Baseball History for September 10th


1863 Louis Pelouze

While playing in Detroit in 1886, the St. Louis Browns needed some extra players.

“Quinn being injured, Louis Pelouze, a member of the Cass Club of this city, played center field and did it exceedingly well, capturing three difficult flies.”

“A Fitting Farewell.”, Detroit Free Press, 23 July 1886, Page 5.

It was his only game. The left handed Pelouze was the son of Civil War veteran and Brigadier General Louis Pelouze. Louis Henry was born in Fort Monroe, VA to the future general and his wife Ellen, and died on 09 January 1939 in New York City. In between, he was a Chicago based jeweler who married Helen Ward on August 15, 1891. Helen, interestingly, was born eight days after Louis. They had a daughter, Lucille, around 1896. In World War I, he served the US Army as a Colonel, like his brothers, following in the footsteps of his father.

1864 Danny Murphy
1868 Charles Bradley (Dusty) Miller
1872 Joe Berry
1875 Mike Lynch
1880 Barney Pelty
1880 Harry Niles
1881 Charles Richard (Tony) Tonneman
1884 Jack Lapp
1886 Blaine Alphonsus (Kid) Durbin
1888 Marty Krug
1891 Joe Evers
1895 George “High Pockets” Kelly
1896 Sammy Hale
1899 Augie Johns
1904 Arlie Tarbert
1905 Irv Jeffries
1910 Buddy Blair
1910 Eddie Sawyer
1911 Johnnie Chambers
1924 Ted Kluszewski
1927 Brandy Davis
1928 Bob Garber
1931 Harry Anderson
1934 Roger Maris
1940 Bob Chance
1944 Jim Hibbs
1951 Randy Wiles
1954 Preston Hanna
1954 Craig Cacek
1957 Len Whitehouse
1959 Bruce Robbins
1963 Randy Johnson
1963 Terry Wells
1964 Joe Kraemer
1965 Tim Sherrill
1966 Riccardo Ingram
1973 Mike Saipe
1977 Chad Hermansen
1977 Danys Baez
1978 Nick Green
1981 Kameron Loe
1981 Connor Robertson
1983 Joey Votto
1983 Lance Pendleton
1984 Andrew Brown
1985 Anthony Swarzak
1985 Neil Walker
1985 Matt Angle
1987 Paul Goldschmidt


1905 Pete Browning
1918 Ed Cassian
1935 Pug Bennett
1940 Bill Shipke
1951 Hank DeBerry
1955 Shano Collins
1956 Eddie Brown
1958 Arlas Taylor
1962 Bill Herring
1969 Jap Barbeau
1973 Roy Johnson
1975 Lance Richbourg
1976 Blackie Carter
1984 Jackie Gallagher
1984 Johnny Marcum
2006 Al Gardella
2012 Tom Saffell
2014 George Spencer
2014 Grant Dunlap


1919 Cleveland pitcher Ray Caldwell tosses a no hitter to beat the Yankees, 3 – 0. Caldwell had been released by the Red Sox earlier in the summer.

1967 Joe Horlen of the White Sox opens a double header without allowing a hit to the Tigers in a 6 – 0 win.

1974 Lou Brock breaks Maury Wills’ stolen base record, stealing two bases to reach 105, in an 8 – 2 loss to the Phillies.

1980 Bill Gullickson sets a rookie record with 18 Ks in a game against the Cubs.


1936 Detroit sends cash and a couple of players to Indianapolis for two players, including Dizzy Trout.

1964 St. Louis signs amateur free agent pitcher Mike Torrez.

1965 The Kansas City Athletics signed Satchel Paige for one last go.

1976 The Chicago White Sox signed Minnie Minoso for his first “one last go”…

1978 Los Angeles signed amateur free agent Alejandro Pena.

1985 Oakland sends Don Sutton to California for two minor leaguers to be named later…

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