Baseball History for June 30th


1862 Tug Arundel
1864 John A. (Jocko) Flynn
1864 Ned Bligh
1865 Tim Hurst
1873 George Stultz
1880 Davy Jones
1887 Rafael Almeida
1895 Johnny Miljus
1902 Hal Smith
1905 Art Scharein
1912 Dino Chiozza
1912 Johnny Hudson
1912 Manny Salvo
1915 Roberto Ortiz
1921 Joe Stephenson
1921 Jack Albright
1928 Pompeyo (Yo-Yo) Davalillo
1931 Don Gross
1933 Dave Roberts
1935 Paul Toth
1944 Ron Swoboda
1945 Jerry Kenney
1945 Otis Thornton
1957 Harry Ralston (Buddy) Black
1960 Al Newman
1962 Tony Fernandez
1964 Doug Dascenzo
1968 Dan Peltier
1970 Mark Grudzielanek
1972 Jim Stoops
1972 Garret Anderson
1973 Chan Ho Park
1975 Mike Judd
1980 Todd Linden
1982 Delwyn Young
1982 Mitch Maier
1983 Drew Sutton
1985 Pat Venditte
1986 Mike Carp
1987 Cole Figueroa
1987 Ryan Cook
1988 Blake Treinen
1988 Jeff Kobernus
1990 Jesus Aguilar
1990 Cody Asche
1993 Trea Turner


1905 Pete Dowling
1917 Henry Mathewson
1931 Lee Dressen
1937 Jerry Upp
1937 Pete O’Brien
1942 Cad Coles
1943 Mike McDermott
1946 Sam Hope
1947 Mellie Wolfgang
1950 Joe Lake
1950 Paul Fitzke
1959 Clarence Berger
1967 Fred Liese
1967 Hap Myers
1968 Ned Porter
1969 Milt Gray
1973 Doc Cook
1974 Mule Haas
1974 Bill Perrin
1974 Red Jones
1976 Firpo Marberry
1978 Dummy Lynch
1994 Don Kolloway
1996 Jerry May
2002 Pete Gray
2002 Raul Sanchez
2005 Al Milnar
2009 Jay Kleven
2011 Don Buddin
2014 Bobby Castillo


1894 In his first game with the Colonels, Fred Clarke goes five for five (four singles and a triple).

1908 Cy Young fires his third no-hitter, an 8 – 0 win over the Highlanders.

1948 Bob Lemon throws a no-hitter, blanking the Tigers, 2 – 0.

1962 Sandy Koufax throws his first no-hitter, blanking the Mets, 5 – 0. He starts the game by striking out the first three batters on nine pitches.

1978 Willie McCovey crushes a Jamie Easterly pitch for his 500th career homer.

1995 Eddie Murray gets his 3000th hit.

1996 Eric Young ties a record with six stolen bases in a 16 – 15 win over the Dodgers. Mike Piazza was the victim in all six attempts – Hideo Nomo was on the hill… Young stole second four times, third once, and home once. The Rockies stole ten bases in the game.


1891 Cincinnati signs Pete Browning.

1893 Pittsburgh sends Frank Shugart and a few hundred bucks to St. Louis for Pebbly Jack Glasscock.

1911 Cleveland purchases Ray Chapman from Davenport in the old Three-Eye League.

1958 Detroit signs amateur pitcher Mickey Lolich.

1963 Los Angeles signs amateur free agent Jay Johnstone.

1984 Philadelphia sends Marty Bystrom and Keith Hughes to the Yankees for Shane Rawley.

1986 Atlanta sends Claudell Washington and Paul Zuvella to the Yankees for Ken Griffey and Andre Robertson.



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