Baseball History for July 1st

<— JUNE 30     JULY 02 —>


1855 George H. (Foghorn) Bradley
1857 Roger Connor
1859 John Kiley
1861 John Clarkson
1861 Charlie Daniels
1861 Frank Keffer
1870 Charlie Nyce
1871 Jim Duncan
1876 Jim Buchanan
1878 Fred Holmes
1879 John Atz
1883 Jack Quinn
1885 Ed Larkin
1888 Ben Taylor
1889 William (Lefty) James
1891 Fritz Scheeren

Born in Kokomo, but moved to Ford City in Western Pennsylvania where his family ran a hotel, Fritz Scheeren was given a chance to play with the Pirates near the end of the Honus Wagner era.  Scheeren spent time at the Kiski college preparatory school prior to enrolling at Lafayette College.  He played shortstop, catcher, first base, and the outfield prior to his tryout with the Pirates, but only made time as an outfielder with Pittsburgh in 1915 and 1916.  From what I gather, he played semi-professional ball prior to joining the Pirates, then played a couple of seasons in the minors (Youngstown and Wheeling) before returning home.

1893 Howie Camp
1896 Bert Cole
1900 Mel Simons
1900 Louis Brower
1902 Kent Greenfield
1913 Frank Barrett
1913 Guido (Wedo) Martini
1915 Norman Robert (Babe) Young
1915 Cletus Elwood (Boots) Poffenberger
1918 Al Tate
1920 Paul Lehner
1924 Ken Wood
1924 Jack Bruner
1928 Hersh Freeman
1933 Frank Baumann
1936 Dick Drott
1937 Ron Nischwitz
1938 Craig Anderson
1945 Billy Rohr
1951 Jim Otten
1952 Kerry Dineen
1959 Tony Walker
1971 Jamie Walker
1980 Nelson Cruz
1981 Matt Carson
1982 Justin Huber
1984 Rich Thompson
1985 Chris Perez
1986 Charlie Blackmon
1989 Brett Oberholtzer
1989 Mike Montgomery
1990 Colin Rea
1991 Michael Wacha
1992 Aaron Sanchez


1903 Jimmy Cooney
1915 Phil Coridan
1917 Al Buckenberger
1921 Amos Booth
1924 Jerry D’Arcy
1937 Russ Hall
1946 Hub Knolls
1948 Pete Knisely
1962 Sam Mayer
1963 Earl Moseley
1964 Jay Rogers
1966 Goldie Rapp
1968 Dave Barbee
1970 Herb Hall
1971 Walt Kinney
1972 Will Koenigsmark
1980 Curt Coleman
1982 Ray Scarborough
1982 Footsie Blair
1988 Ed Sauer
1998 Ed Connolly
2003 Bill Miller
2012 Mike Hershberger


1902 Rube Waddell, in his Philadelphia debut, strikes out 13 in a 2 – 0 win over Baltimore. Waddell faced just 27 batters and, in the sixth inning, becomes the first pitcher in AL history to strike out the side on nine pitches.

1920 Walter Johnson tosses a 1 – 0 no-hitter over Boston. An error by Bucky Harris prevented a perfect game.

1930 Chuck Klein goes 4 – 5 in completing the cycle – the first of two in his career.

1951 Bob Feller completes his third no-hitter, topping the Tigers, 2 – 1.

1990 Andy Hawkins of the Yankees goes eight no-hit innings but loses to the White Sox, 4 – 0 thanks to walks and errors.


1908 New York purchases Chief Meyers from St. Paul and Rube Marquard from Indianapolis (both of the American Association).

1921 Philadelphia sends Casey Stengel and Johnny Rawlings to the Giants for Goldie Rapp, Lance Richbourg and Lee King.

1993 Atlanta signs amateur outfielder Andruw Jones.


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