Baseball History for October 26th

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1853 John Dailey
1857 Fred Gunkle
1859 Frank Selee
1865 Andy Sommers
1866 William L. (Kid) Gleason
1867 Parke Wilson
1867 Bill Garfield
1869 John Gilroy
1873 Ed High
1877 Eustace James (Doc) Newton
1878 Charlie Swindells
1880 Lee Tannehill
1881 Gerry Shea
1882 John Wesley (Jock) Somerlott
1884 Harry Camnitz
1885 Harry Chapman
1886 Albin Oscar (Swede) Carlstrom
1888 Dick Hoblitzell
1889 Tommy Griffith
1897 Grier William (Skipper) Friday
1897 George Winn
1898 Roy Moore
1899 Otto Vogel
1904 John Clinton (Monk) Sherlock
1910 Hugh Shelley
1918 George Henry (Snuffy) Stirnweiss
1919 Jack Cassini
1920 Eldred William (Bud) Byerly
1923 Tommy Glaviano
1926 Dick Bokelmann
1929 Roland Hemond
1936 Elio Chacon
1947 Bill Gogolewski
1948 Colbert Dale (Toby) Harrah
1949 Steve Rogers
1949 Mike Hargrove
1950 Dave Coleman
1950 Wayne Garland
1951 Steve Ontiveros
1957 Harry Chappas
1958 Frank Wills
1958 Ed Vande Berg
1961 Gus Polidor
1964 Steve Adkins
1965 Gil Heredia
1965 Zach Crouch
1967 Rafael Novoa
1968 Scott Lydy
1969 Mark Sweeney
1972 Armando Almanza
1974 Marty McLeary
1975 Ryan Bradley
1977 Scott Sobkowiak
1978 Jaime Cerda
1983 Francisco Liriano
1984 Jesus Flores
1989 Daniel Coulombe
1989 Wilfredo Boscan
1991 Dominic Leone
1992 Eric Skoglund
1992 Dwight Smith, Jr.
1994 Joe Palumbo
!999 Luis Patino


1893 Dan Sullivan
1909 Frank Siffell
1918 Charlie Rhodes
1931 Charlie Comiskey
1939 Ed Lennox
1945 Ernie Gust
1949 Lou Mahaffey
1952 Mike Murphy
1952 Tom Angley
1955 Jack Bushelman
1956 Red Nelson
1958 Erwin Renfer
1963 Newt Hunter
1966 Bill Cronin
1969 Jim Blackburn
1970 Willie Underhill
1976 Eddie Silber
1981 Harry Hoch
1982 Bud Podbielan
1984 Gus Mancuso
1985 Bob Scheffing
1986 Ed Holley
1991 Bill Bevens
1995 Lyman Linde
2004 Russ Derry
2004 Bobby Avila
2006 Bill Graham
2006 Fred Marsh
2009 Bill Kirk
2011 Dave Cole
2014 Jeff Robinson
2014 Oscar Taveras

Car accident in the Dominican Republic. My son saw that Cardinal teammates put an OT on their hats during the post season that year, drew an O.T. on his little league hat. (He’s a good kid with a good heart.)


1960 Calvin Griffith chooses to move his franchise from Washington to Minneapolis. Washington gets an expansion team…

1985 Don Denkinger’s missed call at first base allows the Royals to rally and win game six over the Cardinals.

1997 In the 11th inning, Edgar Renteria singles in Craig Counsell to win the World Series for Florida, who topped the Indians in seven games.

2018 Max Muncy homers in the bottom of the 18th inning to give the Dodgers a win over Boston in game three – a seven hour and twenty minute marathon…


1934 Boston sends Lyn Lary and a lot of cash to the Senators for Joe Cronin.

1956 The Giants sign free agent outfielder Hank Sauer.

1973 St. Louis sends Bernie Carbo and Rick Wise to Boston for Reggie Smith and Ken Tatum.

1992 New York sends D.J. Dozier and Wally Whitehurst to San Diego for Tony Fernandez. Then, they send Raul Casanova over to San Diego to finish the deal…

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