Baseball History for June 28th

<— JUNE 27     JUNE 29 —>


1846 George McManus
1861 Mox McQuery
1861 Mart McQuaid
1865 Frank Scheibeck
1868 John Taber
1871 Ike Fisher
1877 Bob Blewett
1880 Mike Lynch
1886 Fred Miller
1889 Bill Mundy
1890 Ken Williams
1907 Joe Cascarella
1910 Lee Gamble
1911 Jim Hitchcock
1920 Bert Shepard
1921 Steve Filipowicz
1927 Dick Lane
1935 Bob Blaylock
1936 Fred Gladding
1937 Cal Emery
1938 Orlando McFarlane
1940 Gary Wagner
1941 Al Downing
1941 Len Boehmer
1941 Fred Talbot
1942 Tom Fletcher
1944 Hal Breeden
1946 Greg Sims
1949 Don Baylor
1950 Chris Speier
1952 Joe Sambito
1958 Rafael Vasquez
1958 Clay Christiansen
1964 Mark Grace
1964 Kevin Reimer
1966 Frank Bolick
1966 Shawn Jeter
1967 Ron Witmeyer
1967 Matt Karchner
1969 Todd Revenig
1970 Kevin Polcovich
1971 Greg Keagle
1971 Ron Mahay
1973 Jose Flores
1973 Corey Koskie
1975 Richard Hidalgo
1977 Kevin McGlinchy
1977 Chris Spurling
1981 Brandon Phillips
1984 Clay Zavada
1985 Colt Hynes
1993 Michael Feliz


1888 Joe Brown
1898 Henry Meyers
1922 Dick Lowe
1937 Pop Joy
1944 Dan Stearns
1950 Mutz Ens
1956 Grover Baichley
1960 Bull Durham
1962 Cy Morgan
1962 Mickey Cochrane
1963 Home Run Baker
1968 Paddy Driscoll
1977 Otto Bluege
1978 Johnny Schulte
1987 Bill Schuster
2004 Hal Toenes
2011 Billy Baldwin
2014 Jim Brosnan


1950 Three days after Ralph Kiner did the same thing, Roy Smalley of the Cubs completes the cycle.

1984 Dwight Evans hits a game-winning three-run homer to complete the cycle in a win over the Seattle Mariners. Evans went four for seven on the day.

2004 David Bell hits for the cycle – something his grandfather, Gus, did back in 1951.

2007 Frank Thomas hits his 500th homer off of Carlos Silva of Minnesota. That same night, in the midst of a five hit day, Craig Biggio gets his 3000th hit in a win over Colorado. He was thrown out trying to stretch his single to a double…


1894 Louisville signs amateur outfielder Fred Clarke.

1915 The Yankees purchase Bob Shawkey from the Athletics for $3000.

1918 To acquire Austin McHenry from Milwaukee of the American Association, St. Louis sends Marty Kavanaugh, Tim Murchison, and Dutch Distel.

1967 Los Angeles signs amateur outfielder Von Joshua.

1979 San Francisco sends Bill Madlock, Lenny Randle and Dave Roberts to the Pirates for Ed Whitson, Al Holland, and Fred Breining.

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