Baseball History for June 29th

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1848 John Radcliff
1855 John Gaffney
1861 Len Sowders
1864 Wilbert Robinson
1867 Heinie Reitz
1867 Ed Seward
1867 Tom Terrell
1873 Jack Sutthoff
1875 Morris James (Farmer) Steelman
1876 Patsy Flaherty
1877 Charles Michael (She) Donahue
1880 Bill McGill
1883 Leon Alphonse (Doc) Martel
1884 Harry Patton
1887 Lou Nagelsen
1888 Bobby Veach
1888 Andrew Kemper (Skeeter) Shelton
1897 Grady Adkins
1898 Jimmie Long
1910 Burgess Whitehead
1915 Paul Howard (Dizzy) Trout
1925 Vernal Leroy (Nippy) Jones
1925 Bill Connelly
1926 Bobby Morgan
1928 Nick Testa
1928 Gene Verble
1933 Bob Shaw
1934 Duane Wilson
1936 Harmon Killebrew
1941 Larry Stahl
1941 John Boccabella
1951 Bruce Kimm
1951 Jimmy Freeman
1954 Rick Honeycutt
1956 Pedro Guerrero
1957 Eddie Miller
1966 Peter Hoy
1967 John Wehner
1969 Pablo Martinez
1969 Jose Alberro
1969 George Glinatsis
1973 Pedro Valdes
1973 Jason Rakers
1977 Tony McKnight
1977 Shawn Sedlacek
1978 Trey Hodges
1978 Joe Inglett
1982 Dusty Hughes
1983 Pedro Viola
1983 Mike Wilson
1984 Hernan Iribarren
1986 Tom Koehler
1987 Jeremy Moore
1988 Brooks Raley
1992 Carlos Sanchez


1909 Charlie Cushman
1912 Harry Lyons
1942 Manuel Cueto
1945 Clarence Winters
1955 Horace Milan
1957 Deacon Van Buren
1979 Steamboat Williams
1979 Johnny Bassler
1990 Boyd Perry
1994 Ray Mueller


1897 Chicago puts up 36 runs on the Louisville Colonels, an all-time record.

1912 Talking about pitcher abuse… New York’s Jack Quinn is left out there to finish the first game of a double header – all eight innings, where he allows 21 hits and 13 runs… Boston wins, 13 – 6.

1936 Joe Medwick’s cycle is good, but the Reds beat the Cardinals…

1990 A great night for Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN – a double header for them. In game one, Dave Stewart throws a no-hitter to blank Toronto, and in game two, Fernando Valenzuela tosses his no-hitter to beat the Cardinals.

2003 Eric Byrnes gets five hits, one an extra double, in completing the cycle.

2007 Aubrey Huff completes the cycle for the Orioles.

2012 Aaron Hill, for the second time in 11 days, completes the cycle.


1948 The Boston Braves sign amateur pitcher Johnny Antonelli.

1972 Atlanta sends Orlando Cepeda to the Athletics for Denny McLain.

1986 Boston sends Steve Lyons to the White Sox for Tom Seaver.

2000 New York sends Jake Westbrook, Ricky Ledee, and Zach Day to the Indians for David Justice.

2012 Los Angeles signs amateur free agent Yasiel Puig.


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