Baseball History for August 4th

<— AUG 03     AUG 05 —>


1845 Phonney Martin
1867 Jake Beckley
1869 Mike Gaule
1875 Henry Clarke
1875 Ray Nelson
1878 Harry Hinchman
1879 Paddy O’Connor
1883 Lew Moren
1885 Tex Jones
1890 Dolf Luque
1891 Jim Haislip
1894 Sid Benton
1894 Jim Grant
1896 Chick Galloway
1896 Cliff Lee
1899 Ski Melillo
1902 Bill Hallahan
1902 Homer Blankenship
1902 Al Moore
1907 George Caster
1911 Tuck Stainback
1912 Bill Schuster
1912 Henry Coppola
1915 Luke Easter
1918 Frank McElyea
1918 Don Kolloway
1920 Bob Keegan
1929 Joe Pignatano
1930 Gabe Gabler
1932 Jim Coates
1934 Dallas Green
1937 Frank Kostro
1938 Ray Oyler
1939 Bob Meyer
1939 Dennis Higgins
1942 Angel Bravo
1942 Cleon Jones
1944 Rich Nye
1945 Mike Davison
1946 Kevin Collins
1947 Ken Poulsen
1948 Johnny Grubb
1949 Terry Humphrey
1951 Joe McIntosh
1957 Ben Hayes
1960 Steve Davis
1961 Mark Wasinger
1962 Roger Clemens
1962 John Farrell
1964 Ruben Rodriguez
1964 B. J. Surhoff
1965 Matt Merullo
1966 Jeff Johnson
1967 Domingo Martinez
1967 Steve Bieser
1968 Chris Hook
1969 Troy O’Leary
1970 Dax Jones
1972 Steve Bourgeois
1973 Eric Weaver
1973 Bob Howry
1975 Eric Milton
1976 Kazuo Fukumori
1976 Scott Linebrink
1977 Paxton Crawford
1978 Jon Knott
1978 Luke Allen
1982 Josh Roenicke
1986 Alex Castellanos
1987 Hiram Burgos
1987 David Martinez
1987 Mike Freeman
1990 Brian Ellington
1991 Jason Adam
1992 Domingo German
1993 Kevin Newman
1994 Brett Kennedy
1994 Orlando Arcia
1996 Brock Burke
1996 Brady Singer
1997 Mike Soroka


1879 Charles Bierman
1897 John Gilroy
1920 Frank Fennelly
1924 George Nicol
1930 Sam Jackson
1944 Camp Skinner
1950 John Burke
1950 Harry Coveleski
1951 Tony Tonneman
1955 Mike Balenti
1958 Bob Gamble
1959 Chappy Charles
1959 Pop Williams
1961 Chuck Rose
1963 Bob Fisher
1964 Jerry Standaert
1966 Pug Cavet
1971 Frank Lamanske
1972 George Batten
1979 Hal Wagner
1980 Lefty Jamerson
1983 Ed Wheeler
1989 Wayne LaMaster
1991 Sammy White
1993 Bob Maier
1995 Dick Bartell
1996 Willard Brown
2002 Mike Payne
2006 Elden Auker
2007 Frank Mancuso
2016 Robert Ramsay
2018 Myron White
2019 Ernie Bowman


1884 Pud Galvin throws his second no hitter.

1910 Jack Coombs and Ed Walsh throw 16 innings of shutout ball – darkness ends the game in a tie between Philadelphia and Chicago.

1933 Flint Rhem goes eight innings, giving up 21 hits (!) and 16 runs in an 18 – 1 loss to the Giants. Why bother to bring in a pitcher to take the ninth??? Where was the manager???

1934 Mel Ott is the first player to score six runs in a game, having gone 4 – 4 with a walk and a hit batsman. The Giants scored 21 runs in the second game of a doubleheader to beat Philadelphia, 21 – 4.

1937 Joe Medwick lashes out four doubles to tie an MLB record

1945 Billy Salkeld goes 5 – 5 with 5 RBIs and completes the cycle for Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, St. Louis won, 6 – 5.

More importantly – Bert Shepard goes 5.1 innings in relief in his only game for the Washington Senators. Shepard, as you may remember, had an amputated leg… He allowed just a run on three hits.

1979 Phil Niekro ties J.R. Richard’s mark by being called for six wild pitches in an eight inning, complete game loss to Houston. Bruce Benedict was struggling – he gave up four of them and was replaced by Joe Nolan. In fairness, Richard had to be wilder – but he went all nine for a win the day he first had six wild pitches…

1983 Speaking of wild pitches – a warmup throw by Dave Winfield kills a seagull in Toronto. He’s arrested after the game for animal cruelty.

1985 White Sox pitcher Tom Seaver wins his 300th game, tossing a complete game win over New York in Yankee Stadium. That same day, Rod Carew slapped a single of Frank Viola for his 3000th career hit.


1899 Cincinnati purchases Socks Seybold from Richmond. Seybold would go on to be a HR leader before it was over. Just not for Cincy – in Philadelphia.

1902 Baltimore signs Ike Butler out of Shreveport. They were desperate for anyone who could throw then – having been ravaged by the evil John McGraw.

1915 Boston signs Art Nehf, who had been pitching in Terre Haute.

1931 Chicago signs Louisville’s Billy Herman.

1958 Cleveland purchases Randy Jackson from the Dodgers.

1962 New York releases Vinegar Bend Mizell.

1964 San Francisco signs amateur free agent Bobby Bonds. That worked out okay…

1967 Chicago picks up Pete Mikkelsen when he was waived by Pittsburgh. Ike Futch played with Mikkelsen in Augusta, I believe.

1972 Kansas City signs amateur free agent U. L. Washington. The toothpick was signed later.

1982 New York trades Joel Youngblood to Montreal for a player to be named later (Tom Gorman).

Youngblood, who had started a day game for the Mets, singled home two runs in the third inning off of Fergie Jenkins and then had to be pulled from the game in the fourth inning. He hopped on a plane to Philadelphia in time to enter that game in the sixth inning for Jerry White in right field. In the next inning, he singled off of Steve Carlton. Now THAT’S a big day.

1989 The White Sox send Mark Davis to California for Mark Doran and Roberto Hernandez. Hernandez would last, what, 20 years?

Baseball History for August 3rd

<— AUG 02     AUG 04 —>


1849 Charlie Snow
1855 Frank Sylvester (Silver) Flint
1870 Richard P. (Stub) Brown
1873 Ed McFarland
1884 Tom Reilly
1885 Samuel Beryl (Doc) Ralston
1886 Al Kaiser
1888 Jay Rogers
1889 Gus Getz
1894 Harry Heilmann
1894 George Hale
1902 Joe Sprinz
1902 Doug Taitt
1909 George Meyer
1911 Art Evans
1912 Vernon Sprague (Whitey) Wilshere
1917 Milo Candini
1920 Vic Johnson
1920 Jim Hegan
1921 Joe Lafata
1925 Dave Hoskins
1927 Dick Welteroth
1928 Cliff Ross
1928 Dick Hyde
1940 Roger Repoz
1952 Dan Meyer
1959 Mike Jeffcoat
1959 Jim Gott
1960 Sid Bream
1962 Mackey Sasser
1964 Kevin Elster
1968 Kevin Morton
1968 Rod Beck
1969 Steve Dixon
1971 Chris Sexton
1972 Wendell Magee
1973 Blake Stein
1975 Roosevelt Brown
1976 Troy Glaus
1977 Justin Lehr
1981 Travis Bowyer
1981 Felix Sanchez
1983 Mark Reynolds
1984 Sergio Escalona
1984 German Duran
1984 Matthew Joyce
1988 Pat McCoy
1989 Roberto Gomez
1992 Bubba Starling
1995 Zac Gallen
1997 Luis Robert
1998 Jonathan Arauz


1918 Mike Lawlor
1934 Charlie Hastings
1940 Willard Hershberger

Suicide. Just 29, Hershberger slit his throat with a razor blade. The Reds had lost both games of a doubleheader on August 2nd and Hershberger was distraught, taking the losses very personally. Manager Bill McKechnie spent hours talking to him, and by the evening he seemed okay – even ate a big meal.

The next day, he didn’t appear at the ballpark – but he answered the phone and told the team he’d eventually get to the ballpark. Gabe Paul, then the traveling secretary for the Reds, asked Sam Cohen, a friend of Hershberger’s to pick him up and when Cohen got there he got a hotel maid to unlock the door. That’s when they found Hersheberger’s lifeless body.

“Cincinnati Catcher Commits Suicide”, The Morning Call, 04 August 1940, Page 11.

1942 Jack Sutthoff
1942 Jack Hayden
1942 Lyle Bigbee
1947 Al Tesch
1947 Vic Willis
1954 Art Hoelskoetter
1955 Mule Shirley
1961 Tom Downey
1962 War Sanders
1966 Earl Blackburn
1968 John Jenkins
1976 Homer Ezzell
1980 Bill Hubbell
1981 Jim McLeod
1984 Elmer Smith
1985 Cloy Mattox
1990 Bob Brown
1995 Harry Craft
2007 Lee Griffeth


1914 Les Nunamaker, Yankees catcher, gets three assists in an inning by throwing out Sam Crawford and Bobby Veach trying to steal, and picking off Hugh High, who was leading too far off first base – all in the seventh inning. (It didn’t matter – Detroit won 4 – 1 anyway.)

Now THAT’S helping your pitcher.

Batchelor, E. A. “New York Cannot Hit Coveleskie,” Detroit Free Press, 04 August 1914, Page 12.

2015 Mike Hessman hits his 433rd minor league homer, passing a mark set 79 years earlier by Buzz Arlett.

2015 Adrian Beltre hits for the cycle – again! Only four players have done this trivial quirk three times – the other three did so more than 80 years earlier.


1899 Baltmore sent Gene Demontreville and Jerry Nops to Brooklyn for Hughie Jennings. That trade lasted all of five days, when all three players were returned to their prior teams. (When is a trade not a trade?)

1960 Detroit sent manager Jimmy Dykes to the Indians for their manager, Joe Gordon.

1967 The Yankees sent Elston Howard to Boston for Pete Magrini and (later) Ron Klimkowski. Howard helped get the Red Sox to the World Series – something Howard had done nine times with New York.

1990 Atlanta sent Dale Murphy to the Phillies for Jeff Parrett (and there were three players named later, including Tommy Greene).

2002 Arizona signed amateur free agent hitter Carlos Gonzalez.

Baseball History for August 2nd

<— AUG 01     AUG 03 —>


1874 Bill Hill
1876 William Gideon (Kid) Nance

Nance came from the Texas Leagues – he replaced Ollie Pickering, who was in a slump, in the Louisville outfield in 1897.

1877 War Sanders
1881 Frederick William (Bucky) Veil
1882 Jim Holmes
1882 Leon Kessling (Red) Ames
1886 Dwight Stone
1890 Angel Aragon
1898 Emmett Bowles
1899 Arthur Bernard (Tink) Riviere
1901 Charlie Caldwell
1902 Joe Klinger
1906 Bill Posedel
1909 Bill Phebus
1924 Lloyd Merriman
1932 John Pregenzer
1943 Tom Burgmeier
1944 Chris Coletta
1952 Jesus Manuel (Bombo) Rivera
1952 Art James
1955 Jim Dorsey
1956 Roger LaFrancois
1956 Derek Botelho
1961 Danny Sheaffer
1964 Cliff Young
1965 Paul Marak
1966 Tim Wakefield
1967 Scott Taylor
1968 Frank Cimorelli
1969 Dae-Sung Koo
1971 Steve Sinclair
1973 Mike Venafro
1974 Matt Miller
1975 Joe Dillon
1977 Julio Mateo
1978 Matt Guerrier
1979 Humberto Quintero
1979 Matt Riley
1979 Colby Lewis
1982 Grady Sizemore
1983 Huston Street
1984 Luke Hughes
1984 Konrad Schmidt
1987 Juan Jaime
1988 Brett Jackson
1989 Onelki Garcia
1991 Parker Bridwell
1992 Dylan Moore
1993 Paul Dejong
1993 Keury Melia
1996 Keston Hiura


1882 Gene Kimball
1898 Val Robinson
1899 John Ward
1903 Bill Sweeney
1905 George Snyder
1932 Dan Brouthers
1934 Reggie Richter
1938 Jim Curry
1944 Arthur Hauger
1946 Carl Lind
1951 Guy Cooper
1955 Peaches O’Neill
1961 Harry Gardner
1961 Walter Morris
1963 Pete Standridge
1970 Mike Cvengros
1974 Ty Pickup
1975 Jess Buckles
1979 Thurman Munson

His Cessna clips a tree and crashes just short of the runway at Akron-Canton regional airport.

1988 Bob Berman
1993 Joe Gantenbein
1994 Dick Jones
2004 Mike Schultz
2005 Milt Graff
2011 Al Federoff
2015 Jack Spring


1921 A jury acquits eight White Sox players accused of throwing the 1919 World Series.

1985 On a single by Rickey Henderson, White Sox center fielder Luis Salazar throws out Bobby Meacham at the plate – and Carlton Fisk remains standing long enough to tag Dale Berra, who also tried to score on the play.

I remember watching this game from a hotel room in Albany, NY a day before heading to Cooperstown to tour the Hall of Fame and Museum. I haven’t seen Ross Tarlow in years… Hey, Ross. Drop me a line.


1961 Kansas City sends Reno Bertoia and Gerry Staley to Detroit for Bill Fischer and Ozzie Virgil.

1968 Washington sent Ron Hansen to the Chicago White Sox for Tim Cullen.

1985 California sends Mike Brown, Pat Clements, and (later) Bob Kipper to the Pirates for John Candelaria, George Hendrick, and Al Holland.

2001 St. Louis sends Ray Lankford to San Diego for Woody Williams.

Baseball History for August 1st

<— JULY 31     AUG 02 —>


1850 Michael Campbell
1865 Ed Gastfield
1865 Frank Grant
1872 Clay Fauver
1875 Wiley Davis
1875 Harry Croft
1881 Tom Walker
1890 Edward Haughton (Slim) Love
1891 Bob Emmerich
1892 Roy Sanders
1895 Clem Llewellyn
1899 Joe Shaute
1902 Howard Freigau
1906 Frank Bushey
1916 Elmer Donald (Pep) Rambert
1916 Floyd Stromme
1917 Chet Johnson
1921 Ray Hamrick
1923 George Bamberger
1925 Bobby Balcena
1943 Jackie Warner
1947 Tony Muser
1948 Tommy Smith
1950 Wayne Tyrone
1950 Milt May
1951 Pete Mackanin
1952 Greg Gross
1954 Roger Miller
1957 Myron White
1960 Dave Anderson
1962 Scott Anderson
1967 Gregg Jefferies
1968 Shigetoshi Hasegawa
1968 Brian Bohanon
1969 Brent Knackert
1969 Kevin Jarvis
1971 Travis Driskill
1972 Freddy Garcia
1974 Justin Baughman
1976 Kevin Joseph
1978 Tim Olson
1984 Brandon Kintzler
1985 Cole Kimball
1985 Adam Jones
1988 Roenis Elias
1989 Madison Bumgarner
1989 Nick Ramirez
1990 Kennys Vargas
1990 Aledmys Diaz
1995 T.J. Zeuch


1897 Jake Seymour
1898 Charlie Hackett
1903 Charlie Bohn
1914 Gid Gardner
1914 Con Murphy
1920 Frank Norton
1932 Haddie Gill
1938 Tug Thompson
1946 Bert Sincock
1951 Harry Curtis
1952 Phil Douglas
1958 Ike Boone
1966 Hank Gowdy
1974 Tom Kirk
1989 Don Heffner
1991 Chris Short
1994 Bernie James
2002 Jack Tighe
2005 Milt Nielsen
2007 Pete Naktenis
2008 John Simmons
2011 Alex Pitko
2011 Joe Caffie
2012 Don Erickson
2013 Babe Martin
2015 Hank Izquierdo


1923 Harry Frazee sells the Red Sox to a group led by J. A. Robert Quinn, who was a business manager of the Browns.

1945 Mel Ott is the first National League batter to hit 500 homers, taking a Johnny Hutchings pitch deep at the Polo Grounds.

1962 Boston’s Bill Montbouquette nips the White Sox, 1 – 0 without allowing a hit.

1972 San Diego’s Nate Colbert hits five homers in a doubleheader, the second person (Stan Musial was the first).

2005 Rafael Palmeiro is suspended for violating the MLB steroid policy.


1896 The Phillies spent $1,500 wisely by purchasing Nap Lajoie from Fall River of the New England League.

1914 Cleveland purhased Bill Wambganss from Cedar Rapids of the Central Association.

1919 The Giants sent Joe Oeschger, Red Causey, Johnny Jones, Mickey O’Neill and a bunch of cash to Boston for pitcher Art Nehf.

1925 The Yankees paid $50,000 to Salt Lake City of the PCL for Tony Lazzeri – and then sent three players back to Salt Lake City the following spring.

1980 The Yankees signed amateur free agent pitcher Jose Rijo.

1985 Cleveland sent Bert Blyleven to the Twins for Jay Bell, Curt Wardle, Jim Weaver, and (later) Rich Yett.

Baseball History for July 31st

<— JULY 30     AUGUST 1 —>


1857 Charlie Reynolds
1864 Mark Creegan
1870 Joe Sugden
1880 Bob Unglaub
1883 Charles Eugene (Tuffy) Stewart
1883 Tommy Madden
1883 Clarence Hanford (Red) Munson
1886 Larry Doyle
1888 Pembroke Finlayson
1889 Dan Marion
1890 Oscar Martin (Slim) Harrell
1892 Art Nehf
1892 Erv Kantlehner
1892 David Carter (Mutt) Williams
1893 Allen Russell
1896 Raymond Edwin (Chick) Sorrells
1900 Henry William (Heinie) Scheer
1910 Glenn Liebhardt
1910 Gordon McNaughton
1912 Archie Wise
1912 Jesse Landrum
1913 Joe Mulligan
1913 Bill Fleming
1914 Elmer Riddle
1915 Jess Pike
1916 Billy Hitchcock
1920 Fred Bradley
1922 Hank Bauer
1925 Harry Malmberg
1927 Billy Shantz
1927 Al Aber
1931 Walter Gary (Rip) Coleman
1931 Joe Durham
1935 Terry Fox
1936 Vic Davalillo
1937 Fred Van Dusen
1943 Billy Wynne
1944 Frank Brosseau
1947 Earl Stephenson
1947 John Vukovich
1947 Pete Koegel
1949 Jay Schlueter
1953 Hank Small
1956 Gordie Pladson
1957 Leon Durham
1957 Howard Bailey
1959 Mike Bielecki
1959 Bob Johnson
1963 Scott Bankhead
1970 Mike Figga
1975 Randy Flores
1975 Gabe Kapler
1979 Andy Van Hekken
1979 J. J. Furmaniak
1983 Rene Rivera
1984 Fernando Hernandez
1992 Jose Fernandez
1992 Kyle McGrath
1996 Luiz Gohara


1938 Doc Miller
1938 Bill Carney
1941 Jim Byrnes
1945 Snapper Kennedy
1960 Joe Klinger
1961 Bud Weiser
1972 Rollie Hemsley
1975 Max Flack
1991 John Dobb
1993 Sam Langford
1994 Hy Vandenberg
1996 Howie Goss
1997 Eddie Miller
2015 Billy Pierce
2018 Daryl Robertson


1954 Joe Adcock homers four times in Ebbets Field as the Braves clock the Dodgers 15 – 7. Adcock also doubled – missing by perhaps a foot of hitting five homers in a game.


1888 Kansas City purchased Billy Hamilton from Worcester in the New England League.

1987 Cleveland sent Steve Carlton to Minnesota for Jeff Perry.

1989 The Mets send Rick Aguilera, Kevin Tapani, David West, Tim Drummond and (later) Jack Savage to the Twins for Frank Viola.

1993 Toronto sent Steve Karsay and (later) Jose Herrera to Oakland for Rickey Henderson.

1997 St. Louis sent T.J. Mathews, Eric Ludwick, and Blake Stein to Oakland for Mark McGwire.

1998 Seattle sent Randy Johnson to Houston for Freddy Garcia, Carlos Guillen, and (later) John Halama.

2004 Boston sends Nomar Garciaparra and Matt Murton to the Cubs in a four-team trade that netted the Red Sox Doug Mientkiewicz and Orlando Cabrera. The Twins and Expos were also involved.

2008 Boston sends Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers in a three team trade that included getting Jason Bay from Pittsburgh and the Dodgers sending Andy LaRoche and Bruan Morris to the Pirates.

The list of 7/31 trades that had impact is long and wide. I could easily list 100 of them.

For a complete list, go here:

Baseball History for July 30th

<— JULY 29     JULY 31 —>


1863 Tod Brynan
1869 George Wheeler
1870 Bill Merritt
1890 Charles Dillon (Casey) Stengel
1894 Chuck Ward
1894 Bill Cunningham
1900 Paul Fitzke
1905 Hal Finney
1906 Johnnie Tyler
1908 Frankie Pytlak
1912 Charlie Uhlir
1912 Carl Doyle
1912 Johnny Rizzo
1914 Steve Peek
1915 Jerry Witte
1918 Jack Conway
1922 Joe Coleman
1923 Paul Minner
1925 Bill Moisan
1925 Bill Glynn
1928 Bill Hall
1928 Joe Nuxhall
1930 Gus Triandos
1941 Bob Barton
1944 Pat Kelly
1944 Doug Rader
1947 Jim Spencer
1952 Mickey Mahler
1954 Ellis Valentine
1957 Steve Trout
1957 Clint Hurdle
1958 Scott Fletcher
1959 Ricky Horton
1959 Mike Jones
1960 Steve Ellsworth
1962 Tom Pagnozzi
1963 Jeff Shaver
1965 Todd Haney
1966 Mike Anderson
1971 Ron Blazier
1971 Calvin Murray
1975 Oswaldo Mairena
1975 Matt Erickson
1980 Edwin Moreno
1985 Dylan Axelrod
1986 Scott Diamond
1989 Jesse Hahn
1989 Matt Skole
1993 Jake Faria
1993 Jared Walsh


1928 Charlie Becker
1933 Frank Allen
1941 Mickey Welch
1941 Howie Shanks
1942 Jim Baskette
1943 Charlie Fritz
1947 Ed Seward
1947 Chick Robitaille
1953 Leon Chagnon
1955 Dave Rowan
1956 Tommy Sewell
1966 Harry Hedgpeth
1969 Flint Rhem
1976 Jack Knight
1980 Joe Lucey
1986 Mickey Heath
1991 Allen Conkwright
1993 Bob Wright
2003 Gene Hasson
2005 Ray Cunningham
2008 Porter Vaughan
2014 Dave Bakenhaster
2016 Jose Arcia
2016 Alan Brice


1917 In a game against Washington, Ty Cobb, Bobby Veach, and Ossie Vitt batted 5 for 5 in a 16 – 4 win.

1968 Washington’s Ron Hansen completes an unassisted triple play against Cleveland – the eighth in history. In the bottom of the first Joe Azcue lined to Hanson, stepped on second to double Dave Nelson, then tagged Russ Snyder who was coming from first.

“Indians Rip Nats By 10 – 1”, Newport News Daily Press, 31 July 1968, Page 15.

1973 Rangers pitcher Jim Bibby throws a no-hitter to beat Oakland, 1 – 0.

1980 J. R. Richard suffers a career ending stroke, despite being recently released from a hospital after tests showed nothing was wrong.


1890 Cleveland spends $300 wisely, purchasing Cy Young from Canton of the Tri-State League.

1908 Philadelphia spends $1000 wisely, purchasing Shoeless Joe Jackson from Greenville of the Carolina Association. Of course, Mack had outfielders, so he sent Jackson to Cleveland exactly two years later as the player to be named later in the Bris Lord for Morrie Rath deal.

1924 Philadelphia spends $2000 wisely, purchasing Jimmie Foxx from Easton of the Eastern Shore League.

1979 In a deal that was essentially Oscar Gamble for Mickey Rivers, the Yankees got Gamble, Ray Fontenot and Gene Nelson for Rivers and three guys who never made the majors.

1985 Texas signs amateur free agent outfielder Sammy Sosa.

1996 Boston sends Jamie Moyer to Seattle for Darren Bragg.

2004 Tampa Bay sends Victor Zambrano and Bartolome Fortunato to the Mets for Scott Kazmir and Jose Diaz.

2013 Detroit sent Avisail Garcia to the White Sox and Brayan Villarreal to Boston. The White Sox sent Jake Peavy to the Red Sox, and the Red Sox sent Jose Iglesias to Detroit and three minor players to the White Sox.

Baseball History for July 29th

<— JULY 28     JULY 30 —>


1851 John Greason
1863 Ed Greer
1864 Will Sawyer
1866 Sam Dungan
1868 George Rettger
1876 Emmet Heidrick
1877 Earl Moore
1878 Frank Martin
1879 Ed Donnelly
1880 John Tortes (Chief) Meyers
1886 George Cutshaw
1891 Fred Smith
1895 Sterling Alpa (Dutch) Stryker
1897 Jim Hamby
1899 Walter Beall
1902 Luther Roy
1910 Francis Healy
1911 Roy Henshaw
1917 Robert Lawrence (Buck) Frierson
1920 Erv Dusak
1928 Ken Landenberger
1934 Felix Mantilla
1938 Don Wert
1943 Bill Whitby
1945 Roy Foster
1946 Harvey Shank
1951 Ken Kravec
1951 Greg Minton
1951 Gary Thomasson
1951 Dan Driessen
1956 Jeff Jones
1959 Dave LaPoint
1960 Dar Smith
1962 Randy McCament
1963 Steve Frey
1963 Tommy Gregg
1965 Luis Alicea
1968 Mike Williams
1970 Steve Wojciechowski
1970 Todd Dunn
1971 Johnny Ruffin
1975 Seth Greisinger
1978 Mike Adams
1980 Ryan Braun
1984 Mark Hamilton
1984 Chad Billingsley
1989 Eric Jokisch


1891 Steve Matthias
1931 Conny Doyle
1934 Dan Phelan
1934 Judge McCredie
1937 Pete Fries
1939 John Sowders
1947 George Bausewine
1948 Arnie Stone
1954 Babe Borton
1957 Tommy Thevenow
1959 Boileryard Clarke
1962 Burt Shotton
1964 Vean Gregg
1967 Ray Kolp
1968 Bill Hart
1970 Charley Moore
1973 Don Fisher
1976 Jesse Baker
1976 Elmer Myers
1978 Charlie Bold
1982 Luke Boone
2003 Jim Pruett
2007 Bill Robinson
2008 Lee Wheat
2017 Lee May
2018 Johnny Lewis


1908 Rube Waddell exacts revenge on the Athletics by fanning 16 batters in a 5 – 4 win for the Browns.

1911 Smokey Joe Wood blanks the Browns, 5 – 0, without allowing a hit.

1944 Annabelle Lee throws the first perfect game in All-American Girls Professional Baseball League history as Minneapolis tops Fort Wayne. Lee is the aunt of Bill “Spaceman” Lee.

1968 Reds starter George Culver tosses a no-hitter to beat the Phillies, 6 – 1.


1919 New York sent Bob McGraw, Allen Russell and cash to Boston for Carl Mays.

1971 St. Louis sent Jose Cardenal, Dick Schofield, andd Bob Reynolds to the Brewers for Ted Kubiak and Chuck Loseth.

1988 Boston sends Curt Schilling and Brady Anderson to the Orioles for Mike Boddicker.

1989 Texas sends Sammy Sosa, Wilson Alvarez, and Scott Fletcher to the White Sox for Harold Baines and Fred Manrique.

By the way, this should be Harold Baines Trade Day. 1989, 1997, and 2000.

1996 Cleveland sends Carlos Baerga and Alvaro Espinosa to the Mets for Jeff Kent and Jose Vizcaino.

2002 Philadelphia sends Scott Rolen and Doug Nickle to St. Louis for Placido Polanco, Mike Timlin, and Bud Smith.

2009 Cleveland trades Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco to the Phillies for Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald, Lou Marson and Jason Knapp.

Baseball History for July 28th

<— JULY 27     JULY 29 —>


1863 Ed Carfrey
1865 Bob Wood
1867 Charles H. (Duke) Esper
1867 Bill Day
1877 Willie Garoni
1886 Hank Perry
1887 George Daly
1890 Elmer Miller
1891 Joe Mathes
1893 Charles Wilber (Bullet) Rogan
1894 John Glaiser
1898 Paul McCullough
1901 Freddie Fitzsimmons
1903 George Gerken
1906 Ray Dobens
1911 Joe Martin
1921 Ben Steiner
1929 Ted Lepcio
1931 Gus Keriazakos
1935 Ernie Bowman
1943 Dick Simpson
1943 Ron Theobald
1949 Vida Blue
1953 Jerry Maddox
1953 Mark Williams
1960 Carmelo Martinez
1964 Bob Milacki
1964 Terry Taylor
1966 Derek Lee
1975 Chad Paronto
1985 Henry Sosa
1986 Darin Ruf
1987 Jae-gyun Hwang
1991 Caleb Smith
1993 Drew Jackson
1994 Walker Buehler
1995 Jorge Alcala


1905 Jim Tray
1913 John Greenig
1917 Whitey Ritterson
1938 Bill Morgan
1940 Red Ehret
1940 Stan Yerkes
1954 Jim Bagby
1955 Rudy Bell
1958 Lu Blue
1959 Frank Ragland
1960 Ken Landenberger
1960 Marty Kavanagh
1961 John Grim
1971 Harry Wolfe
1971 Myril Hoag
1982 Lefty Wallace
1986 Cliff Melton
1986 Joe Oeschger
1990 Red Barrett
1997 Bud Hardin
1999 Ed Cole
2001 John Easton
2002 Bud Souchock
2002 Hal Spindel
2013 George Scott
2013 Drungo Hazewood
2013 Frank Castillo


1976 Former Athletic John “Blue Moon” Odom and Francisco Barrios combine to threw a no hitter allowing the White Sox to beat Oakland, 2 – 1. Odom’s 5 inning win was a bit wild; he allowed nine walks but he got two double plays behind him.

1993 Ken Griffey’s homer off Willie Banks marks the eighth straight game where the Kid hit a round-tripper.

That same day, Anthony Young won a game in relief for the Mets, ending a 27-game losing streak that had lasted 81 appearances and a near even split of losses as a starter (14) and reliever (13).


1915 The Giants purchased George (High Pockets) Kelly from Victoria of the Northwest League for $1200.

1916 Philadelphia signed amateur free agent Charlie Grimm.

1928 Philadephia acquired Chuck Klein from Fort Wayne of the Central League by sending Fort Wayne Harvey MacDonald.

1995 Toronto sent David Cone to the Yankees for Marty Janzen and two minor leaguers.

2000 Cleveland sends Richie Sexson, Paul Rigdon, Kane Davis, and (later) Marco Scutaro to the Brewers for Jason Bere, Bob Wickman, and Steve Woodard.

2006 Milwaukee sends Nelson Cruz and Carlos Lee to Texas for Francisco Cordero, Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, and Julian Cordero.

2011 The Mets send Carlos Beltran to the Giants for Zack Wheeler.

2015 Colorado sends Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes, Jeff Hoffman, Miguel Castro, and Jesus Tinoco.

Meanwhile, Oakland sends Ben Zobrist and money to the Royals for Sean Manaea and Aaron Brooks.

Baseball History for July 27th

<— JULY 26     JULY 28 —>


1849 Davy Force
1853 Frank Berkelbach
1856 Charlie Robinson
1860 Welday Walker
1861 Jim Lillie
1874 Tom Messitt
1875 Fred Ketchum
1876 John Morris (Moose) Baxter
1880 Henry Cooke (Irish) McIlveen
1880 Jack Doscher
1880 Joe Tinker
1882 Harry Clinton (Huck) Wallace
1883 Harry Kane
1884 Charley Hall
1886 George Yantz
1889 Cal Crum
1896 George Kopshaw
1896 George Elvin (Rube) Walberg
1897 James Raleigh (Biz) Mackey
1898 James Wren (Zack) Taylor
1898 Benny Bengough
1899 Jim Faulkner
1905 Rudy Leopold
1905 Leo Durocher
1907 Ed Carroll
1915 Dick Kimble
1917 Bill Sayles
1923 Ray Boone
1928 Charlie Bicknell
1932 Johnny Kucks
1935 John Edelman
1936 Don Lock
1942 Jack Hiatt
1945 Larry Biittner
1952 Rich Dauer
1952 Elliott Taylor (Bump) Wills
1954 Brian Kingman
1955 Len Barker
1955 Shane Rawley
1957 Floyd Rayford
1959 Joe DeSa
1961 Nelson Santovenia
1968 Tom Goodwin
1971 Shane Bowers
1973 Enrique Wilson
1974 Brian Sikorski
1975 Shea Hillenbrand
1975 Alex Rodriguez
1977 Kyle Denney
1980 Felix Diaz
1984 Max Scherzer
1984 Tsuyoshi Nishioka
1986 Elih Villanueva
1986 Ryan Flaherty
1987 Preston Guilmet
1988 Yoervis Medina
1991 Wandy Peralta
1992 Vincente Campos
1993 Nick Dini
1995 Brad Keller
1995 Foster Griffin
1995 Adalberto Mondesi


1888 Ed Cogswell
1902 Packy Dillon
1910 Theodore Conover
1917 John Schappert
1922 Nig Cuppy
1924 Bob Dresser
1938 Milt Reed
1940 Tom Williams
1948 Joe Tinker
1958 Art Corcoran
1958 Phil Page
1961 Jack Little
1963 Hooks Dauss
1964 Dominic Mulrenan
1965 Harry Lunte
1968 Howie Storie
1968 Jack Redmond
1968 Babe Adams
1969 Glenn Elliott
1970 Whitey Platt
1975 Fred Sherry
1977 Billy Holm
1985 Carl Yowell
1985 Smoky Joe Wood
1986 Bud Hafey
1987 Travis Jackson
1992 Salty Parker
1995 Rick Ferrell
1997 Hardin Cathey
1998 Bill Tuttle
2003 Rinty Monahan
2008 Russ Gibson
2009 Luis Quintana
2011 Hideki Irabu
2014 George Freese
2016 Doug Griffin
2019 Mike Roarke


1930 Ken Ash got a win in relief for the Reds with a one pitch relief effort that got three outs.

With Hack Wilson on third and Danny Taylor on first, Charlie Grimm hit a grounder to second. Hod Ford fired to the plate, Wilson returned toward third, and Clyde Sukeforth and Tony Cuccinello got Wilson out in a pickle. Grimm made the turn at first base, and Sukeforth quickly threw to first where Joe Stripp applied the tag. That left Danny Taylor – who tried to go to third on the throw that got Grimm. Stripp made a fine throw to third and Taylor was out. Triple play.

The Reds then rallied to take the lead in the next inning – Ash got the win in relief.

Ryder, Jack. “Reds Display All Brands of Baseball to Defeat Cubs,” Cincinnati Enquirer, 28 July 1930, Sporting Section, Page 1.

It’s two grand slams in one game day!

In 1946, Rudy York helps the Red Sox clobber the Browns.

In 2009, Josh Willingham helps the Nationals clock the Brewers.

1988 Tommy John commits three errors on the same play – bobbling a grounder, throwing the ball into right field, and then messing up a relay throw – which allowed two runs to score.

2011 Ervin Santana holds Cleveland without a hit in a 3 – 1 win for the Angels.


1945 The Cubs purchased Hank Bowory from the Yankees for $97,000.

1988 Texas signed amateur free agent catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

2001 Tampa sent Fred McGriff to the Cubs for Manny Aybar and (later) Jason Smith.

2011 St. Louis sent Trever Miller, Colby Rasmus, Brian Tallet and P.J. Walters to the Blue Jays for Octavio Dotel, Corey Patterson, Mark Rzepczynski and the just acquired Edwin Jackson.

2012 Milwaukee sent Zack Greinke to the Angels for Jean Segura, Ariel Pena, and Johnny Hellweg.

2017 Kansas City sent Mike Moustakas to the Brewers for Brett Phillips and Jorge Lopez.

Baseball History for July 26th

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1850 Frederick C. (Tricky) Nichols
1851 Horatio Munn
1852 George Fields
1854 Phil Powers
1864 Bill Hassamaer
1864 John Cuff
1879 John Butler
1880 Jack Fox
1884 Otto McIvor
1884 Tom Crooke
1885 Roy Castleton
1886 Roy Witherup
1892 Sad Sam Jones
1894 Larry Woodall
1897 Emmons Joseph (Chick) Bowen
1901 Walter Paul (Doc) Gautreau
1904 Bill Dreesen
1905 Sam Leslie
1914 Ellis Kinder
1915 Mel Deutsch
1917 Jimmy Bloodworth
1920 Eddie Bockman
1920 Sibby Sisti
1921 Tom Saffell
1922 Hoyt Wilhelm
1923 Leo Thomas
1924 Milt Welch
1925 Jackie Mayo
1926 Bobby Herrera
1927 Bill Miller
1930 Glenn Mickens
1932 Dick Brodowski
1933 Norm Siebern
1935 Buddy Gilbert
1935 Lou Jackson
1937 Pete Ward
1941 Carroll Sembera
1942 Jose Martinez
1948 John Knox
1958 Marty Bystrom
1962 Jody Reed
1968 Mike Mohler
1969 Greg Colbrunn
1975 Kevin Barker
1976 Kevin Olsen
1977 Joaquin Benoit
1980 Jason Botts
1984 Brandon Morrow
1984 Kevin Jepsen
1985 Mat Gamel
1987 Vidal Nuno
1987 Alex Burnett
1991 Cristhian Adames
1991 Ryan Stanek
1992 Paul Fry
1993 Jefry Rodriguez
1993 Ryan O’Hearn


1903 William Nusz
1911 John Radcliff
1915 Charlie Reising
1930 Tommy Madden
1931 Ben Ellis
1935 Bill Whitrock
1943 Tom Gettinger
1948 Homer Davidson
1956 Dad Clark
1958 Walter Bernhardt
1959 Otis Miller
1964 Harry Smith
1966 Elmer Yoter
1971 Chick Lathers
1976 Les Howe
1979 Bill DeKoning
1986 Webb Schultz
1988 Al Flair
1994 Roland Gladu
1994 Herm Holshouser
2004 Ruben Gomez
2010 Jake Jacobs
2013 Bob Savage


1933 Joe DiMaggio’s 61 game hitting streak with San Francisco of the PCL ends in a game against the Oaks. The old record for minor league hitting streaks was 49. DiMaggio was all of 19-years-old…


1984 Cincinnati sends Dan Driessen to Montreal for Andy McGaffigan and minor leaguer Jim Jefferson.

1995 Los Angeles signs amateur free agent pitcher Eric Gagne.

2000 Philadelphia sends Curt Schilling to the Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Travis Lee, Vincente Padilla, and Nelson Figueroa.

2006 Cleveland sends Ben Broussard and cash to the Mariners for Shin-Soo Choo and (later) Shawn Nottingham.

2008 Cleveland sends Casey Blake (and $) to the Dodgers for Carlos Santana and Jon Meloan.