
2009 Ed Wolfe
2014 Bud Bulling
2019 Mike Colbern
2021 Rheal Cormier
2021 Norm Sherry


1900 The National League contracts from 12 teams to 8 – losing Louisville, Baltimore, Washington, and Cleveland. Owners of those franchises are allowed to sell their players to help finance their exit from the league.  1913 John Powers organizes (out of the ashes of a failed Columbian League) the Federal League.

1941 Hugh Mulcahy is the first player drafted into the armed forces in advance of World War II.

1946 The Indians top the Giants in the first spring training game played in Arizona.


1918 New York purchased George Burns from Detroit – and then traded him to the Athletics for Ping Bodie.

1923 Boston signs Stuffy McInnis to play first base. The veteran leads the NL in games played, bats .315 and drives in 95 runs.


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