Baseball History for October 25th

<— OCT 24     OCT 26 —>


1851 Mike Brannock
1855 Harry McCormick

McCormick helped the Cincinnati win the 1882 American Association pennant; before that he was probably the best semi-professional pitcher in America for the last half of the 1870s.

1857 John Foley
1861 Joe Werrick
1863 Bill Shettsline
1864 John Godar
1866 Mickey Hughes
1868 Dan Burke
1869 Jack Doyle
1869 Marty Hogan
1871 Marty Bergen
1874 Tom Stanton
1875 Jake Gettman
1880 Weldon Henley
1887 Oscar Dugey
1889 Smoky Joe Wood
1893 Vic Aldridge
1901 Ray Gardner
1904 Andy Cohen
1905 Joe Malay
1909 Mickey Haslin
1913 Phil Marchildon
1913 Gene Corbett
1913 Herb Bremer
1917 Lee MacPhail
1918 Nanny Fernandez
1923 Russ Meyer
1923 Bobby Thomson
1924 Bobby Brown
1925 Roy Hartsfield
1931 Dick Murphy
1937 Chuck Schilling
1939 Pete Mikkelsen
1944 Skip Guinn
1946 Don Eddy
1951 John LaRose
1951 Al Cowens
1952 Rowland Office
1952 Roy Smalley
1954 Tito Landrum
1955 Danny Darwin
1955 Jeff Schattinger
1955 Tommy Boggs
1956 Andy McGaffigan
1958 Dave Von Ohlen
1958 Tom Romano
1960 Kelly Downs
1965 Steve Decker
1966 Mike Harkey
1967 Joe Siddall
1969 Larry Thomas
1969 Keith Garagozzo
1970 Terrell Lowery
1970 Curtis King
1971 Pedro Martinez
1974 Joe Nelson
1978 J. J. Davis
1979 Tony Torcato
1979 Jeremy Brown
1980 Clint Nageotte
1985 Wilkin Ramirez
1988 Alberto Cabrera
1998 Juan Soto


1906 Marty Swandell
1911 Chris Rickley
1921 Jimmy Barrett
1922 Pat Kilhullen
1927 Tom Brown
1941 Bill Phillips
1945 Ernie Baker
1949 Tim Bowden
1963 Jim Lindsey
1978 Molly Craft
1979 Morrie Schick
1981 Pete Reiser
1991 Joe Bokina
1991 George Brunet
1994 George Fallon
1996 Harry Shuman
2008 Rafael Batista
2010 Rudy Rufer
2011 Bert Cueto
2012 Les Mueller
2017 Ross Powell


1964 After a year of rotating managers, the Cubs hire Leo Durocher as their new manager.

1986 A slow roller hit by Mookie Wilson somehow gets past the floppy glove of Bill Buckner, allowing the Mets to steal game six of the World Series.

2005 Geoff Blum’s homer gives the White Sox the lead in the 14th inning; when Chicago finishes off Houston, the game ends in a record five hours and 41 minutes…


1902 Herman Long jumped from Boston to the New York Highlanders.

1932 St. Louis signed former star Rogers Hornsby as a free agent.

1955 The White Sox sent Jim Busby and Chico Carrasquel to the Indians for Larry Doby.

1967 Houston signed amateur free agent outfielder Cesar Cedeno.

1972 Kansas City sends Jim Rooker to Pittsburgh for Gene Garber.

1973 The Cubs send ace Fergie Jenkins to the Rangers for Vic Harris and Bill Madlock.

1973 San Diego sends Mike Caldwell to the Giants for Willie McCovey and Bernie Williams.

1977 The Cubs send Jose Cardenal to the Phillies for Manny Seoane. (Who?)

1978 San Diego sends Oscar Gamble, Dave Roberts and cash to the Rangers for Mike Hargrove, Bill Fahey, and Kurt Bevacqua.

2006 The Cubs sign amateur free agent infielder Starlin Castro.

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