Baseball History for March 5th

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1855 John Richmond

John Richmond Photo

The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection, The New York Public Library. “John Richmond” New York Public Library Digital Collections. Accessed March 8, 2019.

Shortstop and centerfielder of the 1870s and 1880s.  He was a Philadelphia man – got his start playing in the semi-professional world and was given his first shot with the Philadelphia Athletics in the National Association when just 20 years old.  Not yet ready for the big time, he returned to the majors in 1879 with Syracuse and then became a bit of a nomad because of his erratic hitting – some years in the .250 – .280 range, and sometimes under .200.  His best seasons were later in his career when he was playing for Columbus in 1883 and 1884, but his batting (and range) fell off in that second season and he was allowed to leave.  He died in 1898 – according to, heart disease got him.

Anyway – the most interesting thing I found about him was this article found on the front page of the Philadelphia Times on 01 November 1881 that suggested that Richmond was involved in fraudulent voting.

John Richmond

1860 Sam Thompson
1863 Bill Delaney
1870 Fred Siefke
1882 Rabbit Robinson
1888 Jake Northrop
1888 Jeff Tesreau
1891 Walt Alexander
1896 Bernie Hungling
1897 Lu Blue
1897 Virgil Barnes
1898 Bill Grevell
1903 Chick Autry
1904 Lou Rosenberg
1911 Earl Browne
1912 Dick Errickson
1912 Jim Gleeson
1915 Stan Ferens
1915 Harry Shuman
1915 Vic Bradford
1917 Alex Monchak
1919 Don Savage
1921 Elmer Valo
1924 Ramon Garcia
1930 Del Crandall
1936 Jacke Davis
1938 Larry Elliot
1941 Phil Roof
1945 Dave Bakenhaster
1946 Les Rohr
1947 Kent Tekulve
1950 Doug Bird
1952 Mike Squires
1955 Steve Burke
1957 Jerry Ujdur
1959 Andy Rincon
1961 Steve Ontiveros

The pitcher, and not the guy pitching hair solutions.

1966 Kevin Brown
1971 Brian Lesher
1971 Chad Fonville
1971 Brian Hunter
1971 Jeffrey Hammonds
1971 Jose Mercedes
1973 Ryan Franklin
1973 Felipe Crespo
1976 Doug Clark
1976 Paul Konerko
1977 Mike MacDougal
1978 Mike Hessman
1979 Erik Bedard
1981 Francisley Bueno
1985 Brad Mills
1988 Hector Gomez
1988 Joe Benson
1989 Mauricio Robles
1990 L. J. Hoes
1992 Ben Lively
1993 Kyle Schwarber
1993 Sam Howard
1994 John Schreiber
1997 Nick Madrigal
1998 Bo Bichette


1897 Dave Foutz
1920 Alex Farmer
1928 Mart McQuaid
1929 Lou Hardie
1942 Dutch Wetzel
1950 Effie Norton
1956 Bruce Ogrodowski
1963 Lefty Lorenzen
1965 Pepper Martin
1980 Les Fleming
1995 Roy Hughes
2001 Leo Thomas
2002 Clay Smith
2020 Don Pavletich


1966 Marvin Miller is elected the first executive director of the Major League Player’s Association.

1973 The most famous trade of the 1970s – Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson announce they swapped wives in the offseason…


1904 The Boston Beaneaters sign pitcher Kaiser Wilhelm… Wilhelm had been released by Pittsburgh the year before and would win 13 games for Boston in 1903, but fall to 3 – 23 in 1905. Ouch.

1958 Los Angeles signs amateur free agent Frank Howard.

1982 Seattle signs free agent Gaylord Perry.

1986 Milwaukee sends Ted Simmons to Atlanta for Rick Cerone, Dave Clay, and Flavio Alfaro. Nobody wins that trade…

1988 Montreal signs free agent outfielder Otis Nixon.

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