Baseball History for July 25th

<— JULY 24     JULY 26 —>


1863 John Tener
1866 Louis Graff
1874 Frank Carl (Doc) Reisling
1877 Bill Eagle
1888 Frank Gregory
1894 James Emmett Madison (Red) Holt
1907 Bill Andrus
1907 Joe Zapustas
1909 Sherman Edwards
1910 LeGrant Scott
1921 Marv Rackley
1921 Sandy Ullrich
1926 Carroll Walter (Whitey) Lockman
1932 Jack McMahan
1935 Larry Sherry
1939 Santiago Rosario
1944 Charles William (Buddy) Bradford
1944 Fred Scherman
1947 Ralph Robert (Mickey) Scott
1947 Mick Kelleher
1949 Santiago Guzman
1953 Biff Pocoroba
1956 Dave Patterson
1958 Marc Sullivan
1959 Matt Williams
1962 Doug Drabek
1964 Jose Bautista
1965 Torey Lovullo
1967 Ed Sprague
1970 Garey Ingram
1971 Billy Wagner
1973 Guillermo Mota
1976 Javier Vazquez
1977 Travis Phelps
1980 Santiago Casilla
1980 Shawn Riggans
1981 Kevin Kouzmanoff
1985 Alex Presley
1988 Jose Martinez
1990 Roman Mendez


1939 Peaches Graham
1953 Pat Hilly
1956 John Kane
1957 Frank Welch
1958 Dizzy Nutter
1959 Joe Schepner
1959 Buck O’Brien
1961 Carlton Molesworth
1967 Mike Chartak
1970 Herb Hunter
1971 Chief Meyers
1986 Ted Lyons
2002 Bob Barr
2002 Izzy Leon
2003 Norm McRae
2014 Art Schult


1890 In his last minor league start, Cy Young throws a no-hitter and fans 18 McKeesport batters.

1941 Lefty Grove wins his 300th game, and his last, in a sloppy 10 – 6 win over Cleveland.

2015 Cole Hamels, Phillies ace, blanks the Cubs without allowing a hit. Before he can make another start for Philadelphia, Hamels is traded to Texas.


1900 Pittsburgh, having already suspended their pitcher, assign his rights to Milwaukee and Connie Mack in a trade of sorts. A week later, Mack sends Bert Husting to the Pirates. Waddell pitches so well for Mack, the Pirates ask for (and receive) their pitcher back.

1915 The Boston Braves purchase Davenport ace Jesse Barnes.

1921 The Giants send Curt Walker, Butch Henline, and $30,000 to the Phillies for Irish Meusel.

2002 The White Sox send Ray Durham and cash to Oakland for Jon Adkins.

2010 Arizona sends Dan Haren to the Angels for Patrick Corbin, Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriguez, and (later) Tyler Skaggs.

2012 The Marlins send Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate to the Dodgers for Nathan Eovaldi and Scott McGough.

2016 The Yankees send Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs for Gleyber Torrez, Adam Warren, Billy McKinney, and Rashad Crawford.


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