Baseball History for July 2nd

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1859 Ed Beecher
1864 Fred Carroll
1864 Bob Gilks
1869 Walter Plock
1888 Grover Hartley
1888 Pat McGehee
1890 Len Madden
1895 Frank Thompson
1900 Joe Bennett
1900 Ernie Vick
1904 Pete Susko
1909 Gil English
1914 Bob Allen
1915 Hal Wagner
1929 Chuck Stobbs

One time Boston Red Sox bonus kid – famous for serving up Mickey Mantle’s 565 foot homer, too.  After many years in baseball (and a 100+ game winner), he later coached at George Washington University, managed the Kansas City Royals Baseball Academy (which gave us Frank White, among others), and was a minor league instructor for the Indians.  (Thanks, Baseball Players of the 1950s.  Great book.)

1930 Pete Burnside

Dartmouth grad, Giants pitcher (later a few AL teams), later went and got a masters degree at his hometown school of Northwestern and would coach high school baseball in at New Trier HS in Winnetka, Illinois until his retirement.

1938 Hal Reniff
1938 Don Choate
1945 Ron Slocum
1951 Keith Marshall
1953 Tony Armas
1962 Tom Gilles
1964 Joe Magrane
1964 Jose Canseco

Ginormous slugger – steroid user and teacher. His size, strength, and speed helped usher in the chemical era of baseball. His demise wasn’t pretty, but for a few years there, he was nothing if not a dynamic ball player.

1964 Ozzie Canseco

Proof that rarely do both twins have the same professional careers. The Olson twins is the exception that proves the rule.

1965 Steve Sparks
1966 Tim Spehr
1969 So Taguchi
1971 Joel Adamson
1974 Sean Casey
1978 Greg Dobbs
1980 Jermaine Van Buren
1980 Nyjer Morgan

Hockey player turned outfielder…

1981 Angel Pagan
1983 Sam Deduno
1984 Wladimir Balentien
1986 Brett Cecil
1986 Rene Tosoni
1988 Chris Marrero
1990 Jerad Eickhoff
1991 Troy Scribner
1993 Pedro Araujo
1996 Caleb Ferguson


1903 Ed Delahanty

Fell off bridge over Niagara Falls after leaving a train, likely intoxicated…

1928 Pete Hotaling
1929 Buck Hooker
1933 Tommy Dowd
1935 Hank O’Day
1937 Joe Yeager
1945 Frank Grube
1950 Joe Gormley
1956 Roy Wilkinson
1958 Carlos Moore
1958 Yip Owens
1962 Josh Clarke
1969 Art Scharein
1969 Clarence Woods
1971 Frank Mack
1971 Chester Emerson
1972 Rankin Johnson
1973 Chick Hafey
1973 George McBride
1974 Paul Strand
1979 Ed Stauffer
1985 Guy Bush
1986 Peanuts Lowrey
1988 Tom Drake
1991 Al Glossop
1993 Joe Muich
1997 Dee Moore
1998 Leon Brinkopf
2012 Ed Stroud
2017 Bob Perry


1930 White Sox outfielder Carl Reynolds homered in three consecutive innings – the first, second, and third innings – two of them were inside-the-park homers.

1963 Juan Marichal tops Warren Spahn in a 1 – 0, 16 inning duel. Willie Mays homered in the 16th to win the game.

1970 Tony Horton gets four hits in five trips to complete the cycle…

2013 Homer Bailey of the Reds fires his second no-hitter, blocking the Giants, 3 – 0.  It was the first no hitter in MLB since…  Since Homer Bailey threw a no-hitter the previous September against the Pirates.

2016 Cleveland’s Rajai Davis clicks off four hits in five trips and completes the cycle.


1888 Detroit signs Deacon McGuire.

1947 Cleveland signs infielder/outfielder Larry Doby.

1957 Cincinnati signs amateur pitcher Claude Osteen.

1961 Boston signs amateur infielder Rico Petrocelli.

1970 Kansas City signs amateur infielder Frank White. White attended a local tryout and made the club.

1973 Detroit signs amateur free agent Ron LeFlore.

1990 Montreal signs amateur pitcher Ugueth Urbina.

1998 Tampa Bay signs amateur infielder Jorge Cantu.

1999 Florida signs amateur infielder Miguel Cabrera.

2007 Atlanta signs amateur pitcher Julio Teheran.

2009 Chicago signs amateur catcher Willson Contreras.

2013 The Cubs send Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman to the Orioles for Jake
Arrieta, Pedro Strop and cash.

2013 Atlanta signs amateur free agent Ozzie Albies.

2014 Atlanta signs amateur free agent outfielder Ronald Acuna, Jr.

2015 Toronto signs amateur free agent slugger Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.

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